I'm looking for old versions of GNU Emacs source code.  Really old versions.

In 1993 I recovered a copy of the Emacs 16.56 sources from backup tapes at MIT because rms needed it in a court case with Unisys.  I put it back up for ftp a couple of years later and it's relatively easy to find these days.

But I can't find anything older than that, and I can't seem to locate any copies of Emacs 17.x.  I would very much like to have anything at all anyone has squirrelled away all these years, even if they are just patch sets between releases.

There are many different implementations of Emacs, including the original based on Teco.  What I'm especially interested in though is the version derived from Gosling Emacs and then modified, and eventually completely rewritten, by rms.  (No, rms doesn't have them anymore either.)

Please contact me if you have anything from that era.
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