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Accès et contrôle des appareils Android à distance à partir de Mac / Win / Web #AirDroid 4 :

Love the app but when I launch a navigation, it goes on Google maps but don't come back on Automate and don't launch the nav too.
I'd tried with waze and it's the same issue.

I have ti uninstall the re-install the app for have it work.

Ok strange thing happened. The time to try to make it work and wrote this message and it worked... Took something like 10min.

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On my Galaxy Note 3 with CM12, I've got a bluetooth issue. Sometimes it work nicely for hours and then it's just stop. I have to reboot the phone to make bluetooth work again. This is the only issue than I have for now. Everything is ok. 
Anyone have resolve it? Is there a way whithout rebooting to turn on the bluetooth again?

A sms app like the history cards and I'll give you my money again hahaha!
Thanks for this great app! Bravo the team.

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À qui est ce bout de tête au premier plan tout à droite à 2:35?
.The Cool Kids//Nouveau Casino\\Paris.
+Mathieu Belson +Christophe COUCHY 
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