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Nina Trankova
Digital Communication, G+Create,G+Top Contributor, Moderator
Digital Communication, G+Create,G+Top Contributor, Moderator


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See Front Position of Posts from Google Plus Collections in Discover
With Discover, users reach featured Collections in more ways

When they
◊ Click Discover and research posts that interest them.
◊ Click Discover and choose a Topic.
◊ Search by typing keywords and phrases in the Search box.

Create a new post, add it to your Themed Collection and users will see the post in front position whether they scroll "Discover", search for what they are interested in, either explore a Topic.

Follow "G+Collections PRO":

#GooglePlus #Discover #BeKnownForWhatYouCreate
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David Amerland About Writing The Sniper Mind
how to win and keep on winning

How does our mind connect? The Sniper Mind is a roadmap, practical guide how to think more effectively even under the greatest pressure.

#BrainAnalytics #TheSniperMind

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Local Online Benefits

For points of interest, one can already verify the location and manage it on search and maps in the same way "Google My Business" does. business.

Check free e-book downloads on for getting points of interest on the map.
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Google on Chatbots

If you implement chatbot just because it's a new thing, don't. This article explains why it might be not working for you.

#digital #communication
John Mueller from Google on chatbots - they don't automatically make your web pages better.

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"What we consider "impossible" is usually an outcome predetermined by our perception of a reality we process. In assessing that reality we make assumptions and weigh them against the likelihood of different potential outcomes. By pronouncing something "impossible" we instantly exclude certain forms of action. By excluding some forms of action, however difficult they may be, we preclude some outcomes. Our pronouncement of something as "impossible" becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Muhammad Ali was right: "impossible is an opinion". +David Amerland

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Честит празник, България!

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Member Spotlight With Google+Collections Community

+Azlin Bloor​ is presenting Member Spotlight, a picturesque journey around France: +Lisa Watson​ 's Insights.

#memberspotlight #GooglePlusCollections #Communiy
Member Spotlight

Our Moderators and G+ team is excited to announce that our Member Spotlight this week focuses on +Lisa Watson. Congratulations, Lisa!

Lisa is originally from New Zealand. She's married to an Italian and lives in France. This diverse background is reflected in her colourful Collections. She is also a food blogger, and moderates the foodies+ community.

As a result, her Collections will make you hungry while they take you on a journey to all the places that Lisa travels to, like this Collection on France. Lisa will soon be going on a holiday to Japan with her family, so follow her to get posts on that!

Click here to go to her profile:

Have you mastered your Collections?
Are you engaging and collaborating to support fellow G+ users?
Did you know that you are potentially our next Member Spotlight pick?_
Just keep improving those Collections!

#MemberSpotlight #Collections101

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How to Create Top Excerpts With Google Plus Collections
Hint Digital Visual

Expertise and mastery is deep knowledge that may create digital devide by themselves.To bridge and include online audience:

Implement , digital visual tools
this drawing took me 7 hours
thanks for watching :)

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Your Public Picture
how to disable comments and reshares tutorial

#GooglePlusSynergize #GooglePlusKnowledge #GooglePlus #tutorial
How To Disable Comments & Reshares On Your Profile Pic

First you need to view your profile.

1.) On Your Profile, Click Your Profile Picture

Next, you will see the 'lightbox' view of your profile pic. Unfortunately there is no options to change your settings in this screen. Click the reshare icon in the bottom right.

2.) Reshare The Post Privately

So, you need to reshare the post, privately to yourself, in order to get to the original post of your profile pic. (You may skip this part if you already have a link to the 'post' from a notification.) Select a private audience, collection, or simply yourself from 'see more' in the audience selector.

3.) Refresh and go to "Originally shared" Post

You will need to refresh your profile to view the 'new' privately shared post. There you will see the second line of blue text at the top of the new post indicating it is a reshare.
If you click that text link, it will take you to the original post. Even if you did not actually share your profile photo as a post, this post will exist, although it's unlikely to be displayed on your profile.

4.) Click on Post Options and select disable Comments and Reshares

Once on the original post you will be able to click on the 'post options' (three vertical dots in the top right). Where you will have the option to disable comments and reshares.


You may also wish to consider doing this with all past profile pics, or alternatively, you can quickly delete all your older profile pics via the Google Album Archive. Though the archive only gives options to delete, or download images, no other settings are located there:

options and screens may vary slightly using the mobile app, this tutorial was created using the desktop interface

We hope you have found this useful. If you do require any assistance or support using Google+, then please visit the Official Google+ Help Community:
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Violet in Forms and Shades
The flow of the pathway.
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