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Let Health be Your Lifestyle
Let Health be Your Lifestyle


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Here's something which you must know about sea food :-

- Salmon, herring and some trouts are rich in omega 3 while most of the fish including tuna contain Omega 3s in small quantities.

- Freshwater fish are the best source of omega-3s than the sea fish. But you have to keep in mind that some fish also contain Omega-6?s (arachidonic acid) in high levels which are very unhealthy.

- Tilapia and catfish are those with enriched Omega-6s, the overconsumption of which can increase the health risks of stroke and heart attack.

To know more about benefits of sea food:-
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- Stroke is life-threatening but at the same time highly preventable.

- It is very important to recognize if your loved one is being unusual. If he cannot smile without drooping his face to a side, raise his arms without an arm falling downward or repeat a simple sentence with clarity then you need to hurry.

- Every minute counts in the case of a stroke and you are on a count down.

- High blood pressure (untreated), alcoholism, high cholesterol, lack of physical activity and smoking can easily lead you the stroke.

To know more about stroke:-
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Here are few benefits of wine:- - Red wine contains polyphenols which can prevent heart diseases. Polyphenols can also fight cancers. But in order to prevent cancer with red wine polyphenols, you will need to drink at least a bottle a day, which can have other hazardous effects on the body.

- It can raise the HDL cholesterols in the blood, enhance the absorption of antioxidants in the food and can help with fat metabolism. Thus, wine may play a role in weight loss.

- Wine enhances memory. The unclogging of arteries by the alcohol will not only prevent clots, it will also feed your brain. Not to mention that this does increase your life span.

To know more about benefits of wine:-
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- Tea drinkers hold up that it can fight both cancer and heart disease. The polyphenols in the teas prevent cancer by fighting the free radicals and the antioxidants in the green tea can ward off rheumatoid arthritis, cataracts and enhance your immune system.

- Coffee has its biggest short coming in caffeine which needs no explanation.

- Caffeine is addictive and too much of it can lead to restlessness, anxiety and headaches.

- Coffee drinkers also suffer from constipation with its diuretic and dehydrating effects.

To know more about coffee:-
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How does your child get Roseola?

- Only humans host the Roseola viruses. Roseola is asymptomatic and the viruses may live within a person, be it an adult or a child, for months without any sign of illness.

- It may spread to a person mainly through their respiratory secretions on close contact. And it will take around ten days for the symptoms to show up.

- Studies show that almost all infants may have been infected by the virus at some point of their lifetime even if they have not shown any sign of the infection.

To know more about Roseola:-
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Here's how you can manage hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD):-

· Wash the hands well with warm water and soap before eating, after using the toilet and changing diapers. Use a disinfectant.

- Keep the toys of your children away from getting dirty or soiled. Wash them well with soap once in a while.

- Disinfect contaminated areas.

- If your child is infected let him remain indoors for a few days until the symptoms have disappeared.

To know more about hand-foot-and-mouth disease:-
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How does it herpes spread?

- Through direct contact with the virus infection.

- Sexual contact be it vaginal, anal or oral

- Kissing or caressing the infected area

- Sharing the same spoon, glass or cigarette can spread mouth herpes.

To know more about herpes:-
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The role of the Trichologist:-

- A trichologist comes to the scene at this point of time. He can play a pivotal role in preventing further loss of hair.

- When you decide a hair loss treatment for hair you probably have seen its advertisement on the TV or perhaps, it was suggested by a friend who had positive results with it. But you are not thinking about your own constitution which is entirely different from that of his.

- You can surely achieve beautiful hair by getting to know your hair type and by caring for it in the right way.

- A trichologist can help you find your hair type, scalp condition and thus make a diagnosis on your hair loss.

To know more about hair loss:-
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Skin diseases which occurs in pregnancy:-

1) An itchy motherhood with Intrahepatic Cholestasis
- An itchiness is experienced by some expectant mothers in the third trimester of pregnancy. The risk factor is that there is a possibility of developing jaundice within 2 weeks after experiencing itchiness.

2) Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP)
- t is dermatitis that develops in the form a rash around the stretch marks in the third trimester, of a first pregnancy.

To know more about skin diseases in pregnancy:-
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