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🔴🔴Option Writing के फायदे जानने के लिए देखें LIVE STREAM आज रात 9:30 बजे 👇

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🔴🔴 Ashok Leyland Technical Opinion - Stock Talk with Nitin Bhatia 👇👇

Ashok Leyland Technical Opinion is predominantly based on the support and resistance & the price action strategy. This video is part 2 of the stock talk with Nitin Bhatia series. In the first part, we discussed the technical opinion on Sun Pharma and you might have observed that sun pharma followed the trading setup and system.

In the case of Ashok Leyland, there were multiple buying signals at around 100 Rs. It included a triple bottom, divergence, gap filling and the bounce back from its long term support & resistance. All these are very reliable trading setups. However, Ashok Leyland didn't follow any of these and also broke its support & resistance. It is now moving towards its 2nd support & resistance at Rs 76.

The reason for this fall is an inverted head and shoulder pattern. Also, the delivery based selling is quite visible. In terms of moving average, the EMA of 100 provides support and resistance to this stock.

This stock does not have any correlation with the NIFTY movement. The option chain analysis suggests the major support at around Rs 75. Therefore, the conclusion from multiple technical analysis is that this stock can take support at around 75 Rs.

#StockMarket #Trading #TechnicalAnalysis #Equity #Stocks #YouTube #SwingTrading #NIFTY #AshokLeyland #StockNews #businessNews #StockMarketNews
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🔴🔴BUDGET कैसे FII निवेश पे असर डालता हैं जानने के लिए देखें LIVE STREAM आज रात 9:30 बजे 👇

#YouTube #Stocks #StockMarket #Trading #NitinBhatia #Equity #QandA #NIFTY #LiveStreaming #Budget2019 #budget #FII #FIIInvestment
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🔴🔴 Multibagger Chart Pattern - Inverted Triangle 👇👇

Multibagger Chart Pattern is for long term investment or positional trade and any Multibagger Chart Pattern should give least no of false signals so that an investor can continue to stay in the trade/investment for Multibagger returns.

In past, i shared a strategy to identify the Multibagger stocks with the help of very reliable double bottom or W pattern. In this video, i have shared a Multibagger Chart Pattern that is based on the moving average crossover.

The chart settings are as follows:
You should check the stock on the weekly chart and the moving average cross over of 200 period exponential moving average and 20 period exponential moving average along with the formation of the inverted triangle gives a confirmed buy signal. In some of the nifty stocks, you will not find a sell signal from the last 10 years. You can book profit if the 20 EMA cross 200 EMA in a downward direction.

The strength of the trend can be found out from the size of the inverted triangle. For example, a small inverted triangle gives a bigger move compared to large inverted triangles. You can generate good returns by using this strategy.

#StockMarket #Trading #TechnicalAnalysis #Equity #Stocks #YouTube #SwingTrading #NIFTY #MultibaggerStocks #MultibaggerChartPatterns #MultibaggerCharts
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🔴🔴FULL Time Trading के पीछे का गणित जानने के लिए देखें LIVE STREAM आज रात 9:30 बजे 👇

#YouTube #Stocks #StockMarket #Trading #NitinBhatia #Equity #QandA #NIFTY #LiveStreaming #FullTimeTrading #FullTimeTrader #StockTrader
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🔴🔴High Margin Requirement - नायक या खलनायक जानने के लिए देखें LIVE STREAM आज रात 9:30 बजे 👇👇

#YouTube #Stocks #StockMarket #Trading #NitinBhatia #Equity #QandA #NIFTY #LiveStreaming #HighMargin #MarginTrading #Margin
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🔴🔴 Sun Pharma - #StockTalk with #nitinbhatia #1 👇👇

Sun Pharma Opinion is based on the technical analysis. Recently, we observed a sharp correction in the sun pharma. Retail investors try to do bottom fishing in such stocks. In this video on stock talk, we will discuss what charts, tables, technical setup, option chain analysis are suggesting.

