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Does that mean that Linux was here first? =)
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Its missing; hard to setup.

Ive seen a very big tipi falling down once..
Aaaand...sharing with friends
Linux has top-knotch security, though. Not sure a tipi has that. Guess it depends who is inside.
Funny but for the record there is no Apache in Linux. Linux (which is the Kernel) is all GPL version 2.
Its more like the underworld with lots of deamons in it. 
All Linux runs some kind of apache actually.... 
Funny. You left out free, like fiat foederis. 
you programmers with your open source coding are destroying the middle class.  nuff said. 
What have you got against Bill anyway? It doesn't matter what you are passionate in doing business men flourish cause dollars
wonder, hows their manage privacy among others
I used to have to type in code to open files.  people don't do that anymore.  geeks.
you realize your "marvelous worldwide open source APACHE' project isn't even hosted in the shell terminals of the rival operating systems right. its a stick, a schpeel. thats all. 
Looks like a birth canal to me! :) Sorry if it offends you!
Doesn't really matter what comes next. Nothing will ever replace Linux. 
Well yes before the real state and the land taxes ja ja lol
Yeah it does have a high learning curve. It is however well worth the time as it is Free, All of it and Still more stable than windows and there are good desktops available.
Linux was released 1991, WinNT whose Kernel is the basis of all current Windows versions came 1993, so on the Desktop PC Linux was there first.
okay but hardware costs money though.  its like you people want to draw dollars.  total economic fail.  here you corporations take my work don't worry I made it I am some boozoo
I think it's ---- White Hut Enterprise Linux .... Hahaha :-)
hai friend am with u
people get out of bed and do actual work. Did you know that? they don't separate themselves from the rest of society based on an elitist binary language.  Try it sometime
Why Apache , Should be something Els .
R ehb
!! 0.o
Just for the FYI of it! Tipi's were lodges for The Plains people like The Tribes of Sioux, Kiowa and others. Apache lived in Pueblo like dwellings or something similar to Wiki-ups!
...and we wonder why there's little cohesion in linux... ;)
Ironic, since the  'Ubuntu'philosophy also started back in the 1900s :)
illuminatti's pyramid sort of....
+Timothy Gugerty why are you raging buddy? people choose to use their spare time developing free software for people to enjoy, on a free OS which let's face it isn't actually hard to set up or use when you get the right distro. 
okay and you don't see how that puts people out of work huh?
+Jerry Pope FYI - Apaches were a nomadic tribe, they followed the Buffalo, lived in Tipi, and were only aggressive to their enemies. You should look at a book named "History of the People" - which is an in depth look at the major tribes.
Thats a Linux..does'nt know where to live!
well homeless one open source and be free
i hate Linux !!!!!...... Bkz commands of 1 Km in length........
puts who out of work where? people will always rely on MS some people will always rely on Apple, Linux is being used as a brilliant learning tool for kids that want to program and the fact that it is free is making it even more accessible. at no point along the line are people losing jobs over the fact that linux and free programs is readily available... there has always been free options to every form of software, it happens and always will. It really doesn't effect people that badly
Lee Loy
do that make jobs and gates the cowboys.....
It isn't free.  you live in a fairytale world where the clock is stopped at noon bro
Ryan R.
I'm using ChromeOS within Ubuntu LOL.
maybe that mean it the basic concept  
@Thomas Christensen  , Shut The Fuck Up , Nobody Likes A Smart Ass
Sure but they failed to progress leaving the proverbial tent flap open to ravenous animals to enter and destroy....Microsoft the bear, apple the wolf and IBM the crying coyote....
How true is that.  I think that describes every ones life right now.  And to the comment above, how true is that. 
"The primitive Apache was a true nomad, a wandering child of Nature, whose birthright was a craving for the warpath with courage and endurance probably exceeded by no other people and with cunning beyond reckoning. Although his character is a strong mixture of courage and ferocity, the Apache is gentle and affectionate toward those with his own flesh and blood, particularly his children."
Yes, Linux was here first.... since Dec 31, 1969 at 19:00 hours Eastern.
Most of you probably have never used Linux and those that have probably have never worked it to death (try killing it, it kills you) so why are you making all these comments on why Linux is "no good"

