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Please +1 and share this, let your friends know about it. Very excited to get this gearing up to launch.
Working on getting the Kickstarter ready, so we thought it might be cool to let you have a little video preview. Feel free to share and encourage people to follow us to keep up to date with what's happening.

OK, folks. Anyone got any ideas for this one? I've not been able to find a solution to this so far:

I have a 32GB USB stick drive that was working fine up until recently. It seems to have entered some kind of silent write-protect mode. I copy files onto it and while it is plugged in the files are accessible (such as media and documents), but as soon as I disconnect it and reconnect it, the files are gone. Likewise, anything I delete from it are still there when I reconnect it.

Linda has another 32GB (same make, bought at the same time) that still works fine and registers as a USB2.0 Device (K: drive), as it should. Comparing it to my faulty one I notice that it registers as a Flash Card Reader/Writer (F: drive), despite being plugged into exactly the same USB port.

I have tried re-formatted the stick and my computer just won't have any of it. I have also tried uninstalling the driver but can't seem to get that to work (maybe I'm trying the wrong way, I don't know, or it's just a system standard you can't remove).

Any ideas?

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Apparently Munchkin is going onto Xbox and maybe other computery game platforms too.

I have tried for a long time to be sanguine about what happened with Munchkin. Me and +Steve Mortimer wrote The Munchkin's Guide to Powergaming and from that came the d20 stuff and, eventually, the card game. Both the d20 material and the original card game contain a huge amount of material taken from or inspired by the book - but just not quite enough to trip the clause in the contract where they'd need to give us more money.

By and large my relationship with SJG is pretty good. They pay up on time and e23 does well for me - second only to RPGNOW - but at this point, with Munchkin seemingly keeping the company afloat and making them money hand-over-fist it seems... ungrateful not to have involved us again or even acknowledged us, let alone cut us in for any amount of the fortune ensuing from our humour.

Furthermore it has become clear to us recently, via another slap in the face, that our role in this gaming phenomenon is not only being ignored but actively being written out.

SJG gave us our first break in writing and essentially launched my career as a gaming professional. Perhaps it is churlish of me to feel this way but I do feel that our contribution is worth greater acknowledgement and that, perhaps, it might have been nice to do a tenth anniversary recap or to have brought us back to do a supplement.

It was even me that wanted +John Kovalic to illustrate the original book, though he couldn't do much then due to other commitments.

I'm torn on this. I feel ungrateful to be so bloody angry about this but every time we're left out, another add on comes out or it conquers another medium its a stab in the gut and a sharp reminder of being cut out.

I don't know what to do with how I feel about this any more. I use to just joke about it, but it's no longer funny.
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