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I've been quiet about this for almost 5 years, and now I break the silence. Please share if you care. ♥
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Nixie, we care!! :) Already shared before. I got terryfied, really.
Seems serious. But I better wait til I'm out of the office before I can view this. :S
+Michael F. it's appropriate for work, and explainable if you can get away with watching youtube videos... if anything the IT group monitoring the traffic should see it anyway
Not sure exactly what it we're talking about but vlogging??? Naked!!!! Wow
You're plenty nerdy enough for me! Thank you for being you :)
Nixie, keep doing what you are doing! There will always be people like that. I love your videos for their content!
I for one, love your tech reviews and other nerdy videos, and like them because of your insights, humor and clear explanations. Keep it up!
What you need to learn, Nixie, and it took me many years to learn this myself, is that it's OK to let other people be wrong near you. So this guy has a screwed up, mistaken opinion; YOU know he's wrong, so don't let it get you down. Make him learn the other related lesson:

Never eff with the girl with the mic. You've got a bully pulpit and he doesn't. Most people watching this aren't going "yeah, that guy was right". They're thinking "what a dumbass."

Keep on doing what you're doing. It's getting watched. You must be doing it right.
I've learned in life that the jerks are usually the loudest. Head to any gaming forum and you'll see what I mean. ;-)

Don't let the thoughts of a few jerks dictate how you view yourself or how you value yourself. 

Keep doing what your doing and we'll keep watching, sharing, re-tweeting and posting about you in positive ways.
A lot of interesting stuff out there, but I circle you 'cause of the added humor :)
+Nixie Pixel - Don't listen to the haters. Wear whatever you want. To the haters - "THERE IS NO DRESS CODE FOR OPEN SOURCE, DUMBASSES!" As more and more women come into the community, the good ol' boys are going to have deal with it. I like your work, you know what you are talking about. People who say otherwise need to get their heads out of their asses.
J Agnew
"just not as nerdy as I'd like."
Whuuuuuut? Eff them and their jealousy fueled comments.
You do you. Don't sweat the rest.
I'm sorry there are people who judge you like that. You are one of the people who inspired me to start my own Ubuntu youtube channel. I'm handicap but with screencasting, people don't know. If they did, they'd probably judge me too. Every once in a while people may leave a hateful comment about my text to speech. Little do they know I use it cuz my vocal cords are paralyzed. Gender, race, religion, whatever should have no bearing. Keep up the good work. Don't let the meanies kick you down.

Longtime subscriber
We are the geeks, the rejected in gym class, the picked on because we where smart and nerdy. We do not care what you look like. If you have the skill, you are one of us. What you spoke to was a vocal, but minimal minority that is threatened by the fact that a "icky girl" may have more skill then they do. Don't worry about it. They devalue themselves by devaluing you. You are one of the digital masses, and we are glad to have you.
Jason S
I've learned a lot because of the way you teach and what you share. Don't let old ways of thinking stop that.
I've a daughter, I'm a geek and I'm mad about this. I'm also mad as hell because you can feel the heat in the USA, but I'm in México and we're not only down the map, but also in gender respect AND knowledge respect. I feel like I want to punch some faces around. Please, note that we RESPECT your BRAIN and we will continue to do so. Making this video is BRAVE. Sharing.
You know what, I am man enough to admit, I first circled Nixie because of her looks.  Hell, shes a freaking HOTTIE!!! But at the same time I have learned a lot from her.  Nixie, Keep being you.  You rock!
John H
Things like this really irritate me. I've never understood this kind of bias.  It's almost like their entire world is threatened because some beautiful young woman might have a clue. 

Keep the faith, and stay strong Nixie. Not everyone out here are @sshats like the ones you recently encountered. Nerdy girls are awesome, any man that can't take that isn't much of a man.

ROCK on Nixie!
Don't let those idiots get you down. You can tell when you are really succeeding when people try to take you down.
And your site is down at the moment. 
Don't let a couple of a-holes ruin your day. You make informative and helpful videos. That's a fact.
Nixie, ignore the hater trolls. You have taught me soooooo much about open source, you can't  imagine. I will admit that I started watching you because of the boobies, but its the fact that you always present yourself as a smart and geeky girl that I keep coming back to your shows. Hell, if were not on screen for an entire program, I'd still watch because you are just that much on point and the info you present is that valuable and helpful. 

Stay strong. And be you. 
I think you are doing a great job for linux and the open source community.  The people who talk crap about you are just jealous. Keep up the faith.  You are awsome!
Don't stop doing what your doing! Your blogs and nerdyness is awesome!
What is up with this trend of geeks hating on other geeks (or what they perceive as pseudo geeks)?  It seems to be something that is becoming more and more of a trend lately.  Its as if geeks aren't allowed to be sexy or attractive or some such nonsense.  And I speak of this not only from what I've seen online but from seeing it in person as well.  I'm a pretty big geek or what have you.  I'm an avid con goer, be it Blizzcon, Anime cons, Comic Cons, etc etc.  This year I had the pleasure of attending SDCC with 2 friends of mine. One of them being a rather attractive female, who ended up taking 3rd place in the Marvel Costume contest with her cosplay group of Female Avengers.  The amount of judgement and questioning of her "geek" cred was astounding and total BS.

As geeky as I am this girl out geeks me in a whole slew of genres from literature, to gaming, to Magic the Gathering.  So in summary I have no idea wtf is up the asses of the geek community these days but seriously we need to chill.

That said, keep on keepin on!
First of all, there's no such thing as a "Geek group" you (and everyone else) should just do what you want and like.
Second... Fine fine... I confess, I saw your "bums" picture and really liked it, in a honest way, I could see you to the eyes anytime and tell you you're a good looking woman, without any sign of shame and also respecting my beloved girlfriend... but that's only cause I'm a male, I would never disrespect you in any way.
Stop worrying about what one hater told you and keep rocking!!!
seriously people are so ridiculous.  Nixie, you are amazing and make me proud to be a geek.  I guess it's a label that people never attribute to me from the way i talk and choose to present myself but the things that get you, those dicks you dealt with and everyone else around here excited are the exact same things that get me going.  You would think that, especially in this community, people would be beyond labeling and having preconceived notions from any physical attributes(body, clothes, etc.) .  Bottom line is that those narrow minded people need to F-off.  They are not worth your grief (nor mine for that matter).  Keep fighting the good fight gorgeous (because you are beautiful and that does not take away from your abilities/intelligence in any way. Sending a big middle finger to the haters for you!!!
Nixie you are the open source queen.  Thank you so much for the videos that you do, I've learned a ton and always enjoy them.  Don't let the haters get you down, they don't matter.  You are appreciated and you matter.  If you don't believe me, just ask your mom! 
can honestly say ive never noticed your boobs till you mentioned them lol. keep doing what your'e doing haters gonna hate lol and ill leave you with this hilarious kat williams skit :)

Katt Williams: HATERS
Unfortunately some men are intimidated by women who are smarter then they are and the only way they can deal with it is to belittle you.  Don't let them get you down.  Look at it this way.  They are scared of you so keep doing EXACTLY what you are doing.  To me, ANY woman that speaks geek is DAMN SEXY!
Please keep being exactly who you are and as nerdy as you want to be. Ignore the insecure idiots who can't accept that an attractive woman can be a geek. I've spent my life running into a similar problem. I'm in a wheelchair due to a birth defect and a lot of people are surprised when they find out that I'm reasonably intelligent. People's assumptions are their problem not your's.  It may sound a bit cliche, but I've learned that the only ones who matter are the ones who get it. 
haters gotta be haters, girl.
I'll buy you a beer/wine/milk & hope you keep up the good fight 
That chauvinistic patronizing p*1(|<

Sorry to hear about your painful experience Nixie. Humanity can be cruel sometimes. Keep charging ahead and their minds - all their minds - will change for the better.
don't let the haters bother you, they are just trying to give themselves a boost because they know deep down they will never get to date an awesome woman like you.
Hi, +Nixie Pixel -- It's not a matter of you being politically correct, attractive or unattractive. It's that you seem to be some kind of a very self-conscious, derivative media fiction, produced by a committee of marketing people, roughly in the model of Felicia Day (but with interesting differences and more wink-wink sexuality), for an imaginary audience of people whose relationship to -- I dunno ... people who actually contribute to opensource projects -- is mostly aspirational.

Am I overthinking? Probably. The actress is quite appealing, but isn't this LonelyGirl15 reloaded? Without the David Lynch overcast, of course.
I have a lot of respect for you, and for anyone who is creating meaningful content on a regular basis and is obviously sincere about it as you clearly are.  It's not easy.  Those who would so directly confront and criticize you almost certainly have their own axe to grind, which probably has very little to do with you.  Please keep up the good work, despite what the odd dickhead has to say.
Keep on keepin on, ignore the trolls and keep doing your show. It's well done and boobs are just a bonus lol
Some nerds are scared of attractive woman in their scene which is stupid, theyre not gonna get laid any time soon so why complain about eye candy, and not just eye candy, but eye candy that knows what they know, thats the hottest thing ever :3
Keep doing what you do.  There are Trolls in every community.
First off-  I don't think you should state you're "not a feminist".  Not trying to be rude, but being a feminist simply means you advocate for the equality of women and men, it's not the bad word the media wants us to think it is. I'm a feminist, and I'm a dude.

I think there are two things at play here:

1- I really think that at it's roots "geek culture" is still reserved for those people who consider themselves as "outsiders".  Think of (as an extreme and silly example) Revenge of the Nerds.  I think it's a clean cut example of something akin to reverse-racism.  (not to be creepy) but you're a pretty girl, there are a lot of people who are going to look down on you because they view you as labeling yourself with this "handicap" though you clearly could make it in the main stream with the "desirables."  Please pay attention to what I put into quotes here, I'm trying to convey a possible OTHER viewpoint, NOT my own.

2- The Geek/Nerd culture right now is very very about "topping" one another.  I think that no matter what you do you're going to run into people who are against what you are doing simply because you have a portion of the spotlight, therefore they will disagree with you on principle.  

Just my thoughts, I'm not claiming to be an expert.  Good luck to you, keep doing what you're doing.
Someone who will pass judgement based on just a picture doesn't even deserve the time it takes to get upset over. Personally, I love your videos. You talk about things I am interested in and you convey your message in a way that a lot of people understand. Don't sweat the trolls. Just be who you are. Your real fans are here for you.
Just remember, for every vocal negative person out there, there are probably 100 times as many non-vocal positive people following you! Don't stop doing what you do just because a bunch of people are jerks!
I have to say that this video made me mad.  I got back into open source and Ubuntu because of +Nixie Pixel and her videos.  Sure, she's a hottie, but her excitement and willingness to explain things made a huge difference;  MAN pages were what made me give up on Linux a while back.

With respect to the dress and looks, who the hell has the idiocy to judge that in the nerd community?  Because you are attractive, you can't nerd out?  What sort of image are they really expecting?  Nerd out however you want, there should NEVER be a dress code. </rant>
+Nixie Pixel, you've used "pun intended", again. That's bad style for obvious reasons. If they are not obvious to you, ask.

About your topic, it's quite common for human thinking and is no speciality of the "open source community". Humans put other humans in drawers (Schubladendenken (German), literally it's "drawer thinking"), or as it's called in English "stereotyped thinking". So, if you don't fit into their drawer of "nerd/geek/open source user/whatsoever", you get rejected. It has nothing to do with gender, it's about appearence. Gain about 40kg weight, wear goofy glasses and you're done - bonus if you stop showering. Slim, well-trained male nerds get the same rejection. There's no drawer, there's no common ground.

Btw: It was quite difficult to get your "typing terminal commands" right after game context. :)
+Nixie Pixel, I was really glad to meet you at OSCON and CLS. I'm sorry you had a bad experience this year (and I'm even sorrier I didn't speak to you beyond making a vague compliment).  I wish that our community didn't have closed-minded bigots in it, especially ones masquerading as PC, chasing away other members of the community.

Frankly, what's probably needed is someone calling them out publicly on their misbehavior. I understand if you're not comfortable doing that yourself, but there are plenty of folks who would be willing to do so on your behalf. Next year, ask for help during the conference, and I'm sure several folks will step up. I'd certainly be willing to.
Nixie, just ignore them. Like someone up there said, if you are doing things right, and are true to yourself, you don't need validation from ANYONE, specially from these self-centered a**es (pardon my french). 

Those kind of self-centered a**es, actually, are the ones that are ruining the FOSS community...
I feel for you. We (as men) want more women to do things normally the domain of men... motorcycling is another example. But when a woman does those things well, as a group we still objectify them and mostly fail to take them seriously. Basically, we are dicks.
Every "group" has bad apples. You are a golden apple. Shine on and be who you are. If someone gives you grief, turn away from them and forget them. You're better than they are.
According to Gandhi, if they are starting to fight you, then you are close to winning.  Keep up the good work.
+Nixie Pixel A lifestyle/saying I started to live by back in high school always seems to always hold true. 

"Everyone loves you. Because those who don't, don't matter." 

