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Carbon Labeling?

Here is a recent proposal from Rui Zhao and colleagues for a new carbon labeling system for consumer products. They propose that all products be labeled with their "carbon emissions intensity ratio", which is a measure of the product's contribution to the carbon intensity of the overall economy. The image shows the authors suggested labeling for three kinds of milk.

If you are interested in the carbon rating for the authors' full list of products, look at Table 1 in the paper, which is available open-access from Environmental Research Letters here:

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Europa has a tenuous atmosphere.
mother earth has been doing lot of burping. like what you do. bravo
I love all the contortions we go through to avoid a simple carbon tax at the mine, well head, or port of entry. In the case shown people are simply going to find themselves confused and irritated because skimmed milk always starts as whole milk when it leaves the cow. In an effort to understand the reasoning without knowing the actual chain of operations people will be confused and confusion breeds resistance.
you got my interest. so few think, live feel. one in 6 in americas children starving. suppose your comment and graphics brought to me how silly we are. i say don't pay and if have to give. yes love me going in good way.
+John Poteet Indeed it leaves the cow whole! Some argue that labeling could "let the consumer decide", either in the absence of or in place of a market-based policy. On the other hand, many economists argue that the most efficient way to internalize the costs of emissions is through a carbon tax, to which consumers would then respond through the price signal. I'm not advocating for either (or a cap-and-trade), although cap-and-trade is only of those three that would limit the total emissions to the atmosphere (the "cap").
A hundred of products are being tested for carbon labeling in France. I know it exists, but I saw it only on egg boxes so far. It did influence my choice though.
Das ist schön, wie mein Gesicht
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