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.How Children go to school every morning in Indonesia,.:(
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It is crazy what some go through to get an education, when some kids here (in the U.S.) have all the tools they need and choose to 'skip school.' 
ameen .awww poor childrens .Allah bless them 
this is real picture..i'm very sad when look it!
tq for the praying for us here ... and also tq too about this pic...
been to beautiful Islands...
Ohhh...., common, it's very little part of Indonesia....
I would rather worry about childrens stick to their war videogames... Indonesians are probably more happy than them even with this bridge just because they have a school to go to. However, wooow!
Every morning seems to be not right ....
Instead one morning seems to be ok
that's my place... 

goverment is very busy there..
im from that country and yes a very STOOOPPPIDD country (gov) and i'm trapped inside :(
God let them walk over without the distabance
sad...........Bill Gates should notice this !
Ron A
that is scary
Very sad but it shows their love for education
thanks god that we dont have like that
such a big problem facing every day
It is really very dangerous
it is risky but childrens runs towards education is good thing
Where is it ?
And yet so many don't even appreciate the school bus . :(
i would have gone to school more often. 
that's really indonesia....!!!
people suffer a lot so sad
They said the school will change your life
True. but i believe that picture was taken somewhere deep in Indonesia.
it's just one from many....we appreciate that you guys have your concern on this issue.
Nice pic... I have a very much pity on them.... but it is not issue only one place or country.... but this situation is also aries in other part of the world also.... ( Mostly of Interior place... )... pls dont be sad on my comment.... 
So Sad but they are doing struggle for studies, we have to learn them for there struggle.
its dangers to walk like it.
thats terrible all the money the government has there yet dont help the there own people 
Omg..where i come  from ( Comoros Island)  i used to walk  45 min before reach the class but this case in Indo it's very risky ..May God Be with these kids..and help them in any how.
That is Children in Indonesia they strong lives...
well at least they have basic survival skills.
very dangerous...i cant belive this ya
sad reality to ponder on! apple inc., help them please?

omg..poor little should not be happen... :(
R u in the weather like there .here in uk too much cold started.
Maybe i'm being naive, but why dont the locals band together and fix the bridge? All they need is a decent amount of rope, and their lives will be alot safer. Or if the bridge is unfixable, build a raft.
I guess we are supposed to look at this kind of image and think we should really help these people. But that is incorrect, they should learn to help themselves.  
It is happened in Indonesia too. I've seen worst and the kids said "I just wanna go to school, whatever it takes".
Passion for education, making world better.
I am from Indonesia. it's taken about January this year. when reported, it became a national issue cause that district (Lebak) actually not far from Indonesia's capital (jakarta) ... It has been fixed now, and I think a permanent bridge has been operated.
because we want to be a smart, so we must fight
I see an adult in this picture. He didn't think to discuss repairing this bridge with other adults?
I am so sorry and so worry about this true picture...but I can do nothing to help these brave and wonderful people from remote area in a large country like my Indonesia...can u help them ? ;-(
+Nino Rostomashvili, I am from Indonesia, that's true
I am also very sad to hear that of January last year
But problems may occur anywhere, Not just in Indonesia
And I of those who lucky because can go to school in comfort condition
We should emulate here is their passion to be able to learn to improve their quality of life..
In some part of indonesia yes
oh my God this is complicated risk and total negligence for the poor people
Walking on death line...
R Fahsa
Meanwhile our goverment house of representative making a building worth 1billion us$ for their place to work. Ironic isn`t it?
miris + malu gue liatnya :(
ayolah pemerintah....
this is much risky now 
No, not every morning.  Clearly that bridge has partly failed and is in need of repair ... but I'm pretty sure it's not ALWAYS like that.
It's a rare experience. Not a whole Indonesia like this. It's depend on how the village governance manage its own teritory.
OK, so maybe no so great for the children but it must be terrific for the crocodiles which are very endangered.
education is must and childs are dedicated for that but same for the indonation gov.
I hope there are no crocodiles in that river
Who are they waiting to fix that handmade bridge? 
I must say they are the lucky people because that way the get to appreciate the opportunity they are given. Unlike children who have a car driver to drop them at the school door....
And we keep complaining about our living conditions.... Which of your LORD favour will you deny?
this way ozzy kids are so dumb?..... cuz in indonesia  you gotta be pretty clever just 2 get 2 school
May God bring up a passionate ruler for them and put an end to dis IJN.
Developing nations know that education is what can ensure their child to have a descent future. My dad currently lives in a village in Central America where kids zipline to and from school. 
That's a blanket statement..
Every child does that?
why the government do not develop that area?
Awesome picture... After seeing a picture like this one.... One should sit back and count ones blessings.....!

