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Wow! YouTube updated their UI to a new one, cards-based..
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I've had this design for about 2 weeks now mentioned it on Google Plus and got no responses thought everyone had it already. It's much cleaner than the old one and much much easier to see videos at a glance now, better I like it :-) 
+Marcel Soika No problem, but how? as much as i understand chrome doesn't store the cookies in separate files, and they are not in plain text.. So which file you want and were it's located?

By the way i have 2 OSs and when i switch to ubuntu it's goes back to the old UI, it's just in windows (7)

+Gaurav Singh I really don't know, it just show up one day..

+John Carnell Yeah, i have it too, couple of weeks now..
+Nir Galon it's no Problem:
Go into Chrome-Settings search for cookie, go into content-setting (Cookie & Website-Data) and search for youtube . in the result "" (ca. 17 cookies) is "VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE" there u can Copy & Paste the "Content"-code 
I added the f01OFlyOZSU to VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE it didn't do anything to my Youtube website but then I opened Youtube in the incognito mode and there it was .. the new UI.
Thx for sharing..
i tried it but it seems to be that Youtube got a cookie Protection in the last time...
For all others reading this Post: Here's the script: Shift+Ctrl+J > Console:
document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=f01OFlyOZSU; path=/;";window.location.reload();
push Enter and reload youtube
I hate this. Thank god it doesn't work on Firefox, yet.
Directed here from +Android Police. I've also had this UI for quite a while. It's a nice update, especially the menus.
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