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Good news: now you can discover new YouTube videos that your friends are sharing on Google+ on the YouTube homepage. Head over to the YouTube Settings page ( ) and "Connect" your YouTube Account with your Google+ account to start seeing videos shared with you in Google+ show up on the YouTube homepage.

After you connect, it'll take a little while for videos to show up, but be patient. Give it a try and let us know what you think!
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Enabling this feature has significantly broken my Subscriptions page. I've reported it via Youtube's bug reporting system, but I figured maybe sharing it here as well might help expedite the fix.

Basically I'm seeing all of the G+ shares in my Subscriptions page as well (not the homepage activity feed, but the subs page itself) This is especially silly when I am both subscribed to someone and also have them in my circles here in G+ as their videos will sometimes appear back to back on the page when they share the video right after it goes live.

The Subscription page should be reserved for my youtube subscriptions alone, G+ sharing should be relegated to the activity feed on the home page, or some other special feed (like the games tab, but for youtube videos?)

It would also appear that once this sharing has been turned on, it will not turn OFF again. I've disconnected my account from youTube but it is still showing all of the G+ shares everywhere.
Looks good... Except for the subscription part which +Robert Jones brought up..Also What is the time lag? I am seeing the videos posted 7 hours ago. The latest ones are not showing up...
is it only on the homepage they show up? Or do they get put in subs, or other places too? (hope that they do, I can't remember the last time I went on the homepage)
Nice!! But now you need to make automatic sharing possible between Google+ and Youtube for video's you upload.
Why spend time building features like this when Plus's workflow is still so terrible for sharing my own videos?

The G+ app brilliantly automatically uploads my videos to G+, but once they're there... it's a dead end. I can't edit them. I can't string them together. I can't download them. I can't even put them on YouTube, even though they're hosted on YouTube servers and use YouTube's player!

Please -- get the fundamentals right before trying to build bells and whistles.
I think you guys should bring over YT videos to G+ as well. I mean, my YT account is linked to my G+, so I'd like to see my YT videos that I've published show up under my videos tab over here. That'd be nice.
In the Connected Accounts list I only see Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Orkut and MySpace, no Google+ option. What can be the problem with my account?
Thank you for your fast reply. I was talking about my YouTube settings, there's no G+ option :(
It is already integrated in YouTube now +Mohamed Rafi . If you already have a G+ account you do not have to associate it. It's already set up.
+Patrick Moore Bingo! It's been almost a year since Google+ "integrated" with YouTube, and there's still no way to get your instant upload videos from point A to point B without downloading and reuploading. What's the point of living in the cloud if even Google can't get the workflow right within services it owns?!
I am already connected with Facebook and Twitter...can I only have two connected?  Otherwise how do I add another?
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