Hangouts On Air at 11am Pacific time (6pm GMT):

Join me for a Hangouts On Air in less than one hour. We'll be discussing climate change evidence and "skepticism". This discussion is in conjunction with the Heartland Institute climate conference that concludes today.

I really do want this to be a friendly conversation about evidence and reasonable doubts. In that context, I would like to politely respond to the Heartland announcement that none of the invited "warmists" accepted Heartland's invitation to the conference (see link). I was invited, and did in fact agree to speak. Unfortunately, I received the invitation on April 23, at which point I was already committed to a number of activities on campus this week. Given the pre-existing scheduling constraints, I offered to speak/discuss via Hangouts On Air. Unfortunately, that offer was declined by Heartland.

Hopefully the Hangouts On Air today provides an opportunity to have the open, friendly, objective discussion that I had hoped to have as an official part of the Heartland conference.
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