On the internet people are going to be lovable, hateful, kind, mean, perverted, and mostly critical. If you believe in what your doing, ignore those who are negative. Focus on the positive.

On a side note, as much as I like the idea of you vlogging naked, my wife would be mad at me. (and secretly enjoy it ;) )  
Just do what you do; if some people can't get past their own prejudices or ignorance, you can probably discount them as respectable human beings and safely ignore their existence.
Can't deny that you caught my eye, because, well, you caught my eye. And your voice and the excitement in it during your presentation,  caught me as well.  Would you have caught my eye if you had an additional 200lbs and a voice like a road weary trucker? maybe, maybe not.  I guess I'd have to see the presentation and the content. I'm not sure what that makes me.  But regardless, it shouldn't reflect poorly on you.  Judgmental people come in all shapes and sizes and they make all kinds of poor judgments that come off as perfectly rational.  Who's to say their more right than anyone else? surely not me.  Go, nixie.  Keep telling us what there is to be excited about in geek land. Don't let the turkeys snuff you out. thanks.
+jason jones Thanks! I was concerned about being questioned for doing something seemingly unrelated to my tasks. I have not yet seen Nixie's video but, from what I could gather, I agree with the others on this post. Some inDUHviduals are not worth her time and attention.

I appreciate what you're doing, +Nixie Pixel. Don't let the sad and the useless say otherwise. You are doing a great job and just stay the way you are.
Your attitude is simply wonderful Nixie, I'll say that.

Please don't let those bad few send you away. I've seen people disappear from Youtube and the likes because of idiots like the ones you mention. It's a dreaded thing to look in your subscriptions and see someone has cancelled their account and completely taken off. I hope I never see that happen to you.

Yes you do look...wonderful. But I can't see why this could ever be a bad thing. I mean heck you demonstrate that geekyness and open source and all the things we love can be sexy!

Don't change who you are, you've been immense in the community in my view.
Boobs boobs boobs love boobs 
Don't second-guess yourself. Empower yourself, knowing there are others out there who don't share your values. They'll always be there, no matter your platform.
Trust me... you rock.  I've found your reviews of free software and Linux distributions to be very helpful.  I've been using Linux on the desktop since '96 and you really do what needs to be done more: show people how to actually USE the platform for something other than server space.  Ignore the naysayers... You contribute a lot to the community and you shouldn't stop.  The guys saying those unkind and untrue things are bullies.  Plain and simple.
You seem like a geek to me. Keep on trucking. Not sure why someone needs to look like a train wreck to get some IT cred.
Last I checked "Geek", wasn't associated with a specific gender/sex.
LOL I love your video and your so right we should be treated the same. If you like tech and gaming or whatever else in tech you should be treated the same as everyone else. I mean most of us grow have been treated like crap for what we love most computers and things like that. So you would think that the people that stated that would know and understand that more then anyone else you would think. I love the video you posted and I think keep it up and to hell with what they say. I hate to say it I never seen your videos before but now I think I want to sign up to see. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. So all of you tech heads keep a open heart and a open mind.
In same cases you look like Jillian Anderson from X files. Cheers!
labels exist anywhere.  prejudice exists anywhere.  some men can't compute the idea that someone who is attractive can also be smart and intelligent, maybe moreso than them.

what i've learned and touted to all of my students, close friends, or strangers is this:

people are going to like you and love you no matter what you do.  people are going to dislike you and hate you no matter what you do.

because of this, the best thing to be is yourself.  when you're yourself, the people that will naturally gravitate towards you are the people that like you for being yourself.  If you're not yourself, all you'll do is gravitate people that like you for what you're not.

Naysayers that want to attach a label to you or criticize you for this photo or that photo, they're projecting their issue on to you because they don't want to admit or deal with the fact that it is their issue, not yours.  don't let those people rattle you.  it's clear from these comments alone that you have a loyal following of many that appreciate you for who you are and not what seemingly contradictory labels you put out.  Find strength in that and be true to the person that you want to be.
I have no idea what you do or are talking about, but you can feel free to be yourself and shun those a-holes who want to put you down because of how you look...
Making this video shows that you belong in the club.
I was going to start off with a comment about boobs... Instead I'll just say this +Nixie Pixel  A few guys at a couple conventions are not the community... WE ARE... AND SO ARE YOU and your boobs! Haters gonna hate! fuck'em
Just follow this steps:
1. Make a fist
2. extend your middle finger
3. ¡¡¡FU#$%&" THEM ALL!!!
Seriously, just keep going with your own way of making videos, they're great.... and most important ¡keep talking nerdy to us!
Greetings from Colombia
I can tell you a reason why some men might do this to you. And it took me awhile to deconstruct it...

When I was younger, a lot of girls would flirt with me just to get me to do things for them, then be mean to me and ignore me after I did it. They used the fact I found them attractive to manipulate me.

Now, when a woman who is really attractive tries to participate in a space I'm in, I'm really suspicious and looking for that behavior again. I'm looking for her to want something from me, to be getting into my space and showing interest in the stuff I'm interested to get something from me.

And this isn't your fault.

Now, in your videos I can tell that you know what you're talking about and are really enthusiastic and interested. So this isn't a hurdle you would have to jump with me. I am not suspicious that you are interested and participating simply because you're hoping to get something from me.

But I wouldn't be surprised to discover that some people haven't been perceptive enough to notice.
Nixie you are the best - PERIOD- you know your stuff & have helped more than you know- maybe watch some of the videos on bullying - the haters are just jealous a..holes who know less and are just trying to bring you down
Keep on & keep up the good fight
You're a feminist.  You think that you deserve respect as a person, not a sex-object.  That is the essence of feminism, after all: the radical notion that women are people too.  Feminists aren't just academics, or ugly women, or polemicists, or man-haters (actually, man-hating is totally against the feminist ethos).  Feminists are women who demand being treated as people with brains, personalities, interests, and, yes, sex drives.  That sounds like you!
Love Ubuntu, have seen a few of your videos, and found them informational. Keep up the good work, and its ok to look good while doing it.
Chad S
you can join my geekdom anyday and have the same say as any other geek +Nixie Pixel you rock in my book
sweetheart don't worry about those who judge by your looks, they don't know shit, keep up the good work and the good looks. you do great
It angers me that you were treated in such a way. Don't let the morons that don't know how to behave properly get to you.
Personally I think maybe some of these guys have been hurt by pretty girls, and this is there chance to attack back in their comfort zone, and they are assuming that hot equals stupid and/or bitch. I bet it wasn't Brad Pitt's stunt double who was giving you a hard time, and am I right? One thing that really impresses me about you and +Ashley Esqueda and even +Sassi BoB is how down to earth you are despite being extremely attractive. That to me makes you even hotter. If a couple people want to make assumptions without knowing anything about you, let them. We still love you and will keep watching and learning.
Adam N
There's one at every conference....
Just be you, God made you different from everyone else you are one of a kind. who cares what everyone else thinks. Just be You
I am have been friends with Vi Hart since before she posted her first youtube video and have seen some of the same comments to her videos. All you ever see are her hands.  
+Nixie Pixel Nothing annoys me more than people who think they are intelligent and then turn around a judge someone purely based on looks or what they think is 'appropriate'.
Don't let anyone ever Censor you. its your basic right, those who don't like you probably never will, but does that really matter? I like you videos and enjoy watching them as do many others.
You never would have registered on their radar if you had no impact on the open source community.  Just like any social structure, there are people thinking they are better than others.  In nerd culture it tends to boil down into one of three major criteria.  Belonging to the wrong subculture, not being nerdy enough, or not suffering enough to be a "real" nerd or whatever seems to be the driving force behind such reactions.  It's straight up stupid.  You are a human being just like the vast majority of the people that were there.  They can't know what you have gone through or how you feel and judging somebody without getting to know them first is wrong.
There are idiots bound by their prejudices everywhere. Don't pay them any attention, it's great to see diversity among geeks, keep up the good work!
+Nixie Pixel its sad that in our society that we hold such prejudices against others that whom we know nothing about. In many aspects of society women are still thought of as lower than men, where race compounds that. I follow you because of the content you produce, though the way you look caught my eye as well ;)

keep producing great content and those who matter in the context of the community will follow
I don't tend to watch your vids much, the fact I follow you is because for me you are a known member and a pretty knowable member of the open source community, its got little to do with your sex or your good looks but because you are respected, at least by me.
+Nixie Pixel Admittedly I've not seen many, but this is my favourite of your videos so far. The ironic thing is that intolerance you've experienced comes from a part of the community that is itself subject to so much prejudice. Hang in there and don't let the bozos get you down.
 I never knew who you were prior to someone sharing this post.  But, after watching a few of your videos....  Those persons who judge you based upon what you wear will always be the minority...  But, like the bad cops, the racists, and the bigots - they will be vocal/exposed/presented as if they are the 90% instead of the 10%!

Keep doing what you do in the manner in which you desire.  IMHO you gain more respect because you are a female in a male dominated field of endeavor!  AND, MOST nerds/geeks/gamers/etc will value you MORE because you are at least ONE more female that "gets" them.  

Yes, this comment could be considered to be sexist, although it isn't mean to be - but, what male nerd doesn't dream of meeting a woman who understands their geekery instead of merely tolerating it?  I don't know a SINGLE female that I can talk "Android" or "Computers," or even SCI-FI with IRL!  I think you're "cool."

I admire people like you and +Azmaria Dei Post who work in fields dominated by men (engineering, science, mathematics, CS, Aviation, etc) and tolerate all the inappropriate comments, having to work for respect in your field just because you don't have a penis, strive for equal pay, etc.  And, I thank you for not abandoning social networks and avoiding public contact because of the 10% of jerks out there who treat you like a sex object instead of a woman with a brain!
Brains and confidence are attractive in anyone, and will draw small-minded critics like flies.

Don't let them get you down.
You could always try a head-mounted outward-facing camera for comparison. Show people what you're working on from your point of view.
Awesome post!  Look forward to seeing more!
I've only read a few of these comments, so forgive me if I repeat sentiments already expressed. Nixie, I think you're alluring and pretty and have a certain quality about you that would make me want to talk to you, regardless of what you do.

That having been said, however, the reason that I watch your videos (only recently discovered) is not because I have some secret crush on you, but because you expose and explore parts of the open source community that I find compelling and interesting.

If someone spews hate and derision at you, please ignore them. For every naysayer who issues forth bile about you, there are at least ten people who value what you do, so please know that, were there to be an accounting of "good" versus "bad" in what you do, the "good" column has much more support than the "bad."

Please keep talking nerdy to me. The fact that you're beautiful is just a bonus, really.
I've never seen your stuff before, but that won't stop me from voicing my opinion.
There are always gonna be people who will want to quell success simply because they ain't that successful themselves, they will try to bring down anyway they can from any angle they can, regardless of how stupid that angle is, its called jealousy. I recommend instead of being flattened by it perhaps it would be a good idea to be flattered by it.
You know you do a good job and you've got the fans to prove that you do a good job so no matter what these jealous fucks say, you've got your evidence.
The post I followed you after was the one about the childhood of doom, to me that was your seal of legitimacy!
<Insert white knight comment> :)
I'm guessing this was a generation gap issue or someone that just finished camping and forgot to get the stick out of their ass.

You do good work. Actually I think your good looks and the fact that you are female work for you in a community filled with men.
The problem isn't that geeks are discriminatory. The problem is jerks are posing as geeks because geeks are trendy now.
+Nixie Pixel  the only reason I follow you is because you are a geek and I find your videos interesting. You are in a circle I have with over 200 other geeks that I also enjoy. Some are male and some are female but all are informative and fun. Please do not let a few people upset you that are not worth the 75% free glucose and 20% oxygen required to operate your frontal lobe thinking about them. They do not get it, they are not technophiles nor did they live and breath every day of their formative lives questioning and tinkering with all aspects of science and technology to develop into the quintessential inquisitive mind that is the TRUE GEEK. Because a true geek would have never allowed those thought patterns to form within their own brains. Be yourself and be happy for it. Those that get you appreciate it, those that do not are not going to. Live your life for you and your joy, it really is that simple.
They should have a look in the mirror for a long time.
+Nixie Pixel  stay strong, and keep on being real!  you're blazing a trail for women in tech, and Linux!
you know this may be odd, but i turned off your vid when you said you thought open source was sexy.  I thought "oh you are one of THOSE girls... borrrrring".  Just FYI, not being mean, you said you liked feedback so there you go :P
Please consider this,the losers gonna hate..
N please don't change yourself because we love you just the way you are..
Keep doing what you do! You are awesome!
“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” — Dr. Seuss

Sadly, there is still a considerable degree of misogyny in the high-tech industry. I'd like to think the open source community is somewhat more evolved but I'm not sure; it is still a male dominated population. Nevertheless, we need more like you to disprove such prejudices.

Be yourself and embrace both your geekiness and your sensual side. You're clearly aware your sexuality and its effects, albeit perhaps naive about how some may respond to it — although, really, that is not your problem unless you choose it to be.

