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There's been a lot of interest this week in the new IPCC report on extremes. I'll be doing a live Hangout On Air this Friday, April 6, at 11 am Pacific time (6 pm GMT) to discuss climate change and extreme weather. Check out the video. Let me know if you want to join the Hangout or if you have questions that you want addressed. #weather #climate #climatechange #globalwarming

+Natalie Villalobos +Chris Messina +Timothy Jordan +Cathy Tang +Nikhyl Singhal
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+Paul Newport This is a great question. I'll try to address it during the Hangout On Air April 6. I'm also happy to set up future Hangouts to discuss further.
It would be cool to be part of the hangout.
Equilibrium and balance. All things naturally want to become harmonious, or stable. When instability reaches a threshold, a cataclysmic event is necessary to reconstruct order. If we think of the kinetics, energy never being created or lost only transfered from one form to another. In this sense temperature can be both beginning and end, with even the slightest change leading to dramatic consequences on the ecosystem. I look forward to the discussions on the 6th Noah!
This is going to be a great Hangout! Love this interaction, and indeed an awesome topic to debate. If I can not make it in, I will be watching for sure!
+Noah Diffenbaugh I would like to know why there is people who still denying climate changes and global warming. And what are the technologies that promise more on mitigating/fighting the impacts and changes.

I'll be thinking on more interesting questions along the week and posting it here! Thanks!
Will there be the opportunity to discuss current strategies employed to help with the detection and prevention of extreme conditions to address if they have (i) worked according to principle and/or (ii) have had in/direct consequences on the environment locally and/or globally?
Worlds collide! (Hi, +Noah Diffenbaugh!) I'm psyched to tune into this and get back in the loop with climate change news.
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