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Nisarg Kolhe
A cool guy having interest in tech,gaming etc.
A cool guy having interest in tech,gaming etc.

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Ready is the contacts app that wants to change how you use your smartphone. To win one of 100 premium promo codes, just share this post and sign up here!

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Pretty good for organizing stuff and multiple lists! :D :3

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Giveaway Day 5: We are giving away 10 Nooka watches! Stylish and unique, they are a popular fashion accessory around the OnePlus headquarters.

I’ve just joined #7DaysofGiveaways. Win a OnePlus PowerBank here:

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Recently, a battle has been waging in India over the rights to distribute the commercial version of the +CyanogenMod operating system. The court order from the recent case (where Micromax wanted to enforce their exclusivity agreement with +Cyanogen Inc. against +OnePlus) has been released, weighing in at 29 pages, and the contents prove rather interesting. Let’s take a look through it.

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The Flagship Battle continues. To welcome the launch of the Sony XPERIA Z3, we are giving away another free 64GB Sandstone Black OnePlus One and 100 Invites!

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Help ParanoidAndroid's Graphics Designer. :(
 Hi, I need your help.

I am, or maybe was, in the foundation year (1st year) of my design college. The college provided me with 75% off the tuition fee as scholarship. I topped the first semester but did not do too well in the second, so said the teachers. 

They sent me for an internship during the second semester promising me that I won't have to do the work going on in college while I'm gone. When I came back to college, all the work was literally 'demanded' by the teachers. I had to finish off everything in no time. Late submissions got me - My marks went down.

The second semester got over and now my scholarship is cancelled. Due to financial constraints - It will be very hard for me to stay in college. I'm selling off my stuff to get the money. My parents are not happy - And that's the last thing I ever wanted to happen.

I have worked day and night on various projects like Web Design, Graphics and sometimes PA (Paranoid Android) stuff - None of them provided me the capital through which I could continue my education.

Design colleges are very expensive. Except the ones which are government operated. My father wants me to apply and go study there - But I don't like that college at all. I know I won't be happy there, I know its not my type.

I need your help. If anyone could get me some work - Something like web design, or graphics, anything.. It would be of great help.

I'm also looking for people who could help me create themes for the new Android Theme Engine (Paid). 

I don't have much time before I'm kicked out of college. 

Help me out if you can.. Thanks.

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