Puts people out of Jobs? what 2 CEOs and 10 programers....that wouldn't happen if they just did there hob and made a superior OS

Hard to set up? Click click click now that's hard most cases its easier than windows

You have to type in long commands? Yea in the 1970 version now there is several great desktops to chose from that are command line free

(Most of this is Ubuntu based but several others are just as easy)
Apache's didn't live in teepees   :D
Linux:  Made of sticks and animal hides, and uncomfortable to sleep in?

Linux:  What you use while roughing it?

Linux:  Summer housing for migratory hunters?

Linux:  Ancient tech used now used for spiritual purposes only?

Linux: Burned to the ground by the US Cavalry?
Apple: Overpriced hardware made by near slave labor.
Windows: Overpriced OS on good hardware (though much is made in near slave labor conditions)
Linux: The OS that can be put on nearly any 'computation device' - Linux runs on Mac old and new, Linux runs on 386, 486, 586, 686 architecture. Linux was born of the internet, the current major distributions were worked by people all over the world. Linux is on more servers than any other OS.
Linux (in the form of Android) has taken the cell phone/smart phone market by storm. Also Android runs the tablet that I'm using to type this.
If the pilgrims shot a cat instead of a turkey we would be eating pussy for thanksgiving!
+Timothy Gugerty, Linux actually CREATED a job for me and took me from being a lowly hobbyist to and senior level admin with a six figure salary. If you are worried about Linux taking jobs, you should probably learn Linux and protect your own job. Linux has changed me and my life and brought me from nothing well into the middle class. I will be forever grateful for the the Linux community, Dennis Ritchie, Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, and many more. While the joke is not COMPLETELY accurate, I can see the humor in it and to those who think it's offensive, should probably lighten up.
Pierre Gabriel, your and inspiration. I'm 47, retiring from the Military and working on a computer science degree at my local college. Thanks for sharing.   
Wondering if I'm the only one feeling that the entrance of the Tipi looks like a pussy...
Wow. This poster fails in more way than one.
lol That's Great, but when you realize it there's not that many linux users out there.
I mean Personal users, I remember a time when all people would talk about is coding linux to there styling. I'm sure bigger software developers use them. 
no bill gates no microsoft windows i dont know what apache means
unix was here first, linux is the progeny. So yes, here first - once removed.
 It's a bit like Apple, no jobs, no windows allowed due to the corrupt American legal system and the apache has just been taken out by an aerial drone attack...
Linux is not used by many? How many Android devices are being used every day?
hi !!! I'm raj paul. I want a girl friend. Can u give me ?????????
Ya,ya,i got you,no smoke ,no signal,Ahha,and the apache play with phone now days,3g,4g,and the maybe million5g.
+Timothy Gugerty What exactly is your point?  Linux is developed and imbedded in many different platforms, from Mobile devices to aircraft control systems.
Please describe for the audience how Linux is 'destroying the middle class'.
The Great Spirit of Linux has always lived in the hearts and minds of the free. Torvalds, on the other hand, just got lucky.
Linux enabled Gates to make Windows. But I think Apple's IOS was first on the scene.
@ Paul Kienitz   I would consider that a feature.  If it had Jobs, it wouldn't be free, and would only work on 3 pieces of hardware.
because +John McGrath our modern world suffers from a disordered value structure.  Allowing software and information to be unrestricted devalues the products that utilize it.  Not only does free data compromise the efficacy of technology is also shrinks the market of people who use and need it. 
Nixie Pixel , do you know that in my country, Lebanon, we do not use Linux. Even most of my friends do not know what it is.
And I start knowing about it from you.
Thanks very much :-) 
If u look to the left of the picture,u see the Indian settings down...there r some Indian still live like that,living in the old ways...
+Timothy Gugerty Perhaps you should check the definition of 'data' and 'Operating System'.  These terms are mutually exclusive.

