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Don't miss the wines produced from rare wine grapes. I have picked some notable and expensive red wines appreciated by wine lovers
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Nino, I was lucky enough to have tasted one of the Shafer/Stag's Leap Cabs you list (and luckier in that I didn't pay for it). It would be great to have a secondary list of wines that are LIKE the ones on the expensive list, but cost, say, $25.00. Probably a challenge...
+Tom Bentley We are in the same situation, I had the pleasure to taste Chateau Lynch Bages 2000, but neither I've paid for it :) Hope I will have the chance to taste some other wines from this list.
I'll offer you a list of relatively low priced but good red wine brands very soon :)
I'll be tasting red and white Burgundies tonight, all for free. Don't know which ones, yet. Exciting. Never had Stag's Leap, but Lynch Bages a few times. Wonderful wine and always a good purchase.
Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons 2010 from Christian Moreau was just great, as was Mersault 2007 from Matrot. On the red side Morey St Denis 1er Cru Aux Cheseaux 2007 from Arlaud was really wonderful.
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