If you want inspiration, here is a site devoted to smart nerdy/geeky women who are also keenly aware of their sexuality (some are personal friends of mine so I can vouch for their authenticity):

All the best and keep being just who you are! <3
Theo A
The core of the debate regarding biases is the fact that people who are willing to rely on them are simply not mature.  They are not mature enough to understand that knowledge may be assimilated and utilized by anyone of cognitive ability.  Gender is never a question.  I myself strive to be more objective and less subjective when I converse with someone.  Granted, if they stink it proves to be more challenging, but that is beside the point at hand.

I am no longer on a playground and nor do I wish to return to one.  I enjoy conversations regarding technology and science, not "do you think she's hot".  Isn't it a childish trait to formulate biases and use stereotypes with which to measure someone with?  I will not discredit the need to keep an inner-child alive and well in modern geek culture. The fact is it helps to have that inner-child.  But not to the extent that we let adolescent shortcomings retard our adult interactions - that's where so many go wrong.  They rely too much on judgments they assume to be correct based on appearance, limited facts, or even worse, someone else's opinion.

I myself have learned a number of things about Ubuntu from Nixie's videos, and am grateful for them.  The fact that she is a woman and is beautiful is pleasant, to say the least, but her value to the geek culture is not limited because of this.  How many of us are able to put ourselves in front of a camera, unabashed, and express our excitement over technology while demonstrating how to use it to its best potential?  Not I.

Don't let the limited minds of the immature hinder how you feel about yourself.  If there is anything I have learned about people, it is that they want to pursue what they are most passionate about.  Nixie is passionate about Linux and vlogging.  She should be allowed to do so un-hindered.  So if you can't say something nice, shut up.

Keep up the good work Nixie.
Just be yourself +Nixie Pixel. The ones that appreciate it will allow you to get further than you could ever imagine. Do not change for anyone. All the best and enjoy all your videos and the information you pass on to all of us!
People are insecure and jealous. I saw nothing wrong with your dress :)
I think open source is a great topic and you deliver great info. I am not a tech person at all but do like that I can pull up your videos and learn something. TRUST YOURSELF TO MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS. Its good to get positive and negative feedback, but the final decision is yours.
"Idiots doing idiot things, because they're idiots." - Sterling Archer 
You shouldn't let idiots even be a second thought in your mind. Do what you do and do it your way. If others don't like it... to hell with them. 
+Nixie Pixel I think that there's a lot within the "geek" community that gets judged very rashly, and I completely agree with you standing up for you. Being a repair tech, I go on outcalls, and I interact with many many people, all the time, but me being young, and dressing sometimes a little different, gets me judged. I used to primarily wear a black v-neck tshirt, jeans and DC shoes to work. We've switched over to company polo shirts, but me looking young throws everyone off. It's an age/reputation thing, at least around me. Since I'm not well into my 40's, I get second guessed by customers who have no clue, I just look too young. I'll let the cat out of the bag and say that I'm 21. I recently went to a club in Atlantic City, the woman at the front said I looked 18. I went on a housecall where the woman said it looked like I didn't even know how to drive, and that I looked like I was 16. A couple years ago at 19, I worked retail, and customers told me I looked 24 or 25. What happened? Beats hell out of me, everyone is uber conservative about EVERYTHING again, including their first impressions.

Don't let them get you down, do what you do best, and if they don't like how you're doing things, just remember everyone who does like it. A few bad apples don't spoil the bunch, but it will make you think twice, just remember to look harder for what you're looking for, and not to simply look elsewhere.
Saw this on What's Hot on Google.  Watched it with great interest.  While I am no where near a geek I do follow another young lady who shares tech information.  +Cali Lewis.  I don't know if you know or are familiar with her, but if not, you might want to drop her a message and see how she handles this.  I'm sure she also get these types of critizisms.  Continue doing what you are doing.  Even if I don't always understand what you are saying, I'll keep listening, hopefully I'll learn something.
Humans are neural networks. We get a range of inputs, and based on how we see things turn out, we adjust our behaviour. All meganerds see is mostly men and a few women in the meganerd community -- most of which are generally not particularly attractive (I think it's the work and amount of time spent on it).

Anyway, so when someone hot and kind of sexy tries to join in, our neural networks quickly identify that as going against the large majority trend, and assume that it can't belong, or is a lie.

Anyway, the times will change. Even the stupidest preppiest people anywhere now are starting to realize that technology is kind of fucking awesome. I've met people 5 years ago that think that they don't really need this technology stuff or gadgets and whatnot. Well, now they're realizing they were wrong. Eventually, everyone'll be technology nerds, and that sort of label will vanish (what's the point of a label that applies to just about everyone?). And suddenly, hot people talking about technology will be second nature (I mean, who'd you prefer to be talking about it to you on YouTube? Cheeto-finger Mc'slob?) Our networks will adjust, and no one will yell at you for having a pretty conservative dress on.
If I were to show myself at one of those conferences/events, I'd probably put all those loudmouths to shame with the way I dress myself. There is no such thing as being properly/overly dressed for such event given the professional and social aspect of it. To hell with those idiots: do what you do best, anytime and anywhere, and too bad for them if they don't like it.
thanks for the mention +Shane Shepherd. i don't have a job still though, so i can't actually claim to still be in a tech field... not since i got out of the Air Force, that is. just not enough demand for a broken RF Transmissions Systems person in the KCMO area i guess...
I've never heard of you, but that was awesome!
I would like to share your experience of silence for so many years... Shankar

+Nixie Pixel Do what you do best... and ignore those that are judging you based on how you look or what you are wearing. You are the kind of person we need in the Open Source community... not those that prematurely judge without knowing someone.
Men are often intimidated by a beautiful women that knows as much about the topic they excel in, so they react spitefully out of insecurity.
Somebody wife her!

Ok I say that almost sexist remark in jest but I mean it. If I ever ever ever had a conversation like this video with a female there is not a chance in hell I would let her go! +Nixie Pixel you are very pretty, and that alone would be reason to want to talk to you, but I believe I have seen enough to know that you are a really passionate person. Keep on keeping on! Dress how you want! I do not care one bit! 
I will admit that I love love your boobs and they got me watching but they're not why I keep watching. Well, they're not the main reason. Thanks for this video and for the others.
just pray to god to give u strength, and show u the right path in your life
you're awesome and i love your os vids! looking forward to this fridays review!
Perhaps you should also understand that the other person is also coming from a place of pain? Genuinely happy folks don't thrive on insulting or demeaning others. Maybe you should just feel bad for them and ignore it. It's usually more about them than you. They'd probably respond the same way to anybody else in your place. So relax, and do what you enjoy.
Yes. Someone wife her!
I would like a shot myself
I like how calm you present yourself and your topics. You always seem to be very well pronounced and professional...doesn't mean you need to be dressed in a business suit. 
Also if you could do a transcript of your videos that would be awesome!
I think you are great and to hell with what other people think.
I forgot about Google+ so keep an eye out on twitter for my response Nixie, it's pretty long (3500 characters, thanks twitlonger) but I get pretty upset when I see this sort of sexism. I think it devalues the genuine effort you put into your videos, and you shouldn't regard these judgemental people with any respect or attention.
I think some male techno geeks actually buy the stereotype of a nerdy (male) schlump with taped horn-rimmed glasses and a pocket protector as the authentic representation of who is a techno geek, and that females (especially smart fetching females) somehow are threatening to both them and that false image. No?
Thought provoking video. I'm sorry you were made to feel unwelcome. 
who cares how you dress? t-shirt / shorts is my entire wardrobe besides the uniforms i wear for the navy. i could crae less if someone says im not politically correct. just tell them to piss off and take their right wing attitude elsewhere. this is fucking america. do what you want when you want how you want its your right.

just vlog in nerdy t-shirts +1
Three or four dumb@sses out of a community of millions is nothing to worry about. Seriously; the vast majority of people who know who you are like and respect what you do.
I am not sure what other men are saying concerning your looks or what you choose to wear.  Let's face it, you are a very attractive girl and you do have a nice body.  We all know that most girls love the attention from mens comments about how good you look.  I think that you just talking in your tee shirt that you look and sound sexy.  You have very pretty eyes, nice long hair and a cute voice to match.  So, don't worry about a couple of odd balls, just keep doing what your doing.  That is my soapbox comment for the day.  Thank you.
I think you can judge the quality of your content by the quality of the comments here an on your channel. If you were only a pretty face, you'd only have unintelligible squawking for feedback. Looks to me like you have some very supportive and thoughtful people in your audience.

Keep talking nerdy. We'll respond in kind.
It's all about expectations, honestly. When I used to talk with someone on a chat board, I could go completely off what was said. I found myself drawn or repulsed purely by what was written by these people. I had a strange sort of quantifiable metric that I could weigh people with... their words and how they used them.

I think, all too often, a pretty face means there's more time spent on beauty than on geek. And, all too often, those people who are enthralled by you, are also afraid or ... repulsed because you are their definition of untouchable. :)

Therefore... it is easier to objectify and hold under scrutiny than to pull you in close in order to understand.

Simply said, a beautiful geek is both precious and terrifying. :)
I open up goggle plus and assumed we were talking about real things. I know nobody cares what I think, which makes this easier to say.

Go outside. 
Ron F
Sadly, there will always be self righteous, overly opinionated and narrow minded individuals who views women based on appearance and subsequently judges them by it just shows the lack of social and moral awareness. Or maybe just a repressed insecurity brought on by your aura....who knows.

I think terminal commands are as geeky as you can get....and just the fact that you mentioned it :-)
Excellent vlog...and those people are really shallow. Honestly, I have really gotten fed up with people who brag about how tolerant they long as you agree with their point of view. You keep on believing in what you do, and enjoy your life.
+Nixie Pixel boys are often mean to girls they like. I'd guess your geeky aura overwhelmed him, causing a rush of testosterone and adrenalin to course through his system. Thus, he lashed out negatively and unjustly. Let's be thankful he didn't try to club you on the noggin.
And I'll probably get flamed for saying it, but you can't help the fact that you're gorgeous.
This is the first i have heard of you, which is sad after listening to you.  I am subscribing and going to watch all your vlogs.  You sound intelligent, confident and you know what you are talking about.  I respect that.  Gender should not make a difference.  Keep geeking it out. You Rock.
Very well said. Its so much easier for someone to point out your supposed flaws rather than look at their own. Its sad that the world is so caught up on senseless crap. I find your videos fun to watch and quite informative as opposed to all the same drivel from every where else.
Always be you :-D and if someone doesn't like what you wear or do that's their problem ;-) you obviously have a great pull on the open source community ;-)
Never saw any of your Videos, sorry I tend to watch Twit but that being said do what you think is best. I would prefer that you wear cloths when vlogging but that is up to you. As a married man I wouldn't feel comfortable with watching you sans cloths but dressed as I saw you in this video I don't see the issue.
take the critics, soak up what they're spewing, and use it to shore up your determination.  Then make more videos.  I'm with you about shopping.  I've been a t-shirt and jeans guy forever, and always will be.  Let the haters hate.  Be who you are.

BTW.. I'm adding you to my geek list.  /hugs
Alpha geeks are dickestly competive. Although bright in Apps and programs have low selfestem and can only bring themselfs up by putting others down. Trying to make you feel bad because of your inherit beauty tells me when they look in the mirror every morning they still see the pimpled face shrimp the swim team pantsed in the math building in junior high. Offer them empathy if you must because their ego is enlarged by trying to tear yours down. Just know that their flawed and its not your fault. Markus 
Can't say I know you but it's a shame that people act this way. The irony is that you seem to be the type of girl most nerds/geeks say they love but instead are attacked for it. Long story short, haters gonna hate. 
Hey Nixie just saw your last video... i'm quite unsure... about how this could of happened. Really... Judge or make a statement about someone based just on your looks?... All this sounds to me is some people don't notice this kind of arguments have been hmm lets say studied and its a political lest say "move", argumentum ad hominem is as old as Greek culture.
Not only bothers me to know someone would do that to you because its also a personal attack with no apparent logical base, it also exposes how short minded - blind people can be.
I would not have expected this video ever, and if anything I applaud you're confidence and enthusiasm to get there... as a nerdie and CEO I must say you have some lady balls to get there, and further more, I really enjoy your videos, when I first found your videos I was looking up clustering in linux, and since then been following you. My thought is someone is just jealous and its logic, you're cute, interesting, funny and smart. Who wouldn't? I find sad that they pick on attacking you instead of learning maybe.

