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I'm working on my presentation for the "Connecting the Dots" panel on the Climate, Energy, Water, Food nexus on Monday. I thought that some on G+ might be interested in the calculations of carbon emissions embodied in trade that were published by Steve Davis and +Ken Caldeira in 2010. The image shows the Megatonnes of CO2 emissions that are "traded" (annually), with the arrows showing the directions between countries. So, there are 395 Megatonnes of CO2 emissions embodied in goods and services created in China but consumed in the U.S. on annual basis. The map illustrates that U.S., European and Japanese real emissions to the atmosphere (when considering all consumption) are greater than what is emitted within those national boundaries, and that Chinese real emissions are much smaller.

Here is the reference to the paper:
Davis, S. J., and K. Caldeira (2010), Consumption-based accounting of CO2 emissions, PNAS March 8, 2010, doi:10.1073/pnas.0906974107

The image and a general summary are available on the Carnegie website:

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Kindly edit this image to reduce the number of lines and the weight of the lines within the image. It's confusing as is now :)
+Diane Mark Thank you for the feedback. Alas, I did not create the image - it is from the paper by Davis and Caldeira.
Fantastic graphic. Can we see a sneak peek of your presentation? Will your presentation be recorded so we can watch it later?
Yes, kindly develop this graphic. Your info is genuinely important and the graphic is still hard to read :)
Interesting... have you compared this with other studies on embodied emissions at the country-level?
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