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Jay Speed (Speed on the Beat)
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Jay Speed

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I make no-fi music.
  • Dreams are Reality
    Jack of all Trades
Basic Information
I am the "No-Fi King"
Twenty-something Speed on the Beat's story is one of redemption and self-discovery. After being signed to several minor indie labels for his singing abilities, in 2002, he first discovered his love of making hip-hop. This hobby grew into a way to vent frustration and voice thoughts he'd otherwise kept to himself. Through this newfound freedom, Speed began recording lyrics in a manner referred to, by him, as "no-fi." This intentionally garage-band-esque sound allowed listeners to engage his subject matter the way it was supposed to be: gritty, abrasive, and honest. Purposefully leaving in clips and the like, in his mind, gave the listener a more intimate relationship with his music--and showcased the true emotions behind it.

Over the years, Speed began to understand more and more about production--and more about perfecting his"no-fi" recording method. With these thoughts in mind, he decided to grow up and go the route of artists such as J. Dilla and Kanye West, focusing on production, but still leaving a place in his heart for delivering profound and blunt lyrics. Utilizing obscure samples, piano-heavy medleys, insane drum patterns, and an overall ear for music, Speed has started to carve his own path, on both sides of the board. Speed on the Beat is destined to make a name for himself with a simple mantra: "why can't conscious rap sound gangster and why can't gangster rap sound conscious?" Speed gathers influence from J. Dilla, Kanye West, Guru, Just Blaze, 1970s Soul Music, and videogame soundtracks, leading to his unique, jack-of-all-trades production sound. On the lyrics side, his influences stretch from Kurt Cobain to Immortal Technique, and everyone in between. Using this hodgepodge of influences, Speed is able to use his "no-fi" recordings and infuse a sort of "unhinged reality" into them, and the music industry as a whole.

In addition to changing the world through his music, Speed also manages production duties for “#TeamDAR Entertainment” and writes for a self-published blog “Speed on the Beat Presents,” a witty, in-your-face critique of modern society. Speed’s desire to impact and change the world permeates through every facet of his life, and makes him a force to be reckoned with. His unapologetic approach to life is one that is sorely needed in music and in society as a whole.
Bragging rights
put out 2 no-fi albums, worked with some of your favorite rappers, have reviewed and destroyed some of your favorite rappers, produced albums that have sold thousands on no real budget
  • University of Maryland, College Park
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