Keeping it short, keep up the good work, keep on track, and don't let this kind of things get you down. People who follow you, and I must say i'm sure i'm not alone, its not only for your great looks. 
Keep up your great work.
Hey, you have a great brain? Use it, don't be shy about it! You also have a body? Wow! Don't be shy about that either, use it! Is that a problem for ME? Then I just could have problem!!! In the meantime pleeeease accept a big kiss and great hug from me. I'd take your b&b (brain & boobs) as partner, companion, wife any day. Stop complaining, there's nought u can do about stupidity except maybe to show them the mirror more often. Now, please, can we tether? ;)
There are similar female prejudices on other forum sites and has gone beyond a joke.
Now can't wait for next upvideo
+Nixie Pixel in addition to my previous comment, please don't change your videos/style.
I'm sorry, but you have to dress like your blind to meet the system requirements to run Unbuntu.

people just want to control other people it a power thing
Que te la pelan!! Do you girl, the masses still hunger for truth.thanks for providing it
nice tits but fuck off
Just the way you are, Nixie.
That's why people like you.

You're pretty,
we all know that,
but there're too many sexy girls out there,
and you don't have to be one of them.
You make very valid comments in this vlog. Unfortunately I think you will be judged whatever you do. At the end of the day do what is right for you.
You are very sexy nixie. I want to make a video response, but I have too much work to do.
Right, +Andy Becker has a point;  Your persona is exactly what most nerd guys want.  You're smart, you're into Open Source, you're smokingly hot, and I too am married and have no problem watching an attractive woman (I am, after all, not blind, and my wife knows how much I love her).  However, the nerd guy persona is one that is stereotyped by those with low [physical] self-esteem.  They think it would be impossible that someone like you, +Nixie Pixel, can exist.  Someone gorgeous, with ALL the right curves, all the right brains, and still down to earth enough to be flattered by us remarking on your glorious tracts of land instead of being offended.

Fact is, nerd hot chicks like you do exist.  However, nerd guys so rarely find romance with one they just assume it's a ruse to increase ratings.  It was posted in your + stream before that someone believed you were just using beauty to increase ratings etc.

+dale smith also makes a good point I was going to segue into, and that is, no matter what, you're going to have people who don't believe you are sincere.  That will always happen, you just have to learn to ignore them or deal with them in some other way.

But by no means should you change your style.  I agree with +Gregory Collymore on this one.
You are articulate,pleasant to the ear and eye.
What some people think is ideotic. They attack you because there incapeable of an intelegent retetoric
Bottom line-those men are insecure. They see an attractive woman with brains and they can't fathom it. Understand this, you will and can win them over but you cannot let them know that they can get underneath your skin. Approach situations like those as challenges. You are gorgeous and intelligent, that is the epitome of an attractive woman.
Be yourself and don't worry about the losers who question you, they certainly aren't worth it.
sound like u need somebody to give u some directions
I hate people like that, where they're more interested in judging you by what you wear and not what you do/know.

It isn't as bad for me, as I'm a guy, but I still get judged by my Hawaiian shirts and jeans instead of the code I write.
Right on! Smash 'em sexists and teach 'em to respect women.
are you kidding me what a bunch of dribble,enjoy your good looks and
control while you can.Your the kind of female that makes me want to
put a pistol in my mouth. you must be bi or lesbian no men want to
hear how smart you are it's offensive.Good luck on your quest for
what ever it is your looking for.but your tripp' need a father
figure or some shit.peace 
I had a look @ some of your videos, its not you its your audience.
I think you may be experiencing more of a jealousy issue... They hate you, because you are pretty and smart.

You are who you are, you cannot change that! It's not your fault you are an attractive female (unless you want to hop into a delorean with a flux capacitor and genetically alter yourself, of course...) and it shouldn't affect what you happen to be interested in. 
+Nixie Pixel : it is all about mind and matter. Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. The best thing to do to such people is... ignore them. You're doing a good job. Keep it up.
Leo T
I can't mute this shit fast enough
My dear (I get to say this because I'm old) You're making a basic assumption that's not quite correct. You're assuming that the community is uncomfortable with you because you're female. I, personally, don't believe that's so.

If I were to guess (oh, all right. I'll guess) it's because you bridge two cultures. One that they understand, geekdom, and one that they don't, "the normal world". Before I get slashdotted I'm not saying that nerds don't function well in society. Many do. But from your vlogs, it's apparent that not only do you function well in both domains (clothes sense aside), you can explain nerdiness in everyday terms and vice versa. It's that effortless communication that they feel uncomfortable with, fear a little and envy a lot.

Summation: It's not about you, so relax that insecurity nerve. It's about them and and their inability to categorize you.
To +Nixie Pixel  : Linux and the concept of freedom it encompasses is much, much bigger than any self-proclaimed Linux moralist. Keep up the good work!
Nixie... Being judge by others is unavoidable no matter what you do.
They see you as a  threat. and to be truthful you are a force to be reckoned with.

You are like the smurfette of the smurf village.
Or the 21th century Maid of Orléans (Joan of Arc).
Or Samus Aran.

They are all different characters then what we are typically used to, but in all cases they are the most important ones.
Do not let them change that, no matter what they say!
Don't let the bastards get you down.
its ok to be naked im 21 live in lorain and love to be naked
The quest for gold is over.maybe you can make it in some third world
state of mind.
You are coarse and trashy. Sexy women are subtle. Get a clue, loser.
Wow girl im sorry to hear that. But you do understqnd that there are frauds out there who are just attention whores who don't actually care about opensource. It was wrong for people to confront you like that though.
The only "men" that would be offended by a smart woman are the boys at the playground during recess.

People will always judge others, and will judge more harshly when they feel someone is better than them.  Keep up your good work, don't let the few that think this way ruin it for all the rest of us that enjoy your work and videos. 
How's that song go, I'm a pretty snowflake.
Sounds like you and I need to meet. I have trouble with clothes too! Also, you're very pretty :)
I think the problem is (not yours by the way) society assumptions on beauty. That you can't be attractive or dress sexy and be "geeky" So of course under those assumptions those guys at Open Source don't take you seriously. But hey I applaud you, nothing wrong with a attractive woman, knowing what tethering, Linux is, and know a dozen Unix commands off top of her head :) Que sera, sera 
I recently saw a post or report about how women are viewed as separate parts and men are viewed as whole.  This is probably the reason why women are "broken down" into comments like "great hair", "nice butt" before most of us men say "she's hot".  It's ironic that supposedly more intelligent geeks can't see past this either, maybe it's a base instinct.
You can be a geek AND be sexy! Just keep being yourself and, if you can, learn to not care about those few individuals who... disagree with you. 
Stay true to yourself. If people don't like it, screw 'em. You may have nice ta-ta's, but it seems like you have the kind of attitude and intelligence that I personally would like to see more in society. OK, I guess I'd also like to see more of the nice  ta-ta's too. 

Vlog naked, vlog wearing a moo-moo. Just be yourself. 
Regardless my poor English vocabulary and almost non existing grammar, here's this: You're a kick ass beautiful girl that talk serious tech.   Some of us men still, not my case by the way, feel girls don't do computers, or serious skills on any field whatsoever.   I prefer to learn from someone like you, rather than a ...  you know who I'm reffering to, right?

Best of luck... and success!
Oscar from Cancún Mexico.
The nay-sayers will come and go, but we who listen to you are here to stay. Be yourself, and we are listening.
This video sums up every assumption that I have about "what women go through", and to a similar extent, what the LGBT community goes through. As a collective our prejudices run so deep it drives home a perspective about how ... unevolved humans actually are. Equality - or whatever you want to call it - is a movement more than a reality. Even people who are supposedly looking out for your equality by thrusting you into a category and in the process denying you your right to be something outside of that category - well they are more prejudiced than they would ever acknowledge.

The important thing is that we (you, +Nixie Pixel included), need to be aware of this and even accepting of this as we continue to be ourselves and do what we do best. Those people exist and you can't let that affect or change you. You're a geek, and you're hot as hell.  You're every geek's ideal woman.  Many geeks can't accept that their fantasy actually exists.  That's their problem - not yours. You have to steel yourself against their prejudice and not let it affect you.  Gaga's "born this way" mantra - it's only half the message.
Interesting. In my own personal opinion, I think you are a normal person entitled to wear whatever you choose. I smoke marijuana so you know that I am non judgmental. I like to think that I'm updated as far as clothing goes but I'm not going to dog on people who wear a dress during a video...people who care about political correctness need to pull the 4 foot long broom out of their ass and then shove it down their throats. That should shut them up. 
Nixie I am happy to see a girl that is proud to be a woman and one that dresses as a woman. All to often women now days want to dress and act like men, like that is so great. No wonder America has such a high divorce rate. Most men weather they admit it or not want a female that acts and dresses ike a lady, not a man. If you were my daughter I would be very proud of you.
Hey I have some advice. Screw the people who wanna talk sh*t. They're just jealous 
Every group has it's members with prejudices that are screwed up.

Be who you are, do what you want to do. The people who love you will stay, those with the hangups will go and when you are confronted directly as you were, call them out publicly. That type of condescension, where people value your efforts in the context of sexuality does not fly with the masses.

Besides they're just jealous. Don't sweat it. You're doing great!
I worked front line tech support for almost ten years.  I've programmed in perl and I've made DNA primers from scratch.  I write science fiction and fantasy novels for a living.  I can the the Fiend Folio from where I'm sitting, and my wife's in the next room playing Borderlands because it's safe to shoot skags once the kid goes to sleep.  I feel comfortable in my geek cred.  Also, I'm a feminist, and really it's not all as screechy and weird as folks think.  I can point you toward some really sane people if you'd like.

My experience is that geeks are as prejudiced, clueless, sexist and cruel as anybody else.  The intellectual company of women is a civilizing force, and I'm sorry that men respond to your sexuality by devaluing everything effing other thing about you, but wow is that the world I've seen play out.  Please remember that for every asshole who hasn't worked through his issues, there's probably four or five of us who'd be interested to know what you thought about trust networks and the relationship between open source and the economics of art.  And please feel free to talk as nerdy as you'd like.  Dialing it back will win you nothing.  They won't respect you more.  They won't like you better.

So to hell with 'em.
I would like to think that appearance doesn't make a difference.  But welcome to society.  Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone has some type of prejudice built up subconsciously.  It is a part of being human.  Everyone has a bias and everyone has preconceived notions.  But being able to sway from your first impression based on later revelations is what makes people different.  Some people cannot change their underlying beliefs no matter what evidence is out there that says otherwise.  This doesn't make someone racist, sexist, or even unintelligent.  It simply makes them wired differently than what you may have been hoping for.  If it really matters to anyone that much, just go with what is socially accepted.  But if you want to be YOU, no matter what society tells you, know that there will always be people bringing what can be negative thoughts to the table. That is just the way it is.  You can't just change that.  You can only change you.
Life is short. Do what makes you happy. Doesn't matter how you dress or don't dress. What matters is if you are happy with yourself, your accomplishments and your life. It is your life and no one else's.
go be a stripper or something, stop being all philosophical and shit. 
Nixie, Watching this video, I would say you are perfectly dressed up. But I am scared listening to your remarks.
You are beautiful, smart and well communicating. To me most important thing is how do you value yourself? How do you respect and love yourself? That matters not what others say! Many people will say many things, you can not change yourself for them. This is you who make ultimate choice what you are and what you want to BE. You might want to reflect these .....
sometimes open source has become something religious, and that is not good.
I think it's safe to say everyone on here right now have to much time
on there hands.
F**k what people say do you and don't let anyone tell you anything different. You can't help stupid.
Seriously, they were doubting your credibility because of how you were dressed?  They actually said that?  In which case they are they frauds, because the real nerds I know are the ones with least dress sense and least discriminating on those grounds - and if they are they are probably some fringe or marketing people masquerading at nerds.  If nerds really cared how stuff looked they wouldn't be so fond of command line interfaces - there, put that in your pipe and /dev/null it haters!
It's probably not even her it's some black guy from california.
It's a coming of great minds look out.
More power to you, just do your thing girl don't let the haters pull you down..
Hey Nixie, cheer up. I can't directly know how you feel, but I did go to a "nerdy" tech college and a lot the girls who went there experienced the same reactions from guys. Some people think with their eyes and not with there heads. Just keep being who you are, and people like you will eventually break society's stupid prejudices. 
Far as I can see, your a pioneer in he community. The access to information creates fans of all different kinds. Established communities have concrete norms. Your talented and hard working, and creative. Your pushing the boundaries of what they define as credible. Keep push forward.
sometimes people just need to accept people for who they are. if they want to be sexy and have no clothes on... LET THEM! freedom of speech bitches get used to it. as for being a geek? that comes with the brain behind it, not what they look like. geeks can be hot too it doesn't make them any less of a geek. yes there are some booth girls at places like E3 and different Comicons, but honestly... if you walked up to anyone who was with the booth, or was cosplaying... they would rarely (.00001% chance) not know exactly what they are representing
Hi Nixie people will always have something about people who acheive their goals in life because they have no idea how to get their so they say things to try hold you back where they are .. your cool just do your thing and hwo cares what people think it seems they have nothing better to do ...
No matter what feild you work in, there will always be assholes out there ready to put you down. 
+Nixle, you deliver great content that is insightful, and very humorous and for that reason alone is why i follow you on G+ and twitter. just be yourself, and to hell with does small-minded assholes
Some people are haters.  They don't know you.  I don't know you.  But I haven't met anyone yet in whom i didn't find something interesting, unique and endearing.  Welcome to nerddome (sp?), may it be a fruitful road!
Fai K
Be the nerd you feel you should be. Not what the normal people think you should be. Normal people = limited view aka one step above stupid on a good day.
Awesome and poiniant video thanks for sharing your thoughts. Next time one of those needs (not Geeks) confronts you like that its totally OK to knee then in the crotch.
Be the nerd you want to be. +Nixie Pixel your videos are really great. Hope ppl end this wicked geek feminism !
If you've made it that long, doing what you love without having to cater to sexist assholes, keep doing it. Lovers gonna love, haters gonna hate. The country has come a long way in the fight for equality, but there's still a long way to go.