Data is not free.  There is an inherent value in it, and that value depends on the how it is used.

To say that a 'Free' Operating system such as Linux is a threat to the 'value structure' is saying that the value structure in question is ripe for change. 

Change is a GOOD thing.

Without the 'free data' that you state is compromising, you would not have such things as the network infrastructure that you are communicating on, mobile service that you use, and the other facets of life that you take for granted.  Inversely, the statement that it 'shrinks the market of people who use and need it' is incorrect, due to widespread use of that same technology!

The facts are that technology use has spread to such wide sociological scale that governments are decades behind figuring out how to regulate it.

+Daniel Sprouse I couldn't help myself.... LoL
oh fuck son do you see how i just used the axiomatic square of relationships to win my argument?
And please keep giving us new informations.
Not hot pictures for you.
Google+ for helping others not to excite others. :-) 
ASCII was there first.  ms-Dos conforms to ASCII and it a fine source code made by better paid programmers
Where is your native place is it your real photo
It also has none of the modern and useful conveniences that we've all be used to for a long long time.
I can't wait until all the people fed up with windows 8 come over, we may get a lot more development.
I am just afraid that a penguin will be dead inside. lol
Jay A
perhaps... hahaha 
No trees, no food. And you wish you could have some apple to eat.
my future wedding center pieces , if they were small enough for a table hahah
And there's a gnu nearby.
i dont know its what but its feling some where
what ever do you mean +Terry Poulin ?  unpaid slave programmers did write that.  the ones who made claim to it are handsomely rich instead of sitting in a cubicle taking classes over the web at night
are you guys really that dumb? come one why is +Nixie Pixel happen to be a hot ass broad?  quit thinking with your gawd damn peters seriously
Santy K
Certainly Unix outdate all of those
+Nixie Pixel: "Does that mean that Linux was here first?" Well, if you're talking about as an OS, then yeah.  The first Windows OS was Windows 95, while Linux was first released to the public in 1991.

As for those who are saying that Linux is difficult to set up... have you actually tried it lately?

I just got a new laptop, which I planned to dual-boot Windows 7 and Linux.  It took something like 8 hours to get Windows up and running due to difficulties in installation (Windows kept saying it needed a driver for the DVD drive, but what it really meant is that it wanted to be installed from a USB drive), drivers that weren't automatically installed (which was pretty much all of them), and installing software to actually be able to do anything. 

Ubuntu Linux, on the other hand, installed in under 30 minutes, with no problems recognizing the hardware and installing the correct drivers, and with no need to install any additional software to make the system usable.

So... Linux hard to set up?  Only if you're still living in the 90s.
But win 1 was released in 1985
I don't know about this...
On Nov 20, 2012 11:38 PM, "Satya Bikash Doley" <****@**>

> Don't know.....
Native Americans/Linux: Free, Open Source, Community, little difficult to understand at first, respect to roots, open command lines

The White Man/PC: Costly, Closed, Gated communities, shortcomings are hidden behind beautiful facade, everyone's an admin, commands are given from behind the scenes
I thought it was GPL inside, not Apache?
there are two amazingly important developers of info tech who are often overlooked.  No not Bill Gates or Steve Wozniak.  Not Linus Torvalds either.  The two thinkers are Dr.Sigmund Frued and B.F.Skinner.  Our computers do not serve the collective at all. they serve the user.  the user is someone who inputs data into the machine to make function of it's capabilities.  the research of the two psychologists aforementioned have imperative applicability to our current state of info tech.  If you want to read my comment then you can understand these two ideas;  the mouse will find the cheese, and we all care about our own self image.  a programmer who works for free fails at his art, fails at his business, and fails at his science.  Open source programming is detrimental to the field of IT. 
as lietuve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
There is an Apache in side, not all Apache.
nerasykit man vysokiu Apache ,kad sudukai jums krenta is dangaus????
I currently have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on my external hard drive, win 7 on my internal hard drive. I run Ubuntu more than i run win 7 so I'm going to dual boot. 
I find myself only using win 7 for school and that's it. 