Recently, i mentioned that Doji has formed in the sun pharma. Doji is very powerful in price action strategy. The Doji formed after the consolidation period is more reliable compared to any other doji. Secondly, the trend of Sun Pharma was bearish as it was trading below the 40-day exponential moving average. The low delivery % also suggests that speculative positions are built. A speculative position needs to be closed, it cannot take stock in that particular direction too far.

Currently, sun pharma opinion based on the Fibonacci Retracement suggests that stock candle closed at the bottom of the Fibonacci. In past, the stock retraced from the same level and this time also this level is respected.

Option chain suggests that stock can reverse from the existing level based on implied volatility and premium decay. Also, you need to watch for the gap filling. The stock definitely moves to fill the gap.

Lastly, Sun Pharma has a high correlation with the movement of Nifty 50. Therefore, the index movement should support any up move.

#StockMarket #Trading #TechnicalAnalysis #Equity #Stocks #YouTube #SwingTrading #NIFTY #SunPharma #StockNews #businessNews #StockMarketNews #SunPharmaNews
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🔴🔴 जल्दबाजी में नुक्सान से कैसे बचें -भाग 2👇👇

Stock Trading EXIT Strategy should aim to maximize returns and minimize the loses. The biggest problem is that they exit the trade either too early or by booking small loss. Even though the stock selection is perfect.

In this two-part video series, we are discussion 10 important points that are responsible for poor Stock Trading EXIT Strategy or early exit from the trade. In part 1, we discussed 5 points and rest of the points are discussed in this 2nd part

6. Investors think that the stock market is a money making machine. Like any fixed income instrument, you should give time to your stock market investment to grow.

7. I normally invest only in 5-6 stocks for complete focus. You should not over trade as it might lead to poor Stock Trading EXIT Strategy.

8. The stock market should be considered as the business and you should have a proper strategy for your stock market journey.

9. You cannot avoid loss in the stock market. Assuming, accuracy is 80% then you should target that first 8 trades should be profitable.

10. Lastly, you should only enter high probability trades for perfect Stock Trading EXIT Strategy.

#StockMarket #Trading #NitinBhatia #TechnicalAnalysis #Equity #Stocks #YouTube #SwingTrading #NIFTY #StockExitStrategy #StockProfit #StockLoss #investing #StockStrategy
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🔴🔴विदेशी मार्किट में निवेश करने के फायदे और नुक्सान जानने के लिए देखें LIVE STREAM आज रात 9:30 बजे 👇👇

#YouTube #Stocks #StockMarket #Trading #NitinBhatia #Equity #QandA #NIFTY #LiveStreaming #ForeignStocks #investing
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🔴🔴 जल्दबाजी में नुक्सान से कैसे बचें 👇👇

Stock EXIT Strategy should be based on sound logic and reasoning. Most of the retail investors select RIGHT Stock but EXIT too early either by booking small profit/loss or at no profit no loss. After some time the investors realize that they made a very big mistake and the share delivered spectacular returns.

Stock selection is very important but it is more crucial to hold on to the trade. In this two-part video series, I will discuss the 10 reasons for an early exit from the right trade i.e. wherein the stock selection is perfect.

1. Traditional Indian investment philosophy is based on the safety of capital. Therefore, we are always afraid of loss. However, experts are of the opinion that we should only invest that much that we afford to lose in the share market.

2. You should always check the expected volatility in the stock and should not be worried if the stock is trading in that volatility range.

3. The blind bet in stock market can give us sleepless nights as we are not confident in our trade. Only take trades with a very high probability of success or profit.

4. Constant monitoring is also responsible for the early exit from the stock. Therefore, we may choose non-volatile stocks. However, in volatile market, constant monitoring is required.

5. Confidence in a particular trade is directly proportional to our accuracy or success in the stock market.

#StockMarket #Trading #NitinBhatia #TechnicalAnalysis #Equity #Stocks #YouTube #SwingTrading #NIFTY #StockExitStrategy #StockProfit #StockLoss #investing #RetailInvestors
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