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” - Dr. Seuss
Trolling is an act committed while hiding behind a computer; Nixies critic approached her face to face. I hate to be pedantic, but the better story would have been how you responded to this criticism.
Like it was said in the movie " Money Ball" "the first ones through the wall always get bloody, the established always feel threatened. So tough-up and set the style, someone has too. 
hello dear, i have seen your video just now, i wish to say "you are girl" and  your are great .
thank you for speaking out. its a topic that has been bugging me for awhile now.
Nixie you are beautiful, and I'm not referring to your looks (you're beautiful there too, but that's not my point), I sincerely wish you the best in whatever you chose to do. Screw the haters, you will always find trolls at every corner of the internet, keep doing what you love to do!
i want to see your new sexi video
Nixie you are a sharp lady. I love your reviews and your sense of humor. Just keep being you.
Wow... I have been in the IT field for 15 years and a geek all my life, I like to think of myself as skilled and honestly in the little glimpses we get to see from your videos you intimidate the hell out of me with what I don't even begin to know. I say this because my guess would be I am not alone some people just can't handle some one else being better then them and will look to tear them down any way they can. Thanks for opening our eyes to new things and being you.
+Nixie Pixel u are a very cleaver girl. I out of words but wanna add one thing that u should dress up wisely coz u r video blogging.
Cross sharing!  I just learned about you and I love you already :D
It is not easy to be a woman.
1) be yourself
2) whatever you do, you'll always do wrong for someone. Move on.
3) world is loaded with idiots. Again, move on.

Thanks for sharing.
There will always be assholes, just do your thing and don't care about them. They do their thing and they don't care about you so don't let them win the don't-care-game.
This is another example of something I just heard last night from Nick Plott, "The internet is becoming a more and more unpleasant place." Nixie, I say don't give the neckbeards any credit, dress however you feel comfortable, well except for naked, then you would get hits, but not the kind you'd want. The people who can't handle you are probably threatened that they married some mouthbreather wife, when if they weren't self loathing sellouts, they could've met someone like you, and instead of only having a BMI in common with their SO, they could've really challenged each other.

In a nutshell, welcome to geekdom, you've just been picked on by someone who thinks they're better, but have demonstrated otherwise with their actions which are probably unresolved issues from their own childhood. Stay strong and don't let them get to you, otherwise the next thing you know you'll be covered head to toe like a Muslim woman, and with a pretty face like you have, that would surely be a worse crime.
WOW!!! I probably couldn't say anything more than what has been said. My only comment is Do as you do, and do only for you...then wave the bird of freedom at them..
Keep up what you are doing in tech. They just look in the mirror every morning and say... "why am I not as attractive? Crap, well if I can't get to that status quo, I'll just lower the status quo."
It takes guts to be open, honest, and vulnerable; don't lose that and don't quit.

Intelligence wins out; so, you will too. 
+Nixie Pixel  I've been guilty of questioning your validness in the Linux world. I honestly don't get much from your video's except maybe the occasional interesting new program to try out. Aside from that you pretty much restate whats been stated already in other places. I think really the only reason your making a living off of what you do is because you have boobs. I don't mean to be a hater or anything like that but I call it how I see it. Don't get me wrong I appreciate what you are trying to do in terms of teaching the masses more about Linux and whatnot, but the hardcore truth is if someone wants to learn Linux they are going to go out and do their own research and get a good book on it and find some helpful web pages, not watch a video they have to replay a bunch to instill what you are telling them. I'm a visual learner so I know that some learn better with video example but when its all CLI a 3 second view of the command isn't going to do much good. 

To sum it up if you weren't a female it wouldn't be likely you'd have done so well with these video's. Plus the way you pronounce some terms like Sudo "So-Do" (correct way "pseudo" or "sue-dow") Makes you seem like an impostor female that's just getting into Linux to have a career in media.  

Do we actually get to see you vlog naked? Or are you just using porn addiction as a marketing strategy to get as many views as possible while making horny bastards mad?
If someone is basing your passion for opensource on your looks and the way you dress then they are simply uneducated scared little children.  They are obviously in fear of the so called "Male Domain" IT world being infiltrated by females that they need to be-little you... I for one appreciate your passion and enthusiasm  for Open Source and the more "PEOPLE" that become interested and support the better .... both females and males are welcome as far as I am concerned... PLEASE DO NOT lower yourself by naked vlogging, as attractive as you are I would be disappointed if you lowered yourself to that "SEXIST Stereotype" (sex sells).

All can I can say is blog hard, blog honest and the world will respect and follow you for who you are and what you represent!!!
Be yourself and do what feels best to you. Haven't seen your videoes before,you showed up in my google+ feed and you've been added to my google+, followed on twitter, and subscribed on youtube! 
You, +Sassi BoB and women like y'all are some of the most outspoken representatives that we have. Your looks get people to click on your videos but your content keeps them coming back for more. The open source community (Linux and beyond) owes all of you a debt of gratitude for what you do to spread the gospel of openness. Forget about those idiots. And if you ever do decide to vlog naked just know that you have more support from the open source community than any dumb bra could ever provide.
Those kind of comments come from those who are either legends in their own mind, or so insecure that they have to bring others down to their level to feel better about themselves.
+Nixie Pixel remember, just do you, because as the saying goes...

“Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.” 
-Bernard M. Baruch

Have a good week.
Any one of my three daughters could have this same issue if they had the guts to do what you are doing. Hang in there.
Ignore assholes.  Produce code.  Repeat.
They are Douchebags! a lot of people including me love your videos... 2 years ago your videos help me a lot with Kdenlive and ubuntu... and i'm suscribed to your channel, i feel nothing that admiration and respect for what you do for the comunity, I don't give a damm about the looks, and the people who segregate are just assholes... your content is great!! don't change it! os alt is awesome! you and twil are my favorite Open Source channels! i write and do podcast about linux... as well and i know is kind of boring... but i know a few people will love about what i talk and will go onto OpenSource Software! and that for me worth it! Ignore those people! and keep talking nerdy to us! Greetings from Honduras (Excuse my english xD) You rock 
Nixie I think you are awesome! Ignore those superficial people who comment on how you dress or your style. Every community has Assholes who put people down to make themselves feel better! Just tell them to "rm -r *". You rock! don't change for a couple of losers!
Do what makes you comfortable and not what other people project on you. Follow your instincts and if people have an issue it's just that. Their issue not yours.JMO
Keep doing what you are doing. Seems you are being stereotyped by an element that want to judge instead of seeing/listening to the message. Those that are being judgemental of you are falling into their own stereotype of "mental pygmy", and some others, by their own actions.  
and the problem is?
not you.
hey, we men mostly suck at being human. some of us less than others, hopefully.
I dont understand the problem. Who cares how you dress? I dont! Why is this even an issue? How is how you dress inappropriate at all? Who cares about the 1-2 weirdos who have an issue?
Nixie, you are a rare jewel in the UBUNTU community. A stunningly gorgeous geek who can write code with the best of them.
Don't let the Hater-Aid get to you, Nixie. I love all that you are!
You should if that way you feel the most comfortable!
Added you to my geek and tech circle. Remember noone can make you feel inferior without your permission. Don't let them bother you, you are great as a geek authority. If you need help at the mall, call I'll help.
Pay no attention to the idiots. Keep doing what you do. You are good at it and most of us appreciate you for the intelligent young woman you are. 
All I know about you is what I saw in this post, You seem honest and real, stay that way. Proudly steam under your own colors, that is to say fly your own flag.
Whichever one of you homogeeks told the hot nerd girl to put clothes on is off the chess team. 
Honestly, I think anyone who judges someones commitment based off a picture is shallow. Generally your attitude shows in that you don't sound like someone spoon fed geek lines.
The women who do fake it typically do it one of three ways, they either rely on someone else for the geekery (in which case if you just cut the cohost out, they look like a clueless bimbo), they read lines written by someone else (in which case the delivery is rarely there and it feels scripted), or they just come off as a noob the moment you stop staring at their breasts and pay attention to what they say.

I haven't been watching podcasts very diligently these days, but I've seen your work before. Keep it up, women can be sexy and geeky. Some people just can't believe it.
+Nixie Pixel being part of an industry of passionate people in sometimes tough. The IT world has many who are so passionate about it that they are almost religious about it too. And these people end up seeing things in black & white. For them there is no in-between, no room for new ways of doing things. They are wrong. Groups have been turned on their heads time & time again because they are too rigid. As long as the underlying message or cause is the same, the delivery of it can be done in so many different ways. Those that don't learn to adapt or accept new ways are the ones who eventually lose out. So keep on doing it your way. You'll be the one breaking new ground and leading others in a new direction. And thank you from bringing something new & nice to the geeky tech world. :)
Hi +Nixie Pixel, didn't know you until now... I've already seen 2 of your videos and I think what you're doing is pretty interesting !
PS: I like your T-shirt ;)
Hell, your videos are one of the main reasons I use google +. :P
I think this is the point were u really start being a professional. Whith a lot of attention comes jealousy and of course that is found in people who think have the power to judge other. That is so funny and sad because those people are the last to have life. (or the looks to...u know:)
Ignore them.  Continue being a FOSS evangelist as you are now.  I support you.
  I like to be friends with very smart girls (who may or may not look pretty).
Ignore the ignorant. You are more than what's outside. All they have to do is start following you to realize that you know your $hit. Keep doing what you're doing.
Anyone who would question your geek credential based on how you look, cannot themselves be a true geek. Don't waste your time on them.

"to thine own self be true" and never apologize for it.
There are elitist in every group. The sad thing is, you faced the brunt of it. 
My question is, If they don't like you, why are they watching?
Be who you are......
How does it make sense to associate having your credibility challenged by a handful of unassociated individuals within the community as being rejected by the community in its entirety. That's the same as blaming the entire open source community for the offensive comments of a handful of individuals. Also, fantastic rack.
Those guys are just mad because you are an attractive female that is a nerd, or should a more correctly say a nerd that happens to be attractive female, and you are probably know more about tech then they do.

And to those of you that think like Keith above me here dose. Once something has been said if any one else says something similar it will seam like a restatement regardless of whether or not it is, and I know that there are term that you miss pronounce or did mispronounce at one time. You may be right about the fact that she only got this far because she is female ( shit if you and her where teaching the same thing I would learn it from her) just is the way it is women make better presenters then men its just the way it is. And stop hating because she has a nicer set of boobs then you will ever have access to.
You are brilliant, and beautiful. And they find that immensely threatening.
So they judge you by your looks because their tiny minds can't deal with the facts. 
It's their fear speaking.
stumbled upon this on "what's hot on google plus".
not a clue what's going on here...except somebody whining about their geek cred being threatened due to boobs or something? 
Firstly, you rock. Yes you have nice tits, that's just a fact. However while I've often thought "wow this girl is amazing" it's never been based on your appearance. It's your amazing mind, talent, wit, professional presentation, and tech knowledge which draws me to your content.

The fact that anyone could have an issue with you based on how you dress, or your gender, quite frankly pisses me off. You're better than them, so don't listen to bigoted idiots. Unfortunately they are just as prevalent in the geek community as any other large group of people with differing views. The important thing is you have your true fans, that admire you for who your are, not how you look!
Y'know, when I got into the whole nerd/geek culture I had this ludicrous notion that it was usually based around intelligent people, I guess I am completely wrong. The comments you have received aren't even close to being justified due to the fact it was a notion based on blind and ignorant judgment. I enjoy your videos, not just because you are attractive but because I value your input. I enjoy your commentaries, your passion, and love for technology. Seriously, it's the content of your videos that keeps me watching and anticipating your next video and I'm sure I'm not the only person that feels that way. Keep your chin up and don't get discouraged by childish comments made by a few bad apples in the community.
Perhaps the underlining issue is that people judge people.  No organization is immune to that fact.  We can even belong to the most trendy, liberal, progressive thinking cause and still be judged because we did not fit their exact image of what we should look, act, be like.  It is human nature.   In fact I am more surprise that people still think we are beyond that. It is an ugly truth and I will admit I am guilty of it as well. 
I'm sort of new to opensource and when I found your show and saw how enthusiastic you are on the subject, you drew me right in. I look forward to Fridays for your next video and your google+ post. Please stay who you are. Stay true. 
You are a very articulate and naturalistic spokesman.  I think I understand what you are getting at in this piece.  Well done!
You are a brave lady and I reciprocate what Joe said too! You Rock!
I can probably say more "TIL * is happening in open source" statements after watching your videos than any other source I can think of.
Very thought provoking.  I wish I could have taken those guy's places at those open source conferences.  There will always be those who think themselves to be superior to all those around them so don't take those comments too personally, even though they hurt.  Everyone in this industry is so incredibly, wonderfully different that I just feel sad for those that can't take the time to get to know the geek behind the mismatched clothing or "socially awkward penguin" approach to life.  Sorry to add a novel to your post but I just wanted you to know that there's one more geek that still gets excited when using terminal commands.  PPS.  You're one of the most beautiful geeks that I hope to meet one day.  :)  Keep up the good work.
+Nixie Pixel I finally got around to watching this, and thanks so much for doing it. As a man who's been an "Ubuntu Core Dev" since before we had the term, I can say you're more than welcome in the community, and a ton of us appreciate what you do, and why you do it. I'm really sorry you have to put up with the people who don't get it.

