My project with +Anas Khan​ we have worked on so long.. 😍
Finally I'm proud to announce it :D
My Project with +Nils Urbanus  is finally complete! [FREEBIE RELEASE POST]

We have been teasing this for quite a while. So here is the project , a group of 12 mockups of Apple Devices which you can use for showcasing you're designs! 

The List Includes :
- An iMac
- A Macbook Pro
- An iPad
- An iPad Mini
- An iPhone 6
- An iPhone 6+
- An Apple Watch (Available in two colors)
- The Original Macintosh
- A Classic iPod
- An iPod Shuffle
- An iPod Nano

Hope you enjoy this freebie , be sure to mention any of us while using these mockups. All of the products are showcased in the second and third pictures while theyre shown seperately in further pictures.

Grab them here :

Sidenote : Some files are AI while others are in PS format , sorry for this inconvenience. Please Reshare , +1 , and Give feedback on this project if you like it. :D
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