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Not drinking cow's milk is okay by me, but sometimes sipping on almond "milk" tastes like wet papier-mâché.
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"Almond Milk. It's time to tell the cow to moooo over."
Same with the soya alternative. Soya vanilla is ok though. ;)
Try soy milk. Especially with extra vanilla.
How do you milk an almond?
Probably you didn't drink a real almond milk. In Sicily it's a specialty. Here it is the recipe:
1 lt water
500 gr. sweet almonds
2 sour almonds
rind from 1/2 lemon
1/2 cinnamon spoon
sugar as you like

chop all almonds and mix wioth sugar, rind and cinnamon, add water and blend all for 20 sec.
You can add water and sugar according your taste!

If you don't find fresh almonds, you could use sicilian almond's pat, that you can store even out of the fridge for months.
1 kg pat and 300 gr sugar for 3,5 lt of water.
I suggest to limit almonds usage to cakes, panettoni and confetti :)
I'd suggest to switch to an antique and natural diet, and forget about torturing cows with intensive production methods. After all a natural breakfast should be a healthy breakfast, right?

So here's the menu:
Some cold roasted pork leftovers.

"Get medieval" on your breakfast, baby!
Ooo, forget papier-mâché - it was that white glue I used to enjoy eating as a nipper...
Yea, I gave up on dairy a long time ago. You can DIY oat-milk; grind a tiny bit of raw oats, flax, and raw almonds in a grinder, put that in a blender with a tiny bit of salt, and sugar (and/or fruit, maple syrup...) Fill the blender with hot water and blend high for a few mins, then cool it in the fridge... Make sure to use ONLY a TINY BIT of the ingredients though and mostly water, or it will also end up like wallpaper paste ;) I fill mason jars with it...
oh and a tiny bit of real vanilla!
My wife grew up on Soy Milk (lactose problems with family). The stuff tastes like uncooked bread dough to me. It ruins chocolate milk as well.
Maybe I should try wet paper mache
The amounts are basically REALLY SMALL. like 4 - 6 whole almonds... maybe 2 tablespoons of the grains... Experiment. All the dry ingredients together usually fit in a coffee grinder! (maybe less than a quarter cup) Shows what you are paying for in the store!! I also make sure I grind everything fine, plus blend it with hot (almost boiling) water on high for a good 3 mins until it is frothy and fully well mixed! Also, It's usually best the next day after it all relaxes.
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