Anyone who thinks Linux is difficult to setup and run.. They sure as he'll ain't lived, come back after you've tried installing and configuring FreeBSD first! 
BSD is different from other Linux installers, but like any installer just do it once or twice!
Anyone who thinks #Linux  is difficult to setup or use deserves to pay the high amount of money for an O.S. 
Even if Linux WAS hard to setup. After its setup it keeps working and doesn't stop working. ever. Doesn't slow down over time, doesn't need daily restarts..
+Justin Welenofsky Agreed. Point being, the majority of commenters here were complaining, suggesting Linux is difficult. I'd imagine they ain't here to learn but drool over the host.

Most, most probably don't to read, nevermind installation instructions and supporting documention....

I bet, they're the same people who'll return their systems to their supplier due to Windows errors, driver glitches then complain it's the hardware! lol 
+Justin Welenofsky Windows is big because they put all the files on it. Most linux installations are net-installs (can get them as low as 50 MB) and also they compress the kernel and decompress it at runtime unlike windows. In terms of drivers its good on linux because the kernel handles all the drivers.

The Geek Squad is a bunch of money hungry mac-tards.

I run archlinux which indeed was hard to setup-but the result is a fully customized minimal system.
I only have one issue with Linux and it's more user error/inexperience than anything... but I'll work it out! :)
+Johnny Reno

Apache or Lighty?
Uh, what does Windows have to do with anything about this post...?

On that note, IIS is pretty cool too...
Actually I think it was Unix then later on came Ms-Dos, Linux and Windows, in other words from my understanding Ms-Dos, Linux and Windows belongs to the ancestral tree of Unix. Basically Unix would be the father or mother of all operating systems. Its like having long distant cousins.
+Frank Nolan The NT based Windows versions (NT, 2000 and upwards) share a creator with VMS, but is otherwise entirely distinct. VMS was also distinct from UNIX. DOS was 'inspired by' (read: clone of) CP/M, also distinct from UNIX. They are entirely separate family trees. They shared ideas though, and an API (VMS and Windows and UNIX all supported some part of POSIX at some point)
ITT: people who can't take a simple joke and need to flaunt their Unix knowledge to impress a pretty girl.
+Mike Hentz Would you have made the same assessment if the same things were said in a thread not started by a woman? Would you have said 'need to flaunt their Unix knowledge to impress a fellow geek?'
If it was a real Indian tepee it would have a slot machine inside.
+Timothy Gugerty having free stuff, produces competetion... therefore companies just have to make better product for them to viable, that the consumer will just have to buy them... its like being more competent... if these people can make good software's out of donations... so there's no excuse for a well paid programmer to make a better one...
Haha hard to make a post in an outdated phone... I edited it.. and yeah.. I do think so..
i have been there before it rocks
No One can be that Linux blind that they cant read the bottom of the page ?
Very very nice dear...........
because C. Columbus!!! of course.. it runs Apache on the Horse..
It's 4am and I can't sleep but that's put a smile on my face.
nixie pixel: me one spend in this camp with you.Are you agree?
Well, you can still get an apple inside a tipi... And that would be horrible in linux.
And technically, it still has a gate. But then again, I have a lot of respect for Bill Gates. Not as a businessman, but as philanthropist.
No gates, no windows, is that meant as a double entendre`
well, you could make a good argument for Unix being here in the beginning. 
ha ha...No Gates....I just got's full circle, not a single wasted phrase
But can it paint with all the colors of the wind?
une tente d'indiens? bonne nuit
Something that makes you go hmmm!: +)
G-WAN smashes Apache in performance any way. Apache is average at best.
may be her first but would be unbelivable for her
i wish i had one of them.
for my private time...;)
This tipi is sending lots of signals

Hot Nixie ;-) 
+Paul Smith-Keitley in my experience with Linux, Paul is right. I like opensource. I have an android phone. Just not when it has more problems than windows, for me at least & I'm very comfortable with Windows.
+Ganesh Rangopanth "ls" is for getting a listing of files in the current directory in terminal. I don't remember what the "-l" does.
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