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We might not need as high a salary as previously thought for day-to-day happiness and life satisfaction, according to a new poll. The magic number used to be $75,000, but the tipping point for happine...
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Unfortunately as our expectations lower so do our salaries so that "lower" goal is still out of reach. (smh)
When I read this all I could think was: Corporations are trying to tell you that you should be happier with less.
Or maybe people are starting to realize that they don't need near as much shit to be happy.
There are still millions of people who are nowhere near making 50k a year. The per capita income average is $48,386. I'm firmly in favor of paying people at the low end of the economy more for their work, but I don't know how to convince people to enact that.
Raising the minimum wage so that it accurately reflects the current cost of living would be a start.
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