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It's alarming that Britney Spears is the #1 followed person on G+, but the article is good.
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As I suspected. +Jeri Ryan  has 1,968,846 circlers -- and should definitely be on that list ahead of Jackman :-)
OK, now I see that those numbers aren't even close to current and Jackman is ... at this moment ... at 2,447,859 circlers. Jeri should still be on the list :-)
Time to share this link to my Facebook. Thanks for sharing.
Does this mean you will start using G+ more? :)
I won't be following Britney until she learns how to use the Linux Command Line Interface... not holding my breath on that one either
right! I'm posting that to faKebook right now. :}
using incognito browsing, of course.
You know? I tried to get more friends to join G+ but it seems they're all still addicted to facefoot; apparently it's because all their family and friends uses it - So much for being different - Oh well more for us :) 
Forget the lame friends and family that don't want to try anything but facebook. We all have each other! lol
I saw recently that the industry are now starting to question the "900M active users" figure that Facebook claim.
Their definition of "active user" is someone who has logged into Facebook within the last month. However, many of these are likely to be people who ended up on FB because they clicked on something that linked to something on it, rather than people who were actively logging in and reading it, and many will be people (like me) who only visits FB when I get an alert about a message.
It's also not clear how many of those "logins" are from people with an Android phone or tablet which is set up to sync contacts and alerts, or from people (again, like me) who cross-post to FB from other tools without ever logging into it (all my posts on FB link back to G+).
I wouldn't count myself an "active" Facebook user and I'm sure many others don't, but I bet Facebook count me as one.
Nixie, I'm surprised you're not the #1 followed person on G+!
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