You should come share a beer or seven with me, Matthew Garrett, and his lovely wife at Plumbers in San Diego this month, and we'll bitch about the state of the world. It'll be good times.
Sexism is rampant!  You hit the nail on the head about the fact that simply being an attractive young woman distracts people from taking that person seriously about anything.  Male superiority and jealousy from other women strikes again!  It's strange that people now from their fifties to their twenties think that using the worst profanity and saying the most sexually explicit things anywhere and everywhere shows they are more sexually liberated and hipper than people of previous times.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  As a man I have been amazed, myself, at the realization that I can be talking to a woman about things that are important to me only to realize that she is thinking more about having sex with me than caring about what I am talking about.  I realize however that if these ladies weren't impressed with how I think and talk there wouldn't be an attraction.  It is at once humanizing because our sexuality is an important part of who we are but it is, also, dehumanizing in a way to think that they do not care about what I am talking about at all?  I feel, am I not a human being like anyone else?  Unfortunately it worse for women because sexism is the same as racism, someone trying to find an excuse to feel superior to someone because they are insecure about their social status in life.  In your case I think some of these men are dominating/sadistic in trying to gain control over your mind.  Or maybe they simply want to put you down to put women in their place
I am surprised that you put this video up. I have seen your other ones where you discussed many topics on science, games, cons, LINUX, open source, etc. So I find it shocking that you still get called out on your body, clothes, boobs, basically being a WOMAN. I don't know why some guys have such a hard time with women when it comes to being geek, nerd, or fan in this "community". I especially can't believe the balls the 2 people that came up to you and put you down. They aren't the gatekeepers or authority of what is "geek". I can't even imagine what was in their minds that they thought "I am going to tell this girl she is not representing us and she should dress more appropriately to be taken seriously and not be such a poser". There is nothing I can say to make you feel better about what happened, or that it probably wont happen again, or that you will keep getting stupid comments written to you. Sorry.
What I can say to you is, are you happy with what you do? Do you know that as many assholes are out there against you, you have far more people enjoying your time and effort and you. I found you because of +Ashley Esqueda and she too has had the same problem (check her comment section from "Mobile Nation Monday Brief"). Her response is what I want to share with you, "Fuck'em!" Do what you do, and live your life. Also, I enjoy learning and being entertained by you as well as looking at you. A pretty woman who has the same interest and just as nerdy as me is wonderful thing! I got no problems with that. OK, that's all I got. 
great message and video (I still fell a little bit of 'damn, I clicked on What's Hot' but that's ok).  And, I'm sorry about your experience.  Sometimes people, when confronted wit...omg boobies.
I care Nixie! I can definitely relate to where your coming from! I appreciate what you do ! Stay positive!
As the person stated above, all I know about you is this video, but you should not change to accommodate other people's tastes. This is not your problem, it is their problem. You have to be you no matter what, even if the world falls down.
Nothing what you hear and only half of what you see.
good on you girl keep doing what you doing.
Wow. Hell of a brain dump there.
It really sucks to be misunderstood. I perpetually get the "You're so smart [therefore that must be easy for you]" comments from people who frankly have no idea whatsoever about how difficult it can be sometimes just to get through the day with two different disabilities. Just because there is nothing physically obvious about me does not mean that I "work" in any particular way.
As to your predicament, last I was aware the presence of large mammallaries had nothing to do with IQ.

Best of luck, keep doing what you love, and try not to let the assholes get you down. (It sounds easier than it is.)
+Nixie Pixel Those who say they care, well face it, they lie, we don't know you and most likely never will..So just be yourself and do what you will and screw the masses!
I can't imagine why someone would treat you that way!
It doesn't matter if you were picked last in kickball, or laughed at by everyone else - because there's lots of outcasts. You're just too pretty to be an outcast. It's not some utopia where everyone is invited, though it should be, it's a refuge for outcasts. 

How can social rejects feel comfortable around someone who looks so normal? 

Since you actually said you don't know what to wear - I'd suggest trying to go for a Girl with the Dragon Tattoo look. Go extreme. It's a world of outcasts, run with it. 
Sexism is a real problem not just in technology but also in the world at large. And what better way to draw attention to sexist attitudes than by disaffiliating yourself from feminism?

Like many technology geeks, you are naive about socipolitical history and do not understand the cultural context into which you were born.

What do you, who proclaim no affinity with feminists, know about feminism?

Perhaps it's time to learn more.
Way to go. You're an eloquent geek. The geek community does have room for all, except those twerps who try to squelch you based on one quick glance. We may leave that guy out.
There are a-holes of every shape and size color ect. ect. no group is free from them.Vlog on (naked dressed or what ever) and tell any one that feels what you do is wrong just to fuck off.
I don’t think you should take the haters too seriously. I understand where they coming from. Sadly you just the wrong target they’re venting their anger on. There are many pretty girls out there who seek the attention of nerdy, g33ky guys. There isn’t a lot of competition in this area. Some girls have even become very famous this way. It’s easy to get a geeky guy’s blood boiling. The problem is that most of these girls aren’t geeky at all and just exploit g33k culture for their own gain.

Next time a hater approaches you with some hate, just remember he is just as passionate about g33k culture as you and just don’t want frauds to exploit his g33k culture.

I welcome more females into the fray. Open source needs all the solders we can get.
We love you!!! screw the sexist bastards.
It´s the first time I see any of your videos. Let me say, it is sad to see that some people, oh, what the heck, men, are always expecting to see what they want to see, not what it´s inside a person. They don´t seem to appreciate the fact that you are a "computer geek" (I don´t really like the term, I believe it´s derogative. I prefer computer savant).
Anyway, people always goes to the first impression, as usual. They see you in a somewhat provocative outfit, and they consider you easy. no offense intended. They don´t see that that is just a style, if you will. How different the world could be if people could see the abilities and good traits of a person instead of physical attributes, or lack of.
Lastly, I don´t think this video is feminist. At least not in the extreme way. If those people think like that just tell them: you $%%&@#"$es!! and send them to that hot place down below. G´night.
Hi Mornig friend how r u now 
Al Ware
Don't let the bastards get you down.... Be yourself! U rock!
I think its because you are a nerd. Which is incredibly sexy. But you are also really really ridiculously good looking. Which makes you a rare asset whom i love and respect. Your videos are awesome and i for one am glad that you are an open member of the cool kids club. Keep on keeping on.
Stop crying because you're pretty and recognize jealousy when you hear it. You seem to be getting off on this criticism!
Come on... you are still in process of discovery that you must be yourself only?
Hi hello Iam new to you i am agree with your opinion about sex I like to share your feeling.please join me

I dream of someone like you and of the day when the expression "I like you for who you are " will mean exactly that, not "I oaccept you for what I think you should be"
Those comments say more about "them" than about you.  Be true, be beautiful.  Inside first, it always shines through whatever is outside.
Keep doing what your doing, we need more people like you in this game, some people are just stuck in the past don't let the dinosaurs get you down. 
The more of you there are out and about the better it will become for you. Personally, I've never seen this 'Geek Girl' thing you speak of in public. But I suppose I'm not really 'in public' very often either.
Haters are gonna hate, no matter what you do.  I heard as song that said "You can't please everyone, might as well please yourself."
When I first saw one of your video's, I just thought "a redhead, who likes linux, and is female? Schweet!".
Even then I quickly noticed you were the real deal, that you actually do like open source and games and stuff, and that's simply awesome.

The guys you met are just narrow minded and seem to be stuck in a really old and dated mindset. Don't let that get to you, you rock!
Truly talented content makers don't need to use their sexual charm to persuade an audience.  Granted, it's not easy - but, no one said talent comes easy.  While I appreciated the enthusiastic reports for a while, I, too, noticed a trend towards trying to entice a not-entirely-mature audience with what is definitely visible bait, so...I stopped paying attention so much. In other words, adding how one finds certain technology sexy with lusty overtones (albeit I can deeply understand  the feeling myself) tends to devalue the content being delivered, or at least it reports it in a disrespectful or inexperienced manner.  Originally I felt perhaps I was just being facetious with the concept, and that perhaps it was I who was behind the times. However, after watching you pour your heart out now about a repeat complaint (of which I had no prior knowledge) regarding this level of flaunt being an issue, I feel stronger in my conviction now.  It actually saddens me to see things I personally value highly become debased in this manner, and I would request my own comment here be considered something more of tough love, because I'd rather see you be successful reporting the things I love, than another media-drowned face that couldn't make it.
you are absolutly beautiful do not get taken advantag  off
Well first time I see your video, don't know that much about you but whatever you do, I don't think the way you dress is a matter , you are a normal people like every body else , we can't dress or be the way others want, you have to be yourself !!!
Pat M
I found that some guys feel the need to nock you down when they feel like you gain a bit of "power" to fast just because you have boobs or as in your case are a beutyfull women that knows what she's talking about. Never let someone hurt you with what they say if you would not care if they said some thing nice to you as they don't matter in your life.
Have a Great Day 
I find your "boobies" to be as generic, plain and vague as your transparent personality...LOL. Was that "open source" enough for you? Now all your internet white knights can attack this LAME.
I would pay it no mind, those kind of people are unfortunately around, every project has them, the vocal minority.

However the majority, and that's a pretty large majority, know its not who you are or what you look like or what you do that counts,  its whats in your heart that counts, and in your heart i see a lot of passion and love.

Don't be dishearten some people are jerks ignore them, besides we all love you :)
Haters are going to be haters, spend as much effort on them as you please, then carry on!
You shouldn't edit yourself and you shouldn't change anything.
I dont know why they invented a word called geek, its as if a new sort of cult or something... A girl who is interested in science or games or coding need not be differentiated based on her interest, its like u are an alien if u are above other peoples expectations. We dont have to be like how others expect u to be... Be proud of what u have done and what u have accomplished. Just because they cant do what u did dosent give them the right to criticize you. It only gives the the right to become jealous  :)... Just keep up the good work, dont let anyone get u down
fuck the society. trust me . dont live for others. live for yourself..  . 90% of the human population lives on superficial fantasies . But i think such people need to be ignored . these are the useless/jobless people who makes such irrelevant comments. Just do your work and forget what the lame crowd talks about you . 
It's the one thing that annoys the hell out of me about the Open Source Community.  They are totally full of themselves and ironically closed minded! It's about the tech, not who you are or what you look like. Open Source members often get stereotyped as mystical, antisocial and elitist, (the neckbeards!) and it's when they pull crap like that it just reinforces it.
Nikki keep me informed keep me informed I use the platform and I won't where somebody uniform
+Nixie Pixel Speaking as someone who delves VERY deeply into the nerdy realm, I think what you do is very important. I remember the early days of open source software. The very mention of the idea that people might make things easier to use for the end user would result in flames talking about how real Linux users don't care about end users, they care about what other computer competent people can do with a little bit of reading and time in the terminal.

That is the absolute shittiest way to support anything. Fortunately a number of groups sprung up that felt differently, Ubuntu among them. They felt that user experience was important in getting more people interested in Linux. They were right.

Among these groups there were many talented programmers who were interested and involved in making a decent user experience. Unfortunately it's hard to find that kind of passion when it comes to documentation, which was part of what had been lacking.

Then people like yourself showed up and started making quick little how-tos for this feature or that feature. The documentation improved. The ease of use improved. Regardless of what anyone says, if you never ever even scratch the surface of the terminal, what you do is vital to FOSS in general.

As much as the jackholes who tore you down at the convention like to think they're on a high horse because they're nerdier than you and the troggs who leave comments on your YouTube page about your boobies, they're actually not that different.

If someone can watch your video and the only content they get out of it is, "Holy shit! What a great rack!" Then clearly they haven't really absorbed anything you've said.

Then some jackhole watches your viedo, also notices your nice rack (and what a wonderful rack it is, btw ;)  ), and notices all the comments and requests for moar bewbies below. At this point they have absorbed just as much from your video as the troggs they believe themselves to be above.

