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Nimble hung out with 56 people.Wang Feng, Ammar Darwish, Louise Wain, John Sanchez, Dave Johnson, 窦义坤, Niclas Kösling, Gabriel Paradelo, nourelhak mhamdi, Liam Bayer, Torgeir Waterhouse, Jay Campbell, josiah holsomback, Nadine Hobeika, Nazaret Ea Ea, ahmad esam, Marcelo Vieira, Erica Chao, Khadijah Britton, JD, Aghiles Saheb, Joan Rubió Comas, moh rash, Tim Mayneord, samuel sida, Ismail Balaban, Reece Carter, zaur Kurbanov, Mohammed Ali Halawani, Pedro César Steffens Machado, Felipe Vizeu, George Veeree, Nick Mwaura, Manoj Ranaweera, Anthony Park, Mark K., matt buck, نايف الغامدي, Puneet Taneja, Bahram Rzabeily, Sid Burgess, Ali Young, Manish Deo, tani khatsui, Jordan Turner, Mêtàl TrT, Mike Murray, Nader Aminifar, Георги Димитров, Bhupinder singh, Samet Çelik, Laxhaan Sunderakanthan, anouar anouar, Jean Francois Desmarais, محمود شعبان, Adriano Carvalho, and boris boylov
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Nimble was in a video call with 50 others
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Great job hosting the hangouts! Glad to see you guys doing it. Keep up the great work!
Thanks for joining in today, everyone!

For our fans and supporters, we appreciate you for coming out today and apologies for the constant distractions of having listed this as a "public" hang-out. There are still some intricacies to be worked out with Google+ Hangouts and again, thank you for coming out. We'll look to do our next one on Thursday, April 19th at 10am PDT.

For Google+ chatters who may have stumbled into our conversation today, thank you for taking the time to come take a look at We're a social CRM platform to help you unify your contacts, calendars, communication & collaboration. We help you bring it all together.

Thank you!
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