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The customs nightmare for gadget geeks - a guide on what not to do
Like most gadget lovers, I spend a fair amount of money ordering from international sites and sellers. There will always be something that I cannot find on an Indian site - it could be as small as a replacement cable for my earphones - or something as big a...

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Throwback Tuesday - Gadgets from the 70's and '80's
Unless you were born in the 70's or earlier, what I'm speaking about may be gibberish to here goes. Put your hand up if you have ever; 1) Extracted an entangled cassette from a player and repaired it by splicing. I have redeemed several precious ta...

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The Offline Internet
Hike, India’s homegrown answer to
the ubiquitous Whatsapp Messenger, launched Hike Direct in end 2015. Touted by
CEO Kavin Mittal as an ‘incredibly powerful’ breakthrough technology, Hike
Direct allows two users of the app who are within a 100 metre radius ...

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Artificial Intelligence is the New Black
"Over time, the computer itself — whatever
its form factor — will be an intelligent assistant helping you through your
day. We will move from mobile first to an AI first world” – says Google CEO
Sundar Pichai. Artificial Intelligence is the technology of

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Facebook Basics - Good Service, Bad Positioning!
am adding my voice (belatedly) to the heated arguments that are being made,
both for and against, Facebook's 'Free Basics' offerings via I waited before weighing in,so that I did not react from my own initial biases, and also because this ga...

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Towers of Death - does radiation from cell phone towers cause cancer?
My story is about Dr. Nalini Busa, who is the mother of my childhood friend, Purvi. They live in an apartment block in Borivali (West), Mumbai and 5 years ago, the building next door put up multiple cell sites on their terrace. The view from the Busa's spar...

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Five things Twitter can do to bring in new users
I was pretty disappointed today to read that Twitter's stock price has  fallen  below the 2013 IPO price, for the first time. I admit that I am once of those who  don't really get Twitter , but the site has a robust base of users who engage regularly and se...

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My first 72 hours with Windows 10
The pop up comes on my laptop screen “It’s almost time for
your update to Windows 1 hour” and I click to postpone it, as I have done
the last 10 times I saw this message. I really want to upgrade from Windows 7
to the new and free version. It’s just ...

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No more writer's block : a DIY Content Creation guide
Today everyone realises the importance of blogging, publishing and sharing information as a means of personal branding. This is important if you are an entrepreneur or consultant with a service to offer, a professional who wants to command appeal in the job...

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How Apple Care sucks as much as any other service experience.
Last week, I had an experience that few people have in their lives - A visit to an Apple service centre, with a dead iPhone. Not mine.  A close friend called me to help when his iPhone 6 did not switch on, after charging. As the phone was within warranty, w...
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