Clearly these "high and mighty defenders of FOSS" are as unhelpful, and actively damaging to FOSS as the jackholes I encountered on a regular basis in the early years. I cannot wait for their departure from the FOSS scene. I would rather have 1 of you backing FOSS than 10 of them.

What you do is important. Wear what makes you feel good. (Also, wtf? A dress is not politically correct?) Talk about the bits and pieces of FOSS that you know/are passionate about. Keep on keepin' on with the videos.
Lots of questions ?. Turn to Jesus for your answers
Keep it up. Don't let some jerks discourage you from what you do.
This was very powerful. You're doing it right
Serious question, what DO you do for the open source community?
+Nixie Pixel, someone as hot as you in the Open Source realm is a foreign concept to these idiots. These guys probably couldn't get laid even in a brothel. It's rare to find a very good looking girl like you amongst nerds and geeks. That makes you unique and probably what every nerd dreams about. Just keep doing what you're doing.
Thanks for posting this.  I've been around longer and I still can't get used to the 'Frat Boys' attitude.  Be you.  That's more than good enough.
Its really sad that some can't base their opinions on the "content of one's character" and persist with "judging a book by its cover."

Sure the art work is cool and it may even catch a few eyes. It does not matter. At the end of the day it comes down to what do we believe about ourselves. If the book(person) has no content and really poor character and plot development... I am more than likely going to leave it by the wayside and never pick it up again. There has to be substance to it. Why waste the time.

We define who we are from the choices we make and if others can't seem to process that maybe its best to leave them sailing up meconium creek without a paddle.
They came off like that because they think you use your looks rather than your credit to advance yourself. Many attractive women in tech do. There's gender bias for sure but it goes both ways.
You do look good in blue. Otherwise, not much else there.
On every conference there are one or two "Sheldons". Don't listen to them word by word. Try to take some constructive hints from what they say and ignore the destructive comments.
Granted: we like you because you are a REAL Girl, doing nerdy stuff. But I assumed that's the whole point?!? I think of myself as a Win7-lover. But I follow your VLog, because I like to look into new things too and you have a very charming way of presenting the Linux Stuff in a way I can understand.
So PWETTY PWEASE keep it up the way it used to be.

And for the record: why is everyone about teh boobies? Look at the nice face dudes!
Whatever!! You just need some attention. 
Ignore the idiots, move on, and do big things. It's the way to defeat people who don't believe in you and try to put you down: do better than they do. Eventually they are going to realize they are just barking up a tree and give up.
Sorry that was said to you, no one should be judge by their appearance only!
Unfortunately human nature can be pretty superficial.  People can make up your opinions for you, without even talking to you, or perhaps knowing you briefly.
That being said, I have no problem looking at you or or listening to you.  I think female geeks can have it tough.  Its a bummer that you can't be properly respected.  But don't feel to isolated.  There are probably plenty of other women with similar experiences.
You are officially my favorite geek (and not because you're gorgeous ;) ) - To hell with 'what choices should we make' - Do what you enjoy.  Unlike the majority of the community, you aren't awkward, ugly, and cumbersome... Do you fit in?  Well, you get off on the command line, probably (judging by comments you made, pure deduction here,) can tell me the subtle difference in speed between USB 2.0 and Firewire, use and love Linux... You're a geek.  Own it and don't let anyone take that shit from you.  Oh, and pardon my language... but fuck politically correct.
I think you meant fashionably un-sensible... not un-fashionably sensible btw? You do not come across as a true nerd btw, your application has been
+Nixie Pixel probably going to get shot down in flames for this but..... Ubuntu what? :-D
Jealous people are mostly dicks.
I follow stuff I find interesting.
Stuff that's just nice to look at loses it's shine eventually... You don't fit into this category. Keep up the good work.
Nobody should be judged by their appearance. Geek, nerd or normal.
All of this is just my opinion, and I am sure many will disagree; I think our society is, essentially, wrong. I think I have a higher expectation of how "geeks" will act, but I am constantly let down. I'll try to avoid saying "men do x" and "women do x" in this comment. I think it's largely a societal problem and not a gender issue.

We teach our young women from an early age that they're more valuable if they're pretty. They're left to think that we don't value much else, and as a society, it's largely true. You'll get a few exceptions here and there, but it's a systemic problem. Not every compliment is created equal, and if you're appreciated only on a shallow level, it's really nothing to be happy about.

The problem is that is all people know to compliment. They don't know how to take a smart woman seriously. We don't teach our children to expect women to be intelligent. We don't teach them that men can be sensitive and still valuable at the same time. As much as we like to pretend these problems don't exist in order to feel like we're better people, it's still largely there.

I understand the draw to want attention from your beauty. I really do. The problem is that people won't take you seriously when you do so because we largely don't know how to handle that kind of person. We put you in a little box, and that's it. That's where you are.

Men are generally brought up to think that their intelligence or ability to "work for the family" is the most important thing. When they see a woman who threatens them being the best, they feel inferior and fight back. Women, on the other hand, see the same thing and have the same inferiority complex men have. They're further upset because in this new age we've started giving more respect to intelligent women, but it's hard to find the motivation for a lot of the time the motivation  isn't there due to the priority confusion from society.

Having a 13 year old daughter makes this a really confounding issue. I don't have much to really give as advice. If I were talking to my daughter, I would say something like "Flex your nerd more, flex your beauty as much as you want, and try to find a balance. See what people respond to."
Hi! I'm naked under my clothing.
Or something.
Frankly, I don't give a tinker's damn about what you wear. Indeed, I read faster than you can speak. I care about what is said.
Welcome to our national defeat. The victory of the Christian Taliban, where women are judged again, as was previously thrown off, about what they wear.
Welcome to a nation of disparagement, denouncement, dismissal of any who are different from the lowest level moron who obeys the master.
Indeed, welcome to the start of Orwellian society.
For, the parties are all controlled by the same masters of deep pockets. THEY influence the media, hence the idiots who obey the media's view. Hence, welcome to hell.
To be brutally honest, after over 27 years of defending this once great nation, I retired to find this. A nation I want nothing more than to get the hell away from, probably to New Zealand.
Our nation became what it previously abhorred and even fought and defeated. A fascist society. Where denouncement is law.
Today, I have only two hopes. Either the populace gain an ounce of sense OR the populace utilize the second amendment (The latter is one notion I dread, as I've WITNESSED Somalia).
Today, I vote for two people. One, the person who knocked on my door and talked for a long bit. Two, the SOB I never HEARD of.
Because, I would pay for both campaigns, why would Richie Rich pay for anything else?

As for YOU...
Young enough to be in between my children and grandchildren.
Not interesting, too inexperienced.
So, kindly give text with your videos, speech takes too long and I'm old enough without waiting longer to learn your view.
And I'm a few things, nerd is one thing, SF veteran is another. Joke in hose is, I'm "RED".
THAT all said, over my over 27 year military career in various shi-erm, "unfortunate places", I've learned of one commonality.
EVERY INHABITED CONTINENT knows one common thing.
"Pull my finger".
To mutual humor and mutual wish to avoid the pulling.
So, I respectfully suggest, we're not ALL that different!
I think the worst thing to happen to society is the term political correctness.People might agree with what u are saying or how u are acting,but because it is not"politically correct"they hide behind that term and lie to themselves.Don't let them bring u down,just be yourself. Just some friendly advice one geek to another.Just be u.
I watch the video. keep up what u r doing your videos r good 2 me oyer u look very sexy woman 2 me but that me thanks
Very interesting insight. I've never seen you before and actually am sufficiently techno-ignorant that I don't even know who you are. I suppose that gives me a fresh perspective. So here's my .02c worth.

Your honesty is very refreshing - and I assume that yours in not a ploy to APPEAR transparent for effect - since it must render a certain sense of virtual nudity to be so open on a public vlog (?) Wow I AM ignorant!

There are snobs everywhere and in every walk of life, and the only way to be effective is to realize that you are not responsible for their opinion of you and move on with your life.

To lend their opinions the weight to slow you down is to deny who you are and what you wish to achieve.

Since I am so far removed from the mindset of your culture I assume for the benefit of the doubt that your motives are altruistic and not intended to deny anyone's personal liberties.

Having said that, my short answer is to tell them to "Kiss off!"

I enjoyed your video blog (is that it?) and thanks for the perspective.
Who cares if you're a woman, a robot, or a frog, as long as you make sense in what you're saying, and not have me fall asleep in front of the screen.
You've been doing a great job, and just continue with what you're doing. More people should take up your example.
Good luck and sure come over to FOSDEM sometime :-)
Trolls exist online and they exist in real life too. Don't let the trolls get you down. You're doing a great job teaching newbies like me. It's just a little surprising if you find a troll in a position of power & influence. But a troll is a troll no matter where you find them. F the trolls!
PS- trolls are particularly attracted to hot girls. 
OK you already have 346 comments I am sure you have more than enough to work with.... But hey... lets "go". I do not know you and my "Tecno" knowledge is limited, I have no clue what was and was not said to you.... But there are millions of people, Some like "tecno" some like fast cars some like girls thin and some like girls with... "a little more to work with" and some like to roll around in mud for a bit of fun, just because they like what they have and what they do do not mean they "approve" of the other. This is not the first critic you've received and surely will not be the last. I can see you've been raised by a great family, Trust their judgement what they have to say and then If you are happy with who or what you are then your on the right track. stay true to yourself, be the person who you are and not the person other would like you to be. if you start to listen to the opposition then you'll end up miserable with no passion and no self control.

Be who you are.
Nixie, you are a trendsetter by just being an awesome female tech pundit, and trendsetters go against the preconceived notions of others.

It will take a while for many guys to figure out that women like you can be tech authorities, but if you don't keep enduring it, then the next generation of women will have a bad time with it too.

We need you to keep doing what you've been doing. You are setting an awesome example in the midst of terrible examples portrayed by the mainstream. Keep on being great.
So to be honest I've never heard of you and have no idea who you are and the only reason I played the video was becuase I thought "hmm...she's cute I wonder what this is about?"  So after watching you're vid the only thing that I can say is that out of the thousands of people out there, there is always a hater.  Even in "geek" culture there are haters that don't like you or miss the good old days when being a nerd wasn't a trend or think your a attention whore trying to impress people.
Growing up I was kind of a outcast of outcasts.  I hung out with geeks, nerds, dorks whatever name you want to use. I sheltered my self in class rooms hiding from bulies and trying to befriend these people. Since I liked to learn and picked up things quickly I had a good time learning new game systems. I was still very socialy akward though and had a hard time expressing myself. Even among those people there were individuals who looked down on me and didn't want to let me play Magic, Star Wars, Legend of the Five Rings etc.. Geeks who told all their geek buddies that I was to stupied to do anything right.
I had alot of depression issues and didn't know what to do with myself for a very long time.  Eventually I relized thanks to the help of some very sweet people I have met thourgh my life that it's best to just ignore them and live and do the things you want to do. One of the things that helps me that I figured out is that haters are miserable people always unhappy and never satisfied. I mean how sad is that? They can only be happy bringing others down to their level.
Oh btw I like the chef voice :)
just do your thing.  haters gonna hate.  brush 'em off as best you can and keep on keepin on.
You cannot please everyone all the time. So just be yourself and do what makes you happy.
You be you. If you've been doing your tech info without their help & now they want to help you by hurting you then they are a scam. Just like at the moment I'm a stay at home parent & people say Ooooooooh hats off to you but also say you are the man of the house & must provide income... They aren't helping my family but want to share doubt? You do you. Unless they are helping you up do not let them look down on you. That feeling is just the way they want to control your action by reaction don't give it traction .
God forbid a female geek be smart and cute, some people need a reality chech.
Nixie Please please go this link and download this ebook and read page 147. Don't worry sis. We know you have a good heart and thats all matters. Don't worry about others. Be your self.

I think we should start a nixie pixel appreciation page on you tube to show support not just for her looks but for all she gives the geek community .....
Very sad to see this among geeks. I agree with nixie I thought the being a geek meant that no matter how you looked it was the amount of geek in you heart and not how you looked
Nerds are supposed to bring the world together across all physical and social boundaries. Any self-described nerd who shuts out another based on fashion is a poseur. Please ignore the critics, they do not represent the majority, nor do they embody the spirit of nerddom.
Nixie don't u worry about what he said all I'm going to tell u is that do u simple
On entering a chat room over a decade ago with a female handle I was unimpressed with how females are approached.
Sad and sadly unsurprising that that hasn't changed :-( hugs (or cupcakes, which ever is politically correct)
Oh, and I feel your pain... I suck at fashion too... I just go to Rue 21 and look at the manikins they have outfitted to display their ideas for outfits... point, and say 'Gimmie that.'
I wouldn't waste any more energy or time worrying about some folks that are walking paradoxes ala Open-Source/Close-Minds...
Hmmm..some advice after watching the rest of your video... maybe if you are so concerned about people taking you seriously, you will dress slightly more conservative and career profesional and not put sexy pics of yourself in a corsett (let's be real, it was a out Just a thought... ummm, duhhh. Groan, transparent. It's like dressing scantilly, then asking everyone why they are looking at you... I mean. come on... grow up and cut the crap already...sheesh.
U ever get that again say
It's good to know u got balls but the trajgedy here is I don't care what you think because im human and I have my own opinions
Then learn to believe that
Women that are smart and pretty are scary! Must compensate for feelings of inadequacy with sexist comments.
Girl... you posed in a OMG hilarious.... give it a rest already. And thank you for a good chuckle. I think thou dost protest too much!
A quick scan of the 500 comments so far, and there is a grand total of 2 that I can recognize as female names.

