Do you remember that we propose an #Angular2 #ebook covering everything from zero to advanced concepts? And that this ebook is at 'pay what you want' price, including free updates?

If you're asking if some people dare to buy this ebook from unknown French people, yes they are! And as we love transparency, we now have a sales public report:

Soon, we will also propose our Pro Pack, which will include several exercises to build Ponyracer ( step by step.
For each exercise, we will give you the unit tests to validate what you have to do, and a complete solution to see what's the most elegant way to solve the exercise. At the end of each exercise, you will be able to submit your score to our platform: it will run the tests, analyze your code, etc...
We think it's a great way to learn how to build real apps, with everything you need to know (http, auth, routing, tests, services, observables, etc...).

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