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Happy Friday, time to play some games! =)
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TYCOON! lol, i had forgotten the awesomeness of tycoon.  thank you for reminding me and look forward to checking it out.  also, that sound track was epic.
New to your show and I love it, but was the audio a little out of sync for everyone, or was there just a ghost in my machine screwing things up?
For some reason I can not get Nixie's videos to play right in G+. Going to YouTube proper fixes the issue though.
A good list! I would have thrown OpenArena in there myself, and for me, the deal-breaker on tuxkart is the sound effects. The music is nice, but it doesn't even have engine noises.
Nah, I picked princess peach too, princess peach is awesome! :D
Oh I'll be playing some League of Legends I think.
I'm trying to decide if Jack was trying to be ironic in light of Nixie's post from the other day, or he's just proving the point. :/
Awesome list, Thanks for posting.

I would love to see more like this, I love open source gaming. You rock.
I think you do a great job bringing your insights to us. Ignore short sighted people who judge you for your appearance, they obviously have no idea what you are about. Please keep up your great videos.
Knights of the Round Table assemble
I didn't know about UFO AI. Back in the day I use to play UFO Alien Defense like crazy. O and Skyrim rules can't wait to play Dawnguard. Thanks for the Vid.
Love TT, Open TTD is almost as good, love it.  Loved X-COM, I actually bought the steam pack last year, I think it had 4 games for $10
looks like I have a few things to play. 
The music you pointed out sounds a lot like the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack.  That said, I will check out a couple of these. 
battle for westnoth is the best open games ever
Love wesnoth and nethack, two absolutely fantastic games :)
Juan Mt
GL-117 is a nice game.
I want play dirty game with you sexy :) 
+FedericoJimbo Smithsion Most open source games are cross-platform, not just Linux. Though Linux is what all the cool kids are doing these days :)
"Warsow" has not been mentioned enough yet (only two times sofar :). IMO it's the most fun and best-looking FPS in recent FOSS-gaming history.
Where was Armegatron Advanced, Hedgewars, and Freedoom?
You play call of duty MW3/black ops.whats you're prevrince? Pier3dsdeadshot ;-')
Hey +Nixie Pixel, is there a way to see your video's without flash?
I've tried YouTube HTML5, but that doesn't work on your video's.
And you website is down, it seems.
LOL@ +Mohammed Al-Muhanna and that was no accident. The way you can tell she went out of her way to give you plenty of cleavage and admire her assets is the fact she cut off the top of her head and used a looking down camera view to get as much of her boobs in the picture as possible. This is a trick used by media when their ratings are tanking or just not interesting. Viewership increases driven by hormones, not actual content.

It's also a Freudian indicator of her incredibly low self respect to the point she will use her "goods" to get compliments that make her feel good. 

Honestly, if the content was really good, she wouldn't need boob props.
ooooohhhhhhh afraid, i can not see the games cruelty.......
+Nixie Pixel I have question pls. I need that presentation image for video. Like you do with something from video and your face. How can I do that pls? Btw goov video, as always.
Ok, it's official. Open source games suck >.<
Hi nixile good game yar very very nice to.
Love the video keep this up. I will chech out sime of this
Downloading STK right now on ubuntu... You better not let me down!
Disagree with UFO only, that game is a disgrace, the others are worthy.
How about a list of best open source FPS? :) Thanks.
Probably one of the reasons that I like OpenSource games; the graphics. Yes, they are old school, but there again, that's what I prefer. Back in the GoodOldDays(c) of the Amiga (ok, Atari too, but I was Amiga), games were sold on 880k disks. No place for fancy graphics (the chipset didn't allow it anyway), but the games had souls... They had feeling, they had life. They were SERIOUSLY fun! Take one of the top titles today. Ok, except Skyrim. Skyrim rocks. Anyway. One of the other top titles. It's fun, with almost perfect graphics, but the more perfect they are, the more we notice imperfections. And the soul has gone. Sure, it can be fun, but for, what, like 20 hours? I can't imagine the amount of hours I sunk into Populous, Powermonger, Rainbow Islands... The characters were huge pixels compared to today's titles, but we loved them, we took care of them, and we tried to get them back home through battles, spike traps, insanely high platforms, etc. And we always went back to them. OSS games are putting the fun back into the games, and I think the only paid game that has me spending hours and hours non-stop is Minecraft, but it isn't exactly a tripe-A either. OpenTTD rocks my socks.
Nixie Pixel; such a good name. Its the equivalent of Wanda Lust or Buck Naked or Wolf Blitzer.
Some choise are very useful and i'm according to you about instagram and pixr-o-matic...
What do you think about:
-Gallery lock
I also like Private Notes (so small and usefull)
and Taskos for remember things.. :)
if the games to the open android, how?? can do it???
Princess Peach?  You rock; she was the best. :)
+Nixie Pixel That was a great vid.  I've played UFO Alien Invasion my PC sucked too bad to play it effectively (yeah, it was pretty old), but it looked like the old XCom but taken to another level.  I didn't know about the other games you talked about (except for Battle of Wesnoth), so you've given me a bunch more ways to waste my time.  Awesome!
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You forgot Warzone 2100 :(
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oh nixie, how are you like the perfect evolutionary step for your gender?! seriously nethack? It drives me crazy that you can be this awesome and just one up yourself every time. a beautiful woman that not only knows about nethack but enjoyed it.... Can I send you my current gf so you can teach her how to be awesome... kthanx!

