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Nina Trankova
Digital Communications Skills Coach, Create member, Google Top Contributor, Community Moderator
Digital Communications Skills Coach, Create member, Google Top Contributor, Community Moderator


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On e Board

2017 was a fascinating year “on e board”! I could say or write no words and still be in synchronicity in mutual understanding with friends and collaborators online!

At the same time, for the topics, I’m keeping up “Business&Entrepreneurship” and “Social Media Marketing” my streaming digests and interviews have two times more followers on yearly bases in average for all six editions. “Innovation Business Trend Events” has 3.9 times increase and Google Plus Synergize” has 4.7 times increase compared to 2016. My personal profile, has 1.5 times increased following. See the graphs here and on my site. The most impressive is not the metrics though….

It's the heartbeat of the platform!

Listen to the "Heartbeat" and think how your specific voice online sounds on the web:

In 2018 I'm elaborating on "One" for being honest, one with our own selves offline and online as well. For this, I created a collaborative space you may wish to join: On e Board Community. Be welcome:

Read the whole article:

Thank you +CircleCount for making the graphs available!

#GooglePlusKnowledge #ONeBoard
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First Community Experts Q&A Event Recap

An excellent initiative of Google+Create Program +Rachel Bakker to learn and excel in moderating your Communities!

Congratulations to the Community Expert +Azlin Bloor who started the series with proven Community Success Formula and great generosity of her time and attention to Google+ users, Moderators and owners of Communities!

#GooglePlusKnowledge #CommunityExperts
#Community Experts Recap - featuring +Azlin Bloor
Sustaining Long Term Engagement and Success in your Community.

Thank you Azlin Bloor for leading our very first #CommunityExperts event! And thank you +Pete Bleackley, +Monika Fuchs, +Ed S, +Christian Nalletamby, +al m, +Nina Trankova +Lisa Watson and +Pam WhimsicalVintage for your excellent questions.

Whether you're a new or seasoned community moderator, I encourage you to check out Azlin's sage advice. She is a goldmine of proven best practices and innovative ideas, taken straight from her experience on the foodies+ community and beyond.

Sustaining Long Term Engagement and Success in your Community

Community Success Formula
1. Rules - everyone needs guidelines on which to base their work on; some people happily embrace them, others don't. We are comfortable losing members or potential members who don't play by the rules.
2. Moderators - our moderators keep in touch with each other regularly, with questions and updates. They are also vigilant and not afraid to enforce the rules.
3. Consistency - we are consistent in the projects, themes, and games that we run, so there's always a reason for members to engage. But don’t forget, variety is the spice of life, so keep the topics interesting and varied.
4. Delegating - this is really important, as it prevents burnout, keeps mods/members invested in the community.

Respect Original Content - in our foodies+ community if we come across members who lift and post recipes, images and links that do not belong to them, we ask that the poster attributes the content to the original creator or the post has to go.

Put Out The Welcome Mat - welcome every single new member! Make them feel comfortable and excited about joining the community.

Manage the Conversation - as owner/moderator, you have to reign members in when they get heated up, and simply put an end to it if members do not listen.

Be Present - engage with your community as much as is possible. As I tell my mods, 5 minutes a day is a whole lot better than once or twice a week. That 5 minutes will allow you to comment on at least 1 post, and perhaps clear up some spam, if need be.

Leadership - a community can go a long, long way if it has someone to steer the ship. Maybe for some communities, that's 2 people.

Your Community Brand - having a brand that members identify with and are proud of is crucial in ensuring loyalty and participation. That brand and identity can be promoted with real meet-ups and brand merchandise, just to illustrate 2 examples.

Rituals - rituals keep members coming back and also make management easier, as you don't have to come up with new activities every week or month.

Incentive to Engage - tagging people in your posts (whether they are yours or your members’), initiatives and events are powerful ways to encourage engagement. Also, asking members for their opinions, whether in polls, or regular posts is a sure fire way of getting participation.

See full #CommunityExperts conversation here:
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Travel Collections Tips

In the first #CreateConnections event, organized by the Google+ Collections Community, travel expert +Monika Fuchs shared her advice about creating engaging travel content for collections and posts. Here are some of Monika's tips:

Create Travel Collections – Collections attract people who are interested in your travel topic. By regularly publishing to your collection, you will keep people coming back to your page.

Increase Engagement – Ask your followers questions and invite them to participate in polls. This will help you learn about your followers' interests in a direct and easy way. Start off with simple questions to initiate participation.

Build Relationships – Get to know other people who are interested in your travel topics. Visit their profiles, websites, communities, and interact with them on their own publications as well.

Choose the Right Topics – Focus your collections around niches that can be regularly updated with more content. This could be a specific city or location, or could be a travel theme such as regional food, castles or gardens. Select your topic carefully, so that you can post in the collection for a long period of time. This way, you only need to post your most interesting content, such as your most outstanding photographs with descriptions explaining the image.

