Day One of 2016. Clarity

I did archive my 2015 letters and started from zero mails in my Inbox! It feels all new opportunities have their free space and I'm welcoming them! That's what I'm focused on, creating this space in the beginning of the year.

So I send this letter to myself and to all bright Google plus people, a message about clarity and open minds. This is the way I've met you, remember you and I believe we have exciting connected experiences on Google plus awaiting us along 2016!

+David Amerland +Stan Bush +Zara Altair +todd comer +Alex Simidchiev +Florian Castlunger +Teodora Petkova +Omi Sido +Denis Labelle +Andre Amorim +Vin Brown +Teya Bozhilova +Nicky Pasquier +Patti Pokorchak +Gina Fiedel +Iveta Petrova +Leila Martin +Ron Snayberger +Michele De Socio +Cherie Manifest +Sanjiv Manifest +Debi Davis +Sheila Hensley +Tim Sweeney +Rey Ley +Melinda Samson +Lucie Nolette +Michel Reibel +Nazim Beltran +Monika Schmidt +Георги Георгиев +Borislav Arapchev +Mariya Philipova +Georgi Stankov +Heidi Bouman +Greg Cooper +Amelia Hoskins +Julie Holberg +Luke Shearing +Steve Bonin +Jaz Greer +Ifinder Ifindi +Ebrahim Ebrahimian

P.S. Waw, it turned out a circle:)
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