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I have people come to me all the time because they have been advised by a doctor that they need to change their nutrition, habits and take part in exercise because of their health.

Why is it that we wait until the very last minute before we take action and in some cases it can be too late.

This is your health and body we are talking about. You only have one of them.

I get told how life is to be enjoyed which is true but life doesn't stop at 50-60 and I don't know about you but I would rather be mobile, healthy and active at that age too.

I have seen grandparents and other people of the older generation that are bound to their chair all day long because they haven't looked after their health.

If you ask them if they wish they could go and do something other than sit and watch the TV, you can bet you're arse they would say YES.

That what my 70+ year old grandad said to me the other day....also it's selfish because my nanna is free and able to move around but is also bound to the livingroom now because of someone else's actions.

Stop being selfish with your health! The older you get, the more people depend on it!

#health #wellness #wellbeing
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What is the key to being a good personal trainer?

Is it the workout routine?
Is it the nutrition plan?
A combination of both?

For me personally I think it's the relationship you build with your clients. Allowing yourself to be completely honest with them from the start so that they know, although you won't take any excuses, you always have their best interest at heart.

To help someone get over the mindset bumps you need to be able to sit down with them and talk things through. To find their blockages and barriers and to help them find their answers through your guidance.
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This week has been a week of tragedy and triumph for the city of Manchester.

We are all aware of the terror attacks that happen around the world but when it's so close to he it give you a whole different perspective of it.

We have a limited amount of time here and I would like to be able to make a positive impact on those that come into my life.

It makes you realise their is no time for anger, grudges, resentment and any bad feelings towards another person. That sort of negative energy can consume you and turn you into something you wouldn't like to see when you look in the mirror at your true reflection later in life.

Why be negative when you have plenty of things to be positive about?

Just look at that sun rise for instance!
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It's time to be called out on this...

Clients blaming their personal trainer because they are not seeing the results, when the real problem in the situation is the person looking back when you look in the mirror.

Having a personal trainer is not some miracle, where because you're paying for a personal trainer means you're going to get results.

Personal training is a service of advice and direction. We basically will write out the map at which you have to take;
- what exercise to do
- what food to eat
- what habits to change
- what mindset you need

Along with added motivation and Accountability.

But with that service you still need to do the work. Put the effort in with your habits, eating and exercise.

How is your trainer supposed to know what you are doing outside your sessions other than what you tell them?

It's like you buying a satnav and then expecting to be automatically at your destination!!
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Bringing you some old school today for the morning positive vibes.

Who doesn't know and love this song?!

#sweetfemaleattitude #flowers #cardance #morningritual #positive #vibes #mindset #oldschool
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It's Monday! 😊😊😊

How many of you are crawling around hating on Mondays?

Find something you love to do and you will never hate a Monday again 💕

#cardance #morningritual #mindset #positive #vibes #lethalbizzle #festerskank
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High energy car dance today!

A bit of the offspring - one fine day ...Yes my music taste is very varied, but I think the song choice is very apt.

#cardance #morningritual #mindset #positive #vibes #theoffspring #onefineday
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It's mental awareness month which shines a light on breaking the stigma of mental health issues and how people feel they can't reach out about them.

I myself suffer with depression and anxiety. The anxiety is ever present in my life and consumes me with everything I do...the depression comes and goes depending on what happens.

At the beginning of the year I had a massive bout of depression, I hadn't had one like that in years and forgot just how bad it can get.

One thing I knew I had to do was talk about it.

I wasn't ashamed of what I had/have, and was quite open about it with the people who had direct contact with me on a daily basis.

There is such a fear of having these problems and a stigma that people will judge you for it.

So much so that suicide rates have increase due to depression and people feeling so inclosed within themselves that they feel they can't talk to anyone about it.

I know it's so hard to trust people when you have it as you just shut down and feel numb, BUT don't EVER feel like you're going at this alone because it is human nature for us to help others in need.

If you suffer and need someone to speak to then drop me a message and I will be happy to help in what ever way I can, even if it just having someone there to listen.

#breakthestigma #mentalawareness #depression #anxiety #reachout
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Sometimes you just have to say FUCK YOU to a good way of course.

#morningritual #cardance #mindset #limpbizkit #hotdog
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A bit of stormzy this morning 👊

#morningritual #cardance #mindset
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