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To all the lovely people asking about my ER visit - though we're still figuring out what's happening, at the moment I'm in no immediate danger of anything except this.

Seriously though, thanks for all your kind words! <3
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Good to see that HP is Putin Linux on Russian computers.
(see what I did there :P )
HP laptops and PCs pre-loaded with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS are to go on sale in Russia from the middle of May, Canonical has announced.
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Still doesn't compete with HTPC setup ideas, but it's good if you like simple!
From web browser to phone and now to TVs, Mozilla Firefox has quickly outgrown its simple roots and is now aiming for the sky with the ultimate goal of a
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Hopefully it will be out for Raspberry Pi
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Apparently motorists "should have no reasonable expectation to privacy." What do you think?
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hho car pantone geet won the race long time before 
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commented on a video on YouTube.
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I'd like to share an idea, specifically for the shiny-prone/ADD types out there. I am not an organized person by nature, my mind is always filled with a bunch of goals and expectations for myself. As a medium to the madness, I find it so helpful to use a small, plain notebook. The key here is to categorize goals by time frames. List short-term goals as 1 month or less. Mid-term is 6 months to a year.. and long term goals are 1-5 years.  Dream big! (afterall, goals are just dreams with deadlines, right? 😊)

 *Here's the catch* - if you are the scatterbrained type, the process isn't easy. Your brain is accustomed to distractions (ooh shiny) and sometimes those shinies lead you astray. I usually have to force myself to write goals down. But it IS worth the challenge... you will be amazed to see what dreams you end up consciously and subconsciously pursuing with this method! Once you've crystallized your goals on paper in this way, it also makes it real in your mind.. which is the most important part.

Thanks again +Hey Nadine and +RayaWasHere for starting a much needed conversation on #actualgoals !
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Wow, that was annoying!
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Life, (like DOS) isn’t always user friendly. When given the challenge of Abort, Retry, Fail? Always choose retry.

(New show teaser at the end.. can you find it?)
#TBT #throwbackthrusday
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Very cute
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Warning! Rant incoming..
tl;dr - Despite my refusal, +Comcast forced me to receive equipment I didn't want, then made it nearly impossible to return. They continue to charge me monthly for a box that I've never opened. Scam much?

I do my own networking, so I bought my own networking equipment and explicitly told Comcast to NOT send me their own. Makes sense, right? I thought so, but Comcast mailed their equipment anyway against my will.. and have been sneakily charging me monthly for a box of proprietary junk that has never seen the light of day.

When I ask for a pre-paid return label to send it back, they deny me as it "may get lost" and say the only option is to find a way to a hour away. Keep in mind Comcast paid the money and risked the weak excuse of "getting lost" to send it to me in the first place!
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I took their modem to a local Comcast office, had them remove it from my bill, and 2 months later they added it back to the bill. Had to open a case through their customer support to have them search their own inventory to verify the modem had been returned and have it taken off my bill again. I would dump them but the only alternative where I live is AT&T who are so incompetent they couldn't even hook up their own service when I tried to switch to them. 😖
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Bring on the open hardware revolution! CHIP runs mainline Linux, (kernel hacking encouraged) and it's pre-loaded with Scratch to help newbies learn how to code. All source files to be released in 17 days, and I can't wait!
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hauauahuauau !!!! very cool !!!
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So Snowden officially brought to light an "illegal" government project. That means he's allowed back in the US, right? :P
Bulk collection of millions of Americans’ phone records is ruled unlawful, as opponents of program including Rand Paul share their delight
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+Kevin Kerns Technically, that is the correct wording. Obama also made it illegal to donate to Snowden. Hell, it's probably not even illegal to donate to ISIS or Al Quaeda (sp?). Yet we can't support an American citizen's views on what's right and wrong. 
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We take autonomy for granted. My phone/GPS is bricked, but I had to meet Mom for lunch! Tried to print out map directions. Driver failure. End result: I WROTE DIRECTIONS on parchment with an archaic scribing device. My hand cramped instantly.
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I broke my hand in a few places years ago.
These days about the only thing it doesn't cramp up with is a game controller.

Guess my body has its priorities right
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We have a HUGE burden of guilt in all our "stuff", free yourself from that burden and get rid of it. I feel much better that I'm not swimming in obsolete VGA cables anymore.

Do you have old tech that you never use, but can't bring yourself to get rid of?
1,497 votes  -  votes visible to Public
I enjoy having lots of stuff
I am overwhelmed by all my stuff
I truly live with just the essentials
I'm trying my best to live with less
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+Ryan Gunn Exactly! It just wasn't worth the drama for me anymore, so I just don't go on it any longer. Like I said, WWF is the only reason I kept an account. LOL I have like a zillion notifications that have gone and will continue to go unchecked!
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Grooveshark was a legendary pirate, RIP. If this apology letter was the only thing they owed - they got lucky! There goes my favorite music service. :( Now what to do?
Suicide note tells punters to use properly licensed services
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+Artemiy Solopov I wouldn't know either, I'm not from the US. I used Grooveshark as well, with the impression that it was a legal service that paid the artists. Shame to see it wasn't.
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