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Outstanding use of animation to illustrate otherwise dry text.
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comparing energy to numbers of slaves?????? Really? I'm all for keeping an open mind, and we do need to find non-carbon based sources of energy, but inflammatory imagery doesn't win over anyone.
I didn't take it that way at all. It simply meant human labor - if you had X number of humans laboring on your behalf.
+John Jackson i've used the slave analogy myself when describing how much work oil can do. It's also reminds how dependent the economy and our lifestyle is on that source of virtually free work. I never thought about the inflammatory aspect, but i can see that.
Animation can be used to spread information, or misinformation as in this case. The misinformation is about nuclear technologies.
Which claim do you dispute +Kiran Varanasi ? They didn't even focus on the unimpressive EROEI of nuclear, or the incredible environmental downside. Just the fact that if you could build enough reactors, they would be out of fuel in a short time. (maybe bc that pretty much ends the discussion that is the overall point of the film, that we can't maintain our recent expansion by any means)
And another thought on the slave analogy. the 'inflammatory' aspect seems to be about the comparison of being a slave owner vs. an 'oil-user', the owning of a human being way way more evil. no doubt. but that shouldn't make anyone feel too smug because much real human suffering goes into the deal, mostly off-shore to maintain Western abundance. and if one were to consider the enitity 'Giaia', there's some serious wounds being inflicted upon Her! Gas is definately costly in moral terms.

But holy crap does it get work done, it's incredible. This afternoon I did a rowing machine. I can do 840cal per hour pace for about 15 mins, but if I could keep that Iron Man pace up for 24 hours straight...for 4.39 years, I would equal the calories in one gallon of gas.

There's just nothing on earth that can replace the God-Juice. Society will be downscaling to match our actual declining energy profit for the rest of our lives, it's simple math. It's been underway for 5 years or more. it might take 100 years to return to pre-industrial populations.
...but even if it proves itself, i'm not seeing it 'power the world' both from scale and bc no electrical solution can (because of all the vehicles and motorized equipment that we use, battery-powered motors just don't haul and dig and so on).

and the mega-death thing still has to be factored in with all nuke solutions.
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