Personalize your Collections – Add a touch of your personality to your collections. This helps you draw more people to your collections, and also lets your followers know who you are and what inspires you.

Pick an Interesting Title – Spend time selecting the title for your collection. Your title should be descriptive, but also make people curious about what's inside.

Find your Audience – To reach your target audiences, select specific topics for each of your collections and stick to it with each post. This helps users find your content, and gives them the confidence that they are following what they want to see. Consistency is essential.

See the full #CreateConnections conversation here:
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To a brave friend's BD!
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How To Capture Inspirational Travel Moments
"Travel" topic with #CreateConnections initiative

Hint Make notes! Special moments include additional impressions.

The ongoing live Q&A session, a Google+Collections Initiative has excellent pointers! Join the conversation here:

All about Collections and free e-books on my site:

Follow "Google Plus Collections PRO"

#GooglePlusCollections #GooglePlusKnowledge #PRO #Travel
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The Spheres of Influence

The wind plays with the sun to draw the land and the sky! That's how the old say comes to mind: 'from where the wind is blowing', with hint to how our daily life is being influenced.

Do you have a similar old say?

I've checked the histogram with 'Snapseed' from Google Play apps. Not perfect, yet very well for a starter practice.

Resource for my practical learning:"Light and lighting" book by M. Freeman
Photo NinaTrankova, unedited

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Live Q&A Session Now: Capturing Inspirational Travel Moments For your Google+ Collections

Ask +Monika Fuchs

Monika Fuchs has traveled professionally all her life. She worked as a tour guide on four continents for 17 years. Also, she always loved to write and take photos. So what was more natural than using the time between her trips to start publishing her travel tips online. She did so with her first online magazine in 2001

#CreateConnections with +Monika Fuchs - PART 2. Join Us Now!

Welcome to our second round of #CreateConnections with Monika Fuchs! Today we're talking about capturing inspirational travel moments for your Google+ Collections.

To receive Monika's advice, ask your question in the comments section of this post!

● Please only ask questions about how to create better posts and Collections.
● No promotional content
● Be respectful

Join the conversation now!

About Monika

Monika Fuchs has travelled professionally all her life. She worked as a tour guide on four continents for 17 years. Also, she always loved to write and take photos. So what was more natural than using the time between her trips to start publishing her travel tips online. She did so with her first online magazine in 2001.

Her topic was food and travel right from the start, since one of the first questions she always got, when guiding tours, was: how is the food. Many of her guests expected to eat fast food during their whole trip. Since she knew from experience how well you can eat in certain restaurants and regions she decided to introduce her readers to this. The hobby soon turned into her second job: writing as a travel journalist and travel blogger about travel and regional foods.

Her second topic is slow travel, which does not only include the literal meaning, although she also tests different ways of slow travelling. She also considers it a way to travel that allows her to delve deeper into the way of life and the culture of the destination she visits. She does not rush from one highlight to the next. Rather she takes her time and tries to meet people, who do something that is symbolic for the region she is in. She looks behind the scenes of the destinations she travels to and thus collects a much better understanding of a region than by just rushing through it in search of the next highlight.

Today she is travelling the world in search of regional foods and slow travel experiences together with her husband Petar. Monika is writing and taking photos, Petar contributes the videos they publish on their blog and on YouTube. They share their publications in several G+ Collections with interested readers and followers.
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Live: Inspirational Travel Moments Live Event
Diving deeper with +Monika Fuchs

The new initiative of the official Google+Collections Community has it's second Q&A session live now!

You wouldn't want to miss from the generous knowledge Monika Fuchs is sharing based on her practice and personal experience from 17 years guided tours on four continents!

Google+ users are lucky to have Monika Fuchs as her digital savvy activities on G+ and across channels may have multiple implementations for related niches.

Take advantage and join Collections Community to participate on the current live Q&A session:

#CreateConnections #GooglePlusCollections #Community #Event
Die zweite Runde von #CreateConnections hat begonnen

Schaut doch mal rein. Ich beantworte dort gerne Fragen, wie Ihr Sammlungen zum Thema "Reise" interessant gestaltet.

Hier ist der Link zum Frage und Antwort-Projekt:

The Second Round of # CreateConnections has started

Visit me there. I am happy to answer questions you have about making your travel collections interesting.

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What about doing some shovel work together?

On Sunday 21 January I'll start a question and answers post, so each of us can share one step done forward Commitment 2018 or ask questions.

Each year in November since 2015 I've been doing a public event online in support of Collaborators' commitment for the year ahead.

In 2018 we are elaborating on "One" in many related aspects.

If you are interested, welcome to join On e Board Community:

Here is my article on this new project:

#BeKnownForWhatYouCreate #OnEBoard #Community
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Touches of Sun Rays
Testing the exposition with Android on rainy day
f/2.4 1/125 4.1 mm

Resource: "Light and lighting" book by M.Freeman
Photo Nina Trankova

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