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► Pairing wine and food is art. When you know how to pair food and wine, you can match your favorite wine with food you love to taste. This guide tells you a bit about the guide of choosing red wine for your dinner.
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+Vicki Elam Thank you! I'm so happy when my readers are enjoying my blog updates. I'll be really grateful, you can feel free to share it.
Wine tastes best without food :) IMO it's a waste to drink good wine and eat at the same time ...
+Geza Turi +Johanne Gagnon I do agree, some wines are perfect without food, you can get more pleasure while drinking it alone than pairing with food. But we should'n forget that each individual chooses how they want to taste and how it's better for them drinking wine. But the truth is that we have a great opportunity to choose red wine for any occasion and with any food.
So what food did I have to this wine?

Earthy red color with a somber nose of earth molten leaves, a hint of oak and then plum and deep strawberry with pepper sprinkles, at the end of the scent there is a faint spruce aroma juts to spice it up.
The taste is velvety smooth, thick yet light. First a little wet dirt, dry dark chocolate followed by plum sauce and mashed strawberry, mid palate gives a lush yet dry feel , almost no tannins and then the back end delivers more soft blue plum marmalade mixed with fresh white pepper all seasoned with some light wild forest raspberry. Medium long but memorable finish. Lovely mouth feel, light and heavy at the same time.
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