btw - i really dont get the haters (not many but still) if for some reason and intelligent, charismatic beautiful woman that loves games and tech somehow offends you, probably not reading the post is a good start and then, maybe go live with the Amish for the rest of your life. This will not only make you happy but the rest of us as well. 
Have a nice week end. Hope on Monday your energy is at the top level as Friday!
hahaha!war gamez-m waitin 4 lll world war baby
Now a days I haven't time to play for Game.Because I am playing real game.
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do you remember the game Astroids or Gallaga?  I used to love those games.
It's Sat morn an I'm still takin care of biz.... Not much control over my schedule. Homeless and geek are somehow synomonous but not ^_~
you guys have problems.
Thanks, +Nixie Pixel . And I thought my life in Ubuntu would be boring and that all gaming was windows oriented, 
This post show the link of video you post 2 days ago....
Sounds really bad. But I guess you now knows how people expect geeks to be dressed...
reju ps
 I still not played any computer games....
Frankly, all of them suck ., but good selection from what is available.
i dont like any of these games apart from openttd. Tycon was and is amazing game. But i think that there are coming better games for linux with Valve involved in linux gaming . And you should definitely mention Warsow, Nexuiz, vdrift, torcs,...
good shooters such as warsow have been left out :(
Almost every id software game has its source released... so any game built on those said engines
Thank you for posting.  I found it informative.
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+kamal dubey Dude get a life, +Nixie Pixel does not need your comments about that, it is irrelevant to the context, make a worthy comment about her post or keep your facebook type comments to yourself.
They really can't upgrade the graphics just to look like 5 and not 15 years ago?
Happy Friday, time to play some games! =)
remember the free game the army put out years ago?
i use toad for mario kart
It's really nice for someone like you share this kinda of posts... nice one... been looking for games that can ease my mind
Wesnoth is one of my favorite games! They've ported it to Android and iOS, too!
Personally, I've wasted way to many hours on the Angband branch of rogue-like games.
+Richard Millroy maybe she would it most of the posters wern't dicks I would be disappointed if I put in the work to do a post and got nothing but sexist and dopy comments.
I never really got turn based strategy games.. Real time strategies are all I care about. The list includes Counter Strike, DoTA, Heroes of Newerth, Age of Empires, 0 A.D.(still alpha). All of them work in linux, and all of them are high edge graphic games, which is good news, right?
How about non-turn-based games?
I'd love to talk to you for five minutes but I'd probably just lose any ability to speak. I'm conflicted. not sure whether to be turned on by or intimidated by or jealous of your geekiness. I want to convince myself that all your geeky parts are scripted for you.
They all suck! OS games suck right now and there's nothing consumers can do about it.
+Nixie Pixel you are doing a gr8 job :-) . I'm really amused as you are the first girl I've seen who's so interested in tech/games. Keep it up girl :-)
First person shooter fan myself, been playing AssaultCube. Tux Racer is also a good time waster. Also change the camera angle this way you are not looking up but straight on to the camera, just a suggestion.
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Just got Hitman code name 47 for 20p. Woo hoo!

gracias por tu amistad cuales son tus juegos favoritos me puedes mandar uno porfavor
"If you entered your adulthood like I did, mowing down on cheap pizza while getting super inebriated and playing MarioKart64 with your friends"; Nixie, this is why I love you, I think this describes a significant portion of my life.
Thanks for the intro.  Yeah, I'm surprised at the soundtrack of Wesnoth, very large-scale Hollywood movie feel.  But I think the mario kart clone is my favorite of the bunch.
That cat's tail seems like some alien or so. :oD
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Have you tried doing anything game-related on the Raspberry Pi?  I'm about to see if mine can handle Battle for Wesnoth.
In my opinion, UFO is the best of the selection here (the whole selection is very good, anyway). I don't understand who complaints about it: it's a very well polished game, compared to the average open source game you can find out there, and it has a fantastic game play! Of course, you have to like the genre...
Nixi Could you do one on open source backup that would be cool
i still dnt get it what is ths open source game...i never heard and played
love the games and def hunting openTTD but have to say something....... kitty and BOOBS :D
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