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Nerd, Dad, Maker, Networker
Power Networking, Organizing Events, Evangelizing Tech
  • BQ
    Product Department of Education and DIY, 2015 - 2016
    CEO, 2012 - present
    I am CEO of a small 3d Printing Service/Reseller Startup in Munich, Germany called 3dDinge (3dThings). We provide Service around FDM 3d Printing, sell materials and a small handpicked collection of 3d Printers.
  • BörseGo AG
    Incident Manager, 2010 - 2015
    Community Manager, 2014 - 2015
    For a new news portal about 3dPrinting for B2C i am working as a part time Community Manager / Social Media Growth Hacker
  • GameCamp Munich
    Orga, 2009 - 2012
  • GTUG Munich
    Leader, 2009 - 2012
  • Makible Ltd
    Community Manager, 2012 - 2013
    I was the Community Manager of Makible LTD, producer of the Makibox 3d Printer, most affordable Desktop 3d Printer
  • GTUG Worldwide
    Admin, 2011 - 2012
  • GTUG Germany
    Speaker, 2011 - 2012
  • BarCamp Munich
    Orga, 2008 - 2011
  • Bigmouthmedia GmbH
    Senior Technical Consultant, 2008 - 2010
  • Design Aspekt GbR
    Web Developer, 2006 - 2008
  • Commedia GmbH
    Editor, 2004 - 2006
  • Ontime Data AG
    Developer, 2002 - 2002
  • Global Media Applications
    WebDeveloper, 2002 - 2003
  • DevDusk Munich
    Orga, 2008 - 2009
  • CloudCamp Munich
    Orga, 2011 - 2011
  • Make Munich
    Founder, present
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Ingelheim - Mörs - Karlsfeld - Eichenau
Gentleman Nerd, Dad, Transhumanist
I am Nerd. I'm father of 6. <3 #3dprinting #maker #zombie #voltcola #makibox

Note: If you want me to promote your: software, app, company, service, ngo - just write me an email ( - also if you need help organizing your UserGroup Event (BarCamp/Hackathon), i can/will eventually help for free.

I am happen to be a dad of five lovely children, married to a wonderful wife (since 2004) and im working as a 1st/2nd Level TechSupporter for a company named BörseGo in Munich.

What makes me so nerdy is my addiction to knowledge/makers, spreading wisdom, my wish to make the world better than i've entered it and my strong believe that it is possible to do this with teaching and technology.

I love Zombies, Gaming, NERF Guns, MineCraft, LEGO, 3D Printing, Hackerspaces and there is almost no country in the world where i don't know at least ONE person who i could ask about their local TechCommunity.

I was the official Speaker of german GTUGs, the GoogleTechnologyUserGroups (now know as GDGs, Google Developer Groups)

I am also Founder of the GTUG Munich

If you want to get your TechEvent organized or evangelize your API, Gadget or Product, just ask me: i can be hired for exactly this. Plus i can be payed in LEGOs. No joke!

Organizer of:

Was organizing:
Developer Weekend #gddde 2011
PHP UG Munich (2006-2010)
DevDusk Munich (2008-2009)

Part of Team Techism, TechEvents in Munich:

License of my G+ Content
CC BY-NC - means you are allowed to share/remix my content as long as it's for Non Commercial Use. If it's for Commercial use, just ask me:

Bragging rights
can count binary with my fingers, has six kids, Level 50 EventOrganizer, Level 60 Networker
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  • Macromedia Akademie für neue Medien
    Mediadesigner Web, 2000 - 2002
  • Gymnasium Puchheim
    1993 - 1999
  • Gymnasium Rasso Fürstenfeldbruck
    1999 - 2000
  • Grundschule Eichenau
    1990 - 1992
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Nils Hitze

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Looks like one can pin posts again.

Renting out mine for 99 €/month to whoever wants it.

Incl. Video or Image and Backlink.

Alternative payment via possible - six months special package for the Avengers Helicarrier.

