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Hey guys today is release day and Nitrux 1.0.3 is out!

What's new:
- Updated packages from artful.
- Latest version of +The KDE Community​ Plasma 5 (5.10.5), KDE Apps (17.08), KF5 (5.37.0) and Qt5 (5.9.1).
- Kernel version 4.12.0-11 - Latest version of Kvantum, Babe and Latte.
- Added ShowImage; a simple image viewer.
- Added Spanish translations for Plasma and KDE applications; default is American English.
- Added OnlyOffice Desktop Editors for Linux.
- Added Nomad Clock Applet; an alternative to the default Plasma digital clock which shows a calendar, your events and the weather.

Known issues:
- kde-config-gtk-style Bug 382291 - System settings GTK apps configurations resets | We have put this package on hold at version 4:5.10.4-0ubuntu1.
- VirtualBox has problems rendering the desktop please disable 3D acceleration in the configuration options of the virtual machine.
- Installing apps using the NX Software Center does not work during the Live session; this is an issue with permissions in snapd.

- KWin is set to use XRender by default, to use effects such as 'Blur' change the rendering mode used by the compositor to OpenGL.
- Both Kvantum themes support translucency but it's not enabled, open Kvantum manager go to Configure Active Theme>Compositing & General Look>check Translucent Windows and click Save.
- To switch between languages go to System Settings>Regional Settings>Language then click Apply and logout or reboot.

Download at:

Available at +SourceForge​:

Also available at​:

#Nitrux #NXOS #ChangeTheRules

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Please don't forget to help us with our hardware compatibility survey. This will make it easier for us to help you whenever you have problems (related to hardware of course).

#Nitrux #Hardware #Survey

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What's up guys?

So we've been debugging why the Look and Feel doesn't work correctly. Most notably that it doesn't apply the window decoration. Turns out it's a bug in kcm_lookandfeel. We've already reported it so Plasma devs are aware of it.

If you'd like to you can help us out getting it fixed!.

#Nitrux #Plasma

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Hey guys!,

So Qt 5.10 is available to install in Nitrux since this week BUT at this time they're alpha packages. We have tested these new packages and we found that many things crash (Plasma, Dolphin, Latte, etc.) and other things are flat-out broken (Nomad Clock Applet, NX Software Center).

We recommend that you do the following to ensure you don't end up with a borked system:

Navigate to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ then open neon.list using Kate and comment (add # at the beginning of the line) the following repository:

Save the file and run on Konsole: sudo pacman -Syu

This will update your system but will retain Qt 5.9.1 (which is the current stable release of Qt). Qt 5.10 final release is scheduled for November 30th, 2017. If you've been updating your system on a daily basis you might have packages already at version 5.10 in which case you'll have to downgrade them. To downgrade a package do the following:

On Konsole run: sudo pacman -S $package_name=$package_version

To find the version run: nxi-cache policy $package_name

Or you can upgrade to Qt 5.10 and help us out, we'd appreciate that!. Just be mindful that you will basically have to deal with LOTS of dependencies, nothing difficult simply tedious.


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By now you've probably heard of the earthquake that happened in Mexico.

It affected 3 states most notoriously Mexico City. We're located a few minutes away from Mexico City and fortunately our city didn't suffer any damage from the earthquake.

It is our civic duty to offer help to those in need and as such we're reallocating some of our resources to a non-profit that is helping out those in the affected areas. (Trying Nitrux on more hardware will have to wait).

If you're in Mexico or from Mexico please contact your local organizations to provide food and shelter to those affected.

#Nitrux #PrayForMexico

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We've revamped our site's sponsor section removing the widget that was displayed there and added a new option for you to support our development via cryptocurrencies!.

You can still sponsor us via PayPal by clicking the button and entering any amount you're comfortable with. It will redirect you to the easier to use site.

As always we appreciate your support!. Don't forget to share it so we can continue to grow, together.

#Nitrux #ChangeTheRules

How's everyone doing?.

So, currently the only documentation we have are our release notes but we agree that a simple text file shouldn't be all of it so we're preparing something better.

Stay tuned :D


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Yo' guys! we also updated the file to try Nitrux in a virtual machine. Before it was only for VirtualBox we've swapped that for an OVF file which should work in VMWare too!. #Nitrux

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Hey guys!

We've added a torrent link to our site to download Nitrux in case http doesn't work for you.

We've also changed the way the download buttons work, now you're getting the file directly from the host, before our (poor) server was trying to work out the requests and sometimes the download would fail.


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We are working with +Purism Computers on the first fully Open Source smartphone!

Join the crowdfunding and get @Puri_sm development kits and early-bird devices:
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