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Bleeding Away

The other day I played around shooting drips into milk. I used a camel bak bladder system and hung on a boom and adjusted the valve on the mouth piece to get a good drip rate. I had a small shallow plate filled with milk and was using water drip from above. I placed a drop of food coloring right where the water drops occurred.

The challenge was to capture the crown as it formed and not some thing else. 

As always your likes, comments and shares are appreciated.

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As usual a great picture. However, don't worry too much about this one. Your really big picture opens tomorrow, Friday the 28th. Not even a flood will stop me from seeing it. 
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+Monika Leigh  - Singer/Songwriter

This past week marked the first time in my new studio and I had the privilege to have Monika in front of my camera. She was a pleasure to shoot and was a natural in front of the camera.

Are you looking to have new portraits of yourself, family or children taken? Maybe your a professional needing new headshots taken. Contact me today so we can get you on the schedule.


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Thank you for the comment +Keith Holdaway. Really appreciate the feedback. I totally agree btw! I hate telling people to say 'cheese'. That's just so... well... Cheesy! :)
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First Time In Studio Break In

Last night was my first time using my studio time and we had a great bunch of people who showed up to get photos taken and hang out with me. 

I had the great opportunity to take photos +Monika Leigh last night as well who was on season 5 of +The Voice. She was a blast to shoot and I was able to grab a ton of great images so working them down will be tough. Final images to come soon. 

Thanks to Steve Nelson for helping me on grip and taking this behind the scenes shot of me in action!


#thevoice   #studiophotography   #musiciansandbands  
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Nice Studio
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*Covered In Blue *

Have no clue what building this is. I was walking around Philadelphia all day long just shooting all sorts of things. I really don't have a preference for old or new but seem to like them in their own ways. This glass covered sky scraper was pretty cool to look at from far and I just had to get up close and personal to it. 

#philadelphia #building #skyscraper
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A Gangster's Cell

Here's another shot from the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. This is a photo of the cell that was once Al Capone's. In a place designed around solitary confinement and limited resources he somehow got nice furnishings and a radio that played waltzes.

Some may find it creepy to check out old abandoned places such as this but I find them quite beautiful in their deterioration. They're just old places that no one wanted any more and now they stand in ruin for the elements to tear them down slowly. 


#urbex #easterstatepenitentiary #philadelphia
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Wow! Thanks everyone. I learned of this place several years ago and have wanted to go ever since. When I had the opportunity a week ago to go I was so happy. 

+Stephen Carter There must be some amazing #urbex  locations in the UK. Try doing some searching on Google for 'urbex' or 'Abandoned' in the UK. Oh, I have to say this to you at least.... You may have a hard time finding urbex locations there but at least you have awesome castles there! We don't have that here. :)
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Please Help Me Support My Page

I know that some of you don't like Facebook anymore but I know there are those that still do. It's still a great platform for sharing and promoting content as well as G+.

I've recently changed my business name and logo and had to create a new page on Facebook. If you'd be so kind as to go over and 'like' my new page I'd really appreciate it. If your someone that has me in a circle here I'm sure you'll like the content I'll be providing there.

Thanks a million!

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*Who's That Fur Headed Man *8

Here's another shot from last weeks studio session. Alex had this really cool hat that he brought in as well as a nicely textured long coat. Combined with those glasses he looked like he was ready to do a mafia hit.

For fun, fashion, family or professional photos contact me today to schedule your personalized photo session.

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Noah Katz

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Stop slaughter! Tokyo! 
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Looking. For
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Escape If You Can

Another photo from Eastern State Penitentiary that shot about a week ago. This shot shows all the cell doors shut with no view. Not sure what cell block this was but they were all about the same. The prison was designed for the prisoners to be penitent for their sins. They were not allowed to talk to anyone including to themselves. Not singing, humming etc. They were allowed to talk to the Warden and the Priest on staff though. The cells were completely enclosed with the only view outside to the heavens through a narrow window about 3 feet by about 1 foot. 

Hope you enjoy!

#urbex   #easternstatepenitentiary    #philadelphia   #prison  
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Thanks +Stephen Carter. I don't think they do either. This place was built as a total solitary confinement imprisonment with the thought that the prisoners would have time to think about what they had done wrong. Turns out that within a couple years of opening there were many cases of insanity because of not being allowed any contact with other human beings or even the ability to talk to yourself. In the early 1900's the penitentiary changed to a more traditional, in today's standard, of having 2 prisoners per cell.
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Abandoned & Lonely

This is a shot I took of a cell at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. Unfortunately because it's winter they shut a parts of it down due to the weather and the snow that infiltrates the prison making passage to certain areas dangerous or difficult to get to. Would love to make it back again during the summer months to explore more. The place is pretty big and quite spectacular.

#prison #easternstatepenitentiary #philadelphia #urbex 
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In the last few years I've been using studio equipment for shooting portraiture and products. I love the control I get with this type of equipment and the creative freedom with the limitless setups and props to be used. 

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2013-10-09 After The Rains Stopped

Exploring Boulder after the rains and major flooding stopped.

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Went to Flatirons a couple weeks ago to check out the new Forester and Outback and Jon Eric Ferguson took great care of me! I told him what I was interested in and he was not only able to give me a great deal, which I verified online, but had the care in stock! I was able to leave with my new car and it was so amazing to drive. If your in the market for a new car make sure to check these guys out and ask for Jon!
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Great sushi! Too be honest I haven't tried anything but the sushi and my family and I love it. It's a great place to take kids as the ambiance it a bit loud which is perfect for bringing kids to.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Very good
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