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Noah Gray

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Just checking in. No, I haven't lost my password.

Oh. While I'm here, if you have kids who like science, or feel like a kid when reading about science, come like the Facebook page for Frontiers for Young Minds, a journal with articles written for kids by scientists and peer-reviewed by kids:

Also on Twitter here:

Google+ and a blog on the +Scientific American blogs network coming soon...!
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Noah Gray

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Happy New Year!

(from +PHD Comics)
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Noah Gray

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"Although I left her lab 10 years ago, I feel I can't be impartial in my review because of the profound effect she had on my science and my life."

Sometimes, declines to paper reviewing requests suggest who the great scientific mentors are.
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The comment was a bit longer and detailed than what I write above.
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Noah Gray

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Hearing "So I read on Facebook today..." is apparently my trigger to completely shut down all cognitive function and go into standby mode.
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How appropriate!  Because it also indicates that the person talking to you has apparently shut down all cognitive function as well...
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Noah Gray

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"Get Data," the latest music video masterpiece from UCSD's neuro graduate students, just in time to celebrate and promote their big party at this year's Society for Neuroscience meeting #sfn13  
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LOL hehehehehe
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Noah Gray

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Graphic renderings of modern males...
Graphic renderings of modern males
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Noah Gray

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The latest US government shutdown buzz...
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+Bill Marcy the bill to pay furloughed workers has passed the House but last the last news I read is that it hasn't passed in the Senate.
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Noah Gray

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That's no halibut...

(via @digg)
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Noah Gray

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Here's Mr. Snow White and his forest friends at breakfast.

(via +BuzzFeed)
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whats good 
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Noah Gray

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Crazy Hair Bug

This strange little planthopper is only 5 mm long and is one of 60 new species discovered by field biologists in the mountains of Suriname. It is still in its immature stage, before metamorphosis into the adult insect. The white tufts are actually waxy filaments and may be a decoy for predators, allowing the tiny bug to hop away to safety. 


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Noah je peux te demander une chose Tu coner Sharon Thoor. ..
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Noah Gray

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The terrifying jaws of the goblin shark, via Wired --
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I like the footage. Well done.
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Noah Gray

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Optogenetics makes it into Dilbert! How they depict it makes no sense...but I guess it's just a comic strip so...haha!?!?
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Bad news for science.  This means the technique has officially "jumped the shark" making it too passé for a Nobel prize.
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