Just let me know or here on G+
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+Nils Hitze I have nothing against what you do. I know you don't just promote for money (ie the whole makibox thing) but I would have been really surprised if you didn't do rented posts.
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Nils Hitze

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Rereading Alan Dean Fosters Midworld, one of my favorite books (ever) and was wondering if there is a video game adaption I have missed. Would be awesome, an open world forest planet where everything wants to eat you
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Isn't that called Australia?
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Nils Hitze

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Just 12 hours remain to get today's Last Chance Tee: "Glow in the Arc" on Qwertee: £10/€12/$14 till the timer reaches zero then it's GONE! Be sure to "+1" this for 1 chance at a FREE TEE today "Share" it for 2 chances and "Comment" on it for a 3rd chance. Thanks as always:)

(This promotion is in no way sponsored endorsed or administered by or associated with Google+.)
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Nils Hitze

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Hey, I just discovered, that there is an 3d-printing contest on I took the opportunity to participate with my little printer DICE and figured, that maybe you want to support me with a vote on your own?!
Hello! My name is René, I am a 34 year old german electrical engineer and this is my very first instructable. In my spare time, I love to tinker with 3D-printers. In the last years I did build 3 different 3D-printer on my own, each (subjectively :D ) better than it's predecessor. Now, for my fourth printer, I did it different. I wanted to build a good looking printer that is appropriate and small on my desk. And I wanted it to be top notch!First,...
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Voted. I really like this printer, and wish I had the money to buy it. 
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Nils Hitze

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Apparently Hackaday didn't talk to anyone that knows what actually went on, so the article is unfounded speculation. Hackaday is just a blog for hackers, not any sort of journalism.
My speculation is that Makerbot had the growing pains of any small business, plus if your business hinges critically on technology you MUST get the tech right. 90% of startups fail within 5 years, for well known reasons.
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Nils Hitze

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Check out the 3D Food Printing by 3DigitalCooks during Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D from 14 - 16 June in Erfurt, Germany! See link below. If you have any question - please contact me. 
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Ne, der DICE und ich sind auch da :D
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Nils Hitze

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The LoR team believes very strongly in the power of communities. Tabletop gaming is an amazing hobby and a lot of indie companies are working on building great products. We want to point out products that work well with our game, and thereby support the greater community that we are a part of.

Products with the "Lands of Ruin Compatible" stamp are miniatures, accessories or terrain that the Lands of Ruin team has personally checked out and deemed to be perfect for the game.

No money will change hands in these cases. All products listed here are products we personally like and want to promote. We're not getting paid or pay anyone to be part of the program. It’s all about mutual support for great indie products.

Today, we launch this program with our first partners +Thunder Chrome  who are currently working on a Kickstarter to create some awesome miniature terrain that you can print yourself with a 3D printer!

Read more:
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Nils Hitze

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Oh boy
If you need a ridiculously large sword, Michaelcthulhu's your guy.
Mike Craughwell (aka Michaelcthulhu) makes awesome giant swords for a living. If you've ever wanted a ridiculous large sword, he's your man.
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Nils Hitze

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+Luis Rodriguez Alcalde and I just posted our latest 3D Food Printing Podcast giving a brief look into what we're planning to teach at our 3D Food Printing Workshop: EXPLORATORIUM coming up in June at +FabCon-3D in Erfurt, Germany.

If you've got questions about the workshop feel free to ask away, get with us on any of the +3DigitalCooks social media channels or via the contact page on

And if you're interested in attending the 3DFP workshop go here to get registered
Chapter 10 of the 3DFPod is our 3D Food Printing Workshop Podcast we've created to give a brief overview of what you'll be learning at our 3DFP workshop..
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Nils Hitze

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Interesting history.
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Nils Hitze

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Retro geht immer: Am Wochenende gibt's in München wieder das Vintage Computer Festival. Diesmal sogar mit Text-Adventure zum Mitspielen.
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Wie kann man das in Worte fassen? /home sweet /home? There's no place like - schon bevor man den