So either it is a VERY male-dominated (OSS) world, or +Nixie Pixel is bringing in the XY audience.
Dear, I know this may hurt you a little bit, but I started watching your videos because your videos have good content. Not because u look beautiful. 
But i watch all video on youtube that have good interesting content in them.
This above all, to thine own self be true.
very true Andrew another way to look at it Nixi is be you not some thing others want
Keep on going, talk nerdy.
you're a daring girl,
keep on going.
Nixie, sorry to hear about this. You're being judged unfairly by a closed-minded idiot who, ironically enough, is likely the kind of person who rails about other closed-minded idiots (of whatever persuasion he disagrees with) online all the time. I don't know if he has ever seen anything but your reporting, but I doubt it. I, personally, came to know of you through your Linux how-tos (specifically your Compiz Fusion tutorial). If he had actually seen some of those videos he would know that you are the real deal, who not only cares, but knows and (more importantly) can articulate that knowledge about the platform.

In short: keep up the amazing work and stay strong in face of unfair haters. :D
+Nixie Pixel I've been troubled by your statement that you're not a feminist. If you enjoy the right to vote and believe in gender equality, which based in this post you do, you're a feminist - sorry. Why are the words feminist and liberal so maligned in the States is beyond me. In my book they mean equality and freedom...strange.
Sadly it is people's nature to judge based on looks. :(
Keep your head up and do what feels well to you.
Sadly know this kind of comments.
I'm really thankful to G+ for having the oportunity to know persons like you, You are so intelligent and open mind, with your personality gives a fresh air to the IT world.
I think a lot of people out there must be very jealous of Nixies success and popularity.

Gooooooo Nixie your being the real you, and thats all anyone can ask of themselves.
There will always be people who want to make themselves feel bigger by tearing someone else down. Do what you love and never feel you have to apologize. People will listen and you will touch people with your love of Open Source and gaming.

Follow your passion, get your geek on and to heck with people if they don't get it or appreciate what you do. You have a lot more people listening who also love the subjects you do than those few negative people. 
There are differences ,so why why shouldn'd women be allowed to show .
I think you dress yourself quite well, thank you. Seriously... You're not some made-up Barbie-wannabe... You're a real person. Perhaps ever the ultimate "girl next door." But... Much of the Linux community takes itself way too seriously. I tend to be rather evangelical about Linux as an IT security guru... And more than half the people I convince to give it a try go straight back to Windows the first time they post a question to a Linux help board only to be snidely insulted for not properly phrasing their question in the proper format. Not that all of us in Linux and open source are jerks... But there are enough to be bothersome. You just happened to find the Grand Poobah of Anal Retentiveness. For that, on behalf of humanity, I apologize. Those same people I get started in Linux? They love you and your videos because you make getting acquainted with open source both fun and non-confrontational. Bottom line: Screw the idiots... Just do what you do. A lot of us love you... And that is because we RESPECT you. Perhaps if your critic wasn't so self-conscious about his need for Viagra, he'd have been kinder? ;)
F' the haters!!!  They are all jealous bitches.

Stay Nerdy. :)
Hello Nixie.  I can see from the video that you were really affected by the comments a few people made.  I say don't let the comments of a few affect the way you feel.  I know that there are women that take everything people say on a deeply personal level and those that do as they please and disregard other's opinions.  You seem to be more toward the former type.  Remember this, many more people comment on your videos in a positive way than in a negative way.  I, for one, have been more interested in getting back into using Ubuntu, especially since Unity.   And that is all thanks to your videos.  I appreciate all that you do to promote all that is Open Source.  By the way, I think that dress was appropriate for the venue and you looked terrific.  
My guess as to why you got 'hated on' at the conference would be because you have, to my eyes and ears, two characteristics that a large number of geeks find intimidating: you have a measure of social grace and you are attractive. A large number of geeks will find this intimidating and even threatening ('hey! this girl can't be both hot and technical'). Even though you may not see it in yourself, it's there.

Now, you have a choice: embrace it, or ignore it. Socially, it can be a useful tool, and as long as you see it as a means to an end you can use it to further whatever goals you may have in proportion to your own sensibilities (ie., put on teh makeup and a sassy or slightly revealing top to do some media work, or go full-on 'slut' and 'work it, girl') the choice is yours -- whatever you are comfortable with.

You need to disconnect your concern with what you do from the reaction you get from others. The only thing I think you should be concerned with is your target audience. F-the rest: there will always be plenty of people around to judge you to their standards. Which standards do you care about? If you have a certain group in mind and they find your attire, your mannerisms, the way you carry yourself objectionable, then that's when you should be concerned. There will always be haters of what they perceive to be success (even if it doesn't seem to be too successful to you). I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about them.

Now, the trick to make all of this work for you is for you to actually believe this. If you do, then you can set the standards for yourself and your environment that you are comfortable to work within and the people you'd like to surround yourself with. If you can't, then you might as well pack it in and resign yourself to occupying whatever little corner of the world that you'd like to live in and be happy there. And whatever works for you, works for you. My daughter is 9 and I'm basically teaching her the same thing.

Now, I would find your brain super-hot if you could help me get this eMachines 250 (like an Acer D250) back to running Win7: I got it, ran the backup utility to make ISOs, and then Hackintosh'd it (since I'm a Mac-fiend) two years ago and now I need to get it back to Win7. I got the recovery software figured out and installed via USB, but I'm getting 'boot0: error' which makes me think I have an MBR problem, but I'm not sure which way to go next to fix it... sigh I'm sure I'll get it working eventually, but I'm lazy and looking for a quick answer as well...
honest if people can't take people for what they are not the way they dress but there love for what they do then they should mind there own business  i was an abide watcher of your blogs and it wasn't because of your sex but for your knowledge in the subject. but as for why i stopped watching i turned towards a different world and thats because i started using mac os and was turned towards it. You are a very well informed tech savvy "woman" and i commend that keep up the great work and for the narrow minded people that think this way can kiss your @ss lol.
You rock!  Your video is both saddening at how prevalent sexism is, and heartwarming that you have the courage to speak up on it.  You're encouraging a (hopefully) healthy conversation that NEEDS to happen.  Makes me want to read up on more feminist theory.  Thanks!
Words only have the power one grants them. Lose the blonde hair (it does not look natural on those eyebrows) and lead with your chin. 
We love you and what you do. You help build the world of open source by helping others make it work or helping them learn about it.What you talk about is sexy, what you do is sexy. You are sexy. Haters are not. Keep on doing it the way YOU like to do it - that's why you have a lot of sympathy capital in the world of open source among the "real" people. Thank you sincerely for what you do :*
Keep doing what you're doing, because you're doing it right. Many people appreciate and benefit from your videos. Thank you for all of your efforts.
Wow, lots of comments. Wish I could say I read them all. Whos got that kind of time? To sum up my own 2 bits, Nixie, There will always be those who judge without bothering to look past their own prejudice. It is ALWAYS easier to destroy than to create. And of course negative copy always gets better redistribution than positive. All the world loves a good scandel! Take a few minutes, wallow in it and then remember that you dont care about them, not really. The people who's opinions you do care about are quieter but we are all still here. Do, in the end, that which feels good and right to you. You cant change them. Why allow them the power to change you?
I wanna fuck you that's all. That is why I watched you. I like your sex-appeal, and of your boobies. But when I realized that I will never, I quit. 
What the hell is wrong with you, +Holger Otto ANDRÉ ? Do they not have manners in your country, or did your mom just not teach you any?
it just reveals the insecurities people have. we are all insecure to some extent. it's just that some are more so than others and some become dysfunctional or worse semi-functional. it seems that those that have just enough vitriol as to appear "normal" and enough cred to be accepted, spread their acrid sentiments and act as magnets for those that can't handle objectivity. age is the great equalizer! have fun in your youth, avoid prejudices and find a sustainable comfort zone! oh yeah, use linux! a side note: to all the young dudes, i think the vlog naked comment means -- without a veneer of preconceived notions, not that she wants to take off her clothes for her commentary!
You are a beautiful young woman. That is beside the point. Just do what you do. That's all. It is your life. Express yourself in whatever manner you want. If you feel like vlogging naked, go for it. The haters are just jealous because they wish they were not as uptight and fearful as they are. Be strong. Be yourself.
could u do some naked videos of yourself
You do what you like, and that's what you should do, because we can see it, and it makes a lot of the charme of the show if you ask me. Actually, I think your movies are pretty funny, which is why I watch them, the technical and gaming background ... well, I mostly know. The thing which makes the shows fun for me is the excitement you express and funny comments in the shows of you, being critical about parts.

I won't decline I think you're a beautiful young women .. that would be a lie But that's not the reason to watch the shows. Take the "mobile os battle". That was pretty funny, entertaining, exciting. Looks is one thing, and I think it helps for sure (or: do you know a really ugly TV moderator?). If you look good and the shows were worth nothing, you wouldn't have that many followers. It's the shows which are entertaining and even at work cut you out for a few minutes of your daily life hearing somebody talking about a topic and giving an opinion about something you are interested in, it's fun, it's worth it.

But to be true, I'm a tech person, I'm in a great relationship, but I didn't get around either thinking "hey, she looks pretty good". But that's probably because I'm a man :).

Last but not least ... a quote:  “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” (Sarah Cook, Author).
This is going to be the 479th support comment, so it may not matter much at this point, but I feel like expressing it anyway, because yes ^_^

Nixie you are very pleasant to the eyes, and that makes you notice worthy. But you also produce tech-savvy, geek-inspiring, shamelessly nerdy content about what you like and are enthusiast and excitied about ... and THAT makes you irresistibly hot.

Please don't heed the words of bigot, insecure and elitist people. Keep being you brilliant, fashion-blind, cleavage-friendly, passionately nerdy self :)

I for one see extra value in receiving good tech info from a funny readheaded source, and am grateful that source looks like you rather than like Chief o'Brien XD
(but I so love him too _)

At the very least I have to thank you for making me know about Clementine music player, and the very cool showdown among mobile OSes :)
As a member and cofounder of the OSS and OSH groups and a responsible community member, I can only say that what you're doing only enhances the community as a whole.

You do what you do because you're passionate about it and it doesn't matter from this perspective what your gender is or how you dress.

On the opposite side of the same coin is the sexist and simply ridiculous comments made by both posters here and to you at the conference. They are under the impression that your presentation is flawed or poorly executed is not for them to judge. They still seem to work under the guise that only a male, with glasses hunched over a keyboard with lines of code pouring across the screen should be a source of these type of talks. To that end they are "tech bigots".

Having met you in person previously as well as others who share your "issue" (Jeri for example) and having seen your talks (vlogs), I believe you are most certainly a pivotal part of the OS movement and continually educate other members.

Please pay no attention to those who try to quell your passion or those cynics most of whom I am sure do not dress themselves.

Respectfully, H. Gottfried
(KC OHS) Cofounder
(OS Foundation member)
A challenge for you lady.
figure out, on acer c71-2847 (320GB HD) chromebook, how to install (with chrubuntu)  ubuntu 14.10 from usb-live.
( I know about coreboot)
I agree with you.  I was rejected my whole life based on my looks, how uncomfortable I was around people, how I reacted uncomfortably... actually I was picked on and beat up my whole life, not just rejected.  It sucks when people are mean.  I have so much to say to you about all this that it would take me about 3 hours to write it all.

I would like to mostly point out that you're awesome, your geek status is awesome and you're very pretty.  Each of those things are great all by themselves, but together, it's like having a superpower.

Remember that the people that mock you are usually either jealous or they're intimidated.  You shouldn't need to feel you have to apologize because people are jerks.  You have every right to dress the way you want to dress.

If you want me to elaborate or give you direct complements, PM me.  I'm sure I can encourage you.
I think it was funny that you said they weren't taking you serious in the Ubuntu community. I started running ubuntu not too long ago and used your videos to get myself started and stayed a fan of your Vlog. (Beautiful Tech savvy Gamer Ginger = Awesome Sauce) Don't let those real world trolls get you down.  And next time you find your self in Nashville, TN you are always welcome to visit our Tennessee Ubuntu Team.  ;-)
I think the lady is not only a very attractive one - she is smart as hell.

I was going to defend her about people comment about her breast. But after viewing few of her videos, where she rolls her eyes, perhaps unintended sexual innuendos, I changed my mind.

She needs to remember the fact, people judges other according to their own perception - not ours. She may think rolling the eyes with sexy voice is benign and part of the show, other young man may think differently.
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