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"Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity."

-Herbert Hoover

Sunny spring garden for #ZenSunday curated by +Nathan Wirth, +Charlotte Therese Björnström & +Simon Kitcher and #grasspoker with +Martin OBER, +Jules Hunter & +Steven Sherwin as well as the #purplecircle gang of +Sinead Sam McKeown, +Craig Szymanski, +lynn langmade & +Alexis Coram.
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This is a beautiful trio. I especially appreciate your angle!
The light these flowers are reaching for just shines through them!
Very nice. The light shining through the petals makes this shot really special.
Super nice!!! That is some gorgeous sunlight you've captured!
Very nice image, +Nina Piccoli, I like how all three flowers are facing the same direction. Great lights.
Really beautiful light (as if they are on stage with spotlights shining on them).
Thank you, +Craig Szymanski! I think that I'm getting somewhere with my understanding of outdoor lighting - thank you!
beautiful shot Ninna.. love the way the flowers look transparent..
Wow! This is splendid!!! I love everything about this, Nina... Thanks for brightening my day!
how lovely, love the light through the petals!
Triple shining purple beauties +Nina Piccoli! Wonderful light on each one and captured so beautifully!
Thank you so much, +Marilou Aballe! I was lucky to find them with the light on them - the fence behind them is to the south and a lot of the flower bed was in shadow.
Gorgeous light and composition. I love the translucency of the petals! I don't even think my neighbors minded you crawling through their yard ;)
Love this one, Nina! Like the way they're all sort of leaning to one side and the colour!
Yes, I thought so, but in the photograph it looks nice, as if they're bowing to someone on the right!
Amazing light, so beautiful flowers Nina!
I totally agree with you, +Tarun Bhushan, which is why I titled it "Sun Saluted". The wee crocuses are practicing their yoga ;-)
Yeah, pretty nice, but it is just so hard to eliminate clutter and simplify the images. I would say this is just as good as any attempt I've ever made. I've just rarely found one that is more than "nice" and really rises to "compelling," like a lot of other flower images do. Know what I mean? Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for coming over and looking! I see what you mean about the background. I have a tighter cropped one from the same set that I used for the scavenger hunt and it eliminates some of the clutter.
Nina, Congratulations for your part in the "How we see it" book! I enjoyed your space in the book and this is one of my favorite images of yours! I love it...
Thank you, +Mark Bottoms! I'm thrilled that you took the time to look through the book. I really appreciate your positive and supportive attitude!
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