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LOL Subaru 

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US views on honesty and ethical standards in professions.

So surprising. Not that Nurses and Grade School Teachers are at the top, nor that Lobbyists and Members of Congress are in the dump (I mean, really in the dump with a score of 8!!!!).

It is surprising that Clergy are only ranked #7. How can we be doing the work of God, the actual literal God, and rate so low on honesty and ethical standards?

Judges are just 45. #heartbreaking  Print journalism is still a tiny smidgen better than TV. Not by much, but I do agree print is better - not having the same "real-time real reporting" dog race helps.

I've save the best for last. Lower than Bankers, lower than Lawyers, lower than Auto Mechanics are.... Advertising Practitioners!  

Gallup does not share it's definition of that title in the detailed report, . But if you are reading this, it is likely you touch advertising (if not actually own advertising for your company). This should give you (and me and our peers) food for thought. 

I'm excited to be a small part of moving the trend away from shouting to conversations, from renting audiences to owning audiences, and from quick one-night-stand goals to long term relationships. (More here:

From the looks of this data, we should all hurry up and get there!

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all you will ever need to know about US politics

via #smbc
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Poetic Justice!

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For all you parents out there. Newest delight from Google family of apps. Trend continues...Maps, Google Now, Youtube etc get one more family member to cherish!!

Happy Youtubing KIDS :)

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A very nice read... And is a reflection on why Indian youth voted for change in first place!

Recalibrating India’s foreign policy:
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Waah waah 

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You're heading out of the Justin Timberlake show with friends when it hits you—you totally forgot where you parked your car. It's happened to the best of us, but with the latest Google Search app for Android (—the update is rolling out now), Google Now will remember the location of your car for you and show you a card to point you on your way. So now, you can focus on trying to imitate JT's moves instead of on retracing your steps. 

Has this ever happened to you? Tell us your funniest story of losing your car!
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I was trying to remember - has this ever NOT happened to me in 1900 garage?

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Five star for food. Two star for slow slow slow slow slow slow service. They take minutes cleaning their empty tables. Then minutes seating the waiting parties on those tables. Then minutes more for coming to table to take your order. Food is pretty good but a 20+ minute for every step means you can easily expect hour plus wait if you are not one of the first 3 parties in line. And icing on top is they are not even seem concerned about the wait time.
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On our last trip to Vancouver we decided to try this restaurant based on it ratings. We ordered Bombay Aloo, Matar Paneer, and naans. But our experience was sub-par, and there was no flavor in the food. I am sad to see a place that is so highly rated and does not do even an average job on simple dishes. Naans were also very flavorless and hard. I would have given this place a three star if this would have been a hole in the wall place. But this was relatively costly place and did not do justice to either the price or current rating on yelp.
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