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► The role and strength of attractive woman in advertisement and how companies use the body of women for their success. Share the beauty of women!
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How about using men i wine marketing, would that sell? For women a nice handsome man posing with a wine would give a message, "get that wine and you get the man too" or that just for beer or vodka commercials? Are we dividing the world of beverages and is that good, for equality and the world?
Is that a nipple or a really bad outie belly button?
+Anders Nilsson Marketers can use the beauty of body in their advertising. Even men can increase brand awareness in customers, the brand identity and image in society. But it must be used wisely by marketers and advertisers.
very well. I had dronk 1981 years old white wine. currently I have the same wine unopened :)
+Archil Gelashvili I recently tasted a Chateau Latour 1985 and it was really good as well as the Chateau nenin of the same year. the oldest beverage I had was a 1961 portwine Krohn's Colheita. That was just superb with a rich chocolate cake that I made.
Class With Elegance. Without a woman where would anything be? Thank you, +Nino Rostomashvili for this informative share. Nice read. Group Hug!
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