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Income Distribution Like You Have Never Seen It

Is anyone in the world entitled to just get money? No. Is everyone entitled to work as hard as they can and make as much money as they are able to legally? YES!

That might seem to be the end of the discussion. It is not. Perhaps if the playing field were leveled. And not matter how rich or poor you are, no matter if you live in NYC or in a remote backwater village, the playing field is not level. 

This visualization is wonderful because it is stunningly effectively at highlighting income disparity. Think about it, even the top baseball salary is so close to the $0 mark. Let it sink in where everyone else is.  You, me, the radio host, the person at McDonalds, your boss, the supermarket clerk.

At the very minimum I hope this leads to two thoughts in your mind: 

1. We have to absolutely do something about leveling the playing field. Subsidies for the richest farmers or Chevron or WalMart or tax loop holes for individuals or industries or political patronage that leads to awful contracts for public works project or unions etc. etc. must be looked at carefully. 

There should be ZERO doubt that the playing field as to be leveled so that we can all be the best we can be.

2. If you are reading this, you are likely at the top of the 99%. Think about it. The top. So. If it is within your capacity to do something for the bottom 99%, please consider doing so. Volunteer work, political protest, represent their voice, anything helps.

We don't need to redistribute income. We need to level the playing field.

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