pls all rich country help indonasia children help
That happens in remote area & corrupted government doesnt give a damn.
where is it, I wonder, dimana ini kenapa ngak ada perhatian dari pemerintah Indonesia? oh my god
This is the problem, they didn't want to rebuild it because they don't care. If you say you build it then, they will said no. If you persisted long enough, they will build it and propagate to the whole village saying their government build it and they are great, and the rest of the world couldn't care.
So what the hell are their parents waiting for? Grab a rope and fasten the other side up.
Paul O
Well i hate to say this but its only 3ft above a slow flowing river! If someone did fall its not like they would die. . . . . And maybe this bridge was repaired straight away its not like they are stupid enough to not repair it!!!!!!!
Venu k
very danger country...salute for they're spirit..while politicians and leaders afar debated...
This is fantastic, gyming every day before school,strong guys.
Indonesian didn't know where's their local government LOL 
omg......these are real heroes.......salute
Good lord !!!! that's soo dangerous
An eye opening view for a good cause...!!!!
People should learn from this and should respect for what they have.....
On the other side Govt. of Indonesia should do something for them...!!!
Corrupt goverment won't care, they don't speak for us. Most of them are greedy and stupid, pathetic.
Indonesianese are born to handle complicated things. That's the positive side of this pict. :)
if i'm not mistaken it was happened in banten province of indonesia, the bridge was swiped away by a flood, since then, villagers had no more choice for crossing the bridge.
my country...salute for they're spirit..while politicians and leaders 
Its not about the govt. either people should be aware of their rights...!
It mean that miracles
happens outside paklstan too
i know they have rebuild the bridge already, but not until the problems were made public.
i guess what sucks about my government is that they act ONLY when people started to notice how bad their works are.

"image" is all they care about.
Masih banyak lagi kondisi di indonesia yang lebih mengenaskan dari gambar ini.. :(
I'd be 1 dumb fuck it I had 2 go through that 
they will keep silent and do nothing, till the problem go public. so sad
Its unfortunate bt these situations r in most countries..polititions r jst there 2 fatten their pokets while pipo suffer lyk this..God help us.
they will if they are aware....!!!1
thats the spirit...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That children will be the best engineers of tomorrow and they will replace the gape of their government
and we still complain about bad roads and bridges....
that also happens in some part of my country, Malaysia.
this is most likely in our country (philippines) 
Negeri yang kaya but belum semua anak negeri bisa merasakannya. So sad
Siri cs
so pity of those poor children
Meanwhile American kids complain about waiting for the bus on a winter morning.
is there a government there? I prefer my country Kenya atleast the government is doing something to coverup the bad images!
they are trying their best to go to school, while you are trying your best to skip school?
thats reality...we are indonesian people not fear with every challenge to be best
^no, all they care is money, if they really care about image, they wouldn't make non-Indonesian make this kind of post, pitying us, as if we're from a really poor & unmanaged 3rd world country, to the world, that's how our country looks like, pitiful huh? if only our government filled with honest and hard working people, we should be already on par with other advanced country
The difference between people in australia and there, someone here would have found a way to fix that, and bloody well done it.
hi aap kese ho aap ki ssari baate thik hai jo padai karna hai to jindki ko katre me se aag baadna our saflata mili jaayegi very good nice Q. KE LIYE THANK'S YOUR ,

I don't belive these days it is possible like this. We have 21 century!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to Indonesia,wheres stundents must be stunt man LoL
This is not how all children go to school in Indonesia, I'd say 90% don't even have bridges to cross. Take it from someone who has lived there.
Thank for you Nino Rostomashvili for the pic.hope the government look at this picture n began to provide what people need. Thnx friend for all perayrs
i think government shuld keep the airplane
In many developing country is the same as it.
How dangerous it is!
stuggled to achieve dreams,despite having to face hurdles
+Awang Tjitrodihardjo that's actually great that they care about the image. Just be a good citizen and find out faults and make it will get done fast :)
Good pic let the govt see and take necessary action
At least they have a school to go to!
That's probably alot safer than many roads around London.
ok guys i ll meet next tym bye from akon goutham
You see this in Mexico too.  People do what they have to do when they really want something.
k fine guys see u next tym bye from akongoutham
What's stopping someone from fixing the rope? Is this a trick for treats by the crocodiles? 
This will be a lesson for others about the need of education...  
So cool, at least they have a bridge, We had to swim the raging Ganges, then climb mount everest twice to get to school. 
this  is  so...mavarous,how  come  that  man  can  risk  himself  in  this  century?  like  this?
So i believe we have billionares in that country.
Really its very bad at the present time,...Oh God please help these people....
May GOD keep them safe and make them useful for humanity.
oh man why do they love school this much and why the people are not building a new school
be careful student
Only if Development reaches everywhere we can say developing..   But when it is concentrated !! 
That's only alittle potrait of education in Indonesia, there a lot of children have to walk more than 5 miles to go to school.. walk trough mountain and cross the river.. everyday.. & thr gov don't do much to help.. (╥ ﹏╥) 
Oh yes, you can see more of that if you come to indonesia.
In Sahiang Tanjung Village, Lebak Region, Banten, Indonesia, +Nino Rostomashvili, to be exactly.. 
Looks like fun, and challenging going to school. In our world our kids look for this adventure but now they can only find it in video games. One real, one virtual, the fun is there.
Is it just me or is that bridge easy to fix? Why don't the grown ups fix it? If my son had to take this dangerous path to school, I do something about.
this have same situation in the philippines :(
maybe they are on a zip line or something and they are just having fun
and where there is no bridge they swim across, in their school uniforms and dry out by the time they arrive...
Some children in MalAysia too go to school this way.
Well it is happening in one particularly primitive village in Indonesia. With all due respect, please don't generalize indonesia as a poor country. Just google city of jakarta or bandung or bali, indonesia have metropolitan cities too. Thats because indonesia is a one big nation.
very brave child.......................
somebody should care about them...
Maybe they will get smart enough to teach the adults how to fix that damn bridge. Just saying. 
They definitely deserve Nobel prize 
its really awesome....dey will remember this for a life time...n som1 among them will build a bridge der....hope so
kuch pane ke liye kuch kho na pad ta hai ...and very dangerous.. agar mai indonasia ka mai p.m hota to yaha bridge ban va deta
Yes that right the sad thing is when u found out inside there school bags.......
shame shame Indonesian  government .
Ash Rin
May God protect those children from harm. Aminnnn.
Such rage if you made it to the other side just to realize you forgot your homework!
and they cant have move school to the same side of the canal that they live on .....Why?
Not all kids go to school like that you Americans and your stereotypes about other countries
My god! Why they dont fix this in be half of the childrens....
waduhhhhh,,,,,,kira2 ini bener ga sihh,,,,,serem banget yaa,,,,,di era modernisasi masih ada yg kyak gini
Indicative of Indiana Jones movie. But seriously youth now a days -- that I know at least -- don't even want to walk up the street so crossing a bridge for higher learning would be out of the question.
it sad to and dangerous but education is a must
These kids are lucky to have a cool adventure twice a day (they surely go back home as well :)) and come on people, this is a great workout for all muscles! These kids will be stronger and healthier than most of your children. Dangerous? Seriously? What's the worst thing to happen? Falling in the water and getting wet? Wake up, people: if that would really be dangerous, parents would never let these kids go this way... 
Sorry about this...but will be better if u come n help us here...thnx b4
In Indonesia We fought the colonials for more than 350 years, to get our freedom. So this isn't big deal. We are strong and Happy. 
good exercise! keeps you on your toes! 
this is not my hand, tell me wt me do.................
That is a very rickety bridge. It doesn't look sturdy at all. I just noticed that some children are hanging outside the bridge. That's awful.
I am indonesian. The taken picture was located not very far from our Capital City, jakarta. Thus now you can imagine how's the condition of indonesian education infrastructure in remote areas. Corruption did enfeeble our most valuable resource, education!
and kids in America aren't allowed to walk more than a few blocks to school without their parents freaking out. 
At least there is school...
Might wana tighten the rightside so it levels out the bridge
Joel Cook
That is the story for 'some' in Indonesia.
That's so sad! Poor children! :(
aoboseshe rashtaar kaje haat diyeche thikadarera ..........
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