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If u find this post meaningful and want us to help make this geiger counter, please RE-SHARE this post!

Here's +MAKE Tech Advisory Board member Andrew "Bunnie" Huang's own blog about the design process of the "stylish, more user friendly geiger counter".

+Safecast Geiger Counter Reference Design -

I found this very close to me as I was living in Tokyo when the Earthquake stroke, a lot of my friends are still affected by the situation at Fukushima Daiichi, so the feeling of "wanting to help" is the same. Secondly, the design theory of "making it stylish and user-friendly*" so more people can use it everyday is very similar to what we are doing with our *$300 3D Printer - the #MakiBox . Finally, the prototyping process itself - even the casing of that final prototype was made by CNC-machined ABS! Whole process costs less than $3000 total! That's pretty awesome!!

I'll be posting on Safecast's mailing list to offer our help in bringing this new geiger counter to market! Like I said, we started this company because we want to do good, meaningful things with our lives! Even though we're a small team, we want to do our best for meaningful causes and help those who are making positive changes in the world!!!

So, if you're onboard with what we do, and you want +Safecast to use +Makible's service to manufacture this geiger counter for the people. PLEASE RE-SHARE THIS POST!

Thank you,
+Nicholas Wang
Makible Co-founder

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This past weekend marked the anniversary of the Tohoku-Oki earthquake that devastated Japan. I had not felt my blood so cold since I watched the twin towers fall almost a decade earlier. I still vivid...
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If you feel like spending a bit of time with some circuitry, you can make an ion chamber for about $5, and it's slightly more sensitive (if vastly slower) than a geiger tube. It's also fairly easy to interface to a computer for long-term logging, compared to geiger counters -- you don't have to deal with reducing high voltage down to something safe to interface.
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