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Reading through the newest #japica  posts on Forums makes me think we do need a nice Mem for the 3d Printing Community. Maybe:

Friends don't let friends buy crappy 3d Printers. Check your nearest 3d Printing Community first.
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I spent my day trying to fix two of the cheapest (in every sense of the word) printers currently on the market, cringing at every cut-corner and disgusted at the lengths their respective designers went to to save a buck.
Printrbot jr. and Solidoodle. Getting the Printrbot jr. to work despite itself was actually a fun challenge (that machine is like a fractal of bad design choices), but the solidoodle was just aggravating.
I am looking fwd to your opinion on the #makibox design. And i am also a bit scared ^_^ 
I look forward to seeing one up close. There are a few things about it that have always worried me, but I can tell you now that it's a more sound design than the PBJ.
I definitely want to get my hands on one when they're available. My sister actually likes bagpipe music, so if it turns out not to be a usable printer, I can always write some gcode to make the axes play Danny Boy and give it to her ;)
I've spotted some of the Makibox' issues in the videos - they don't look like they could be fixed easily, too.
I'm pretty sure +Nils Hitze will bring his to #makemunich  , a perfect opportunity to form an opinion on it.
The main beef i have with the Makibox' axis layout is that the non-driven end of X and Y seems to exhibit _lash_ in a way. When the driven end starts moving, the rods driving the hotend first pivot about the driven end before the other end starts moving. Not only does this introduce las, it introduces lash that is dependent of the absoulte position of the nozzle, possibly resulting in non-straight lines on teh other axis.
It's kinda hard to explain this without a drawing - i might sketch one up ehen i get home today. Also keep in mind that this is purely observed from videos of alpha units, so the beta or production units might exhibit this to a lesser extent.
Mechanically, though, it's clear that this setup must show this kind of lash.
The other thing is the hotend - i know kapton is a great material, but it degrades when exposed to temperaures like seen in the hotend. Time will tell how long the flex heater holds up.
The extruder's zen drive is another point of concern regrading long-time consistency; i'm afraid the wheel would break after a couple kilos.
I'll back the statement that kapton degrades when exposed to high temperatures.  I have kapton tape that has basically flaked off of my J-head MK-IV-B - though that hot end is pretty damn old.
Dupont even gives degradation figures in their datasheets - if i remember correctly it was something like half the mechanical strength every thousand-ish hours at 250C.
I think the number of people disappointed by the PBJ is at least as large as the number of people who have bought them.
Oh, another thing I found about the Solidoodle. The max temp set in Marlin was 215C, and the default ABS profiles were set to print at 200C. The repairs I did included changing the thermistor (and thus thermistor table), and that max temp setting had to be increased to get it to extrude. The obvious conclusion is that the thermistor table it was using before didn't match the thermistor it came with, and the temperature in the slicing profiles had been changed to compensate.
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