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We're glad to invite you to Google Israel R&D Center's Open House that will take place on Thursday, June 19th at both Google's Haifa and Tel Aviv offices. 
The event will include an overview of initiatives developed in Israel, technical talks about Google and Waze projects, as well as a panel discussion with local engineers. 
It is a great chance to learn more about Google's culture, our Engineering projects, and what it's like to work at Google.

Here are the event details:

When: Thursday, June 19th

Where: Google TLV and Haifa offices

17:00 - 17:30: Arrival & Refreshments 
17:30 - 17:45: Overview of Google Israel
17:45 - 18:45: Tech Talks about Google and Waze's projects
18:45 - 19:30: Q&A panel with Google engineers

Invitations are limited, so please register here for the event by Sunday, June 15th. Confirmation of attendance will be emailed out on Tuesday, June 17th to all invitees. 

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And she's out!!! Check it out
Google top 10 charts in many categories.

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[נותרו מקומות אחרונים]
מכירים בעלי עסקים שמעוניינים להתחיל לפרסם ב- Google?
הכנס הבא הוא בדיוק בשבילם! תוך 3 שעות בלבד בעל העסק יקבל את הכלים על מנת להתחיל לפרסם ב- Google ויישב לפגישה אישית של שעה שלמה עם מומחה פרסום ב- Google.

כנס "אחד על אחד עם Google" 28-29 באפריל 2013
ההרשמה לכנס היא ללא תשלום.

Check out new cold trends!

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After loads of bureaucracy, we're finally out with youtube data!
Google Trends ( enables you to explore what’s been top of mind around the world. You can pop in any query and see spikes over time and geography across Web Search, News and Images. Now we’re adding YouTube searches, so for the first time you can explore the videos people have been searching for since 2008.

To try it out, go to Google Trends, type in any search query—for example, [first time hearing]—and then on the left-hand panel under “Limit to,” choose “YouTube.” For more, check out our post on the YouTube Trends blog:

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When you’re looking for the hottest topics on the web, Google Trends helps you navigate the top search queries: Today we're expanding to seven new countries, so you can now browse topics that are spiking in popularity in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Russia, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. It's a fascinating way to peek into the daily Zeitgeist of places around the world.

When you visit Google Trends you'll find trending topics going back for the past few days. Some topics reach near global hotness—such as the Oscars or the Harlem Shake—but most are more regional. 

In the meantime, no matter where you are, we invite you to dive in and explore search data. At, you can always type in any search terms to see interesting trends down to a specific week in a specific city, anywhere in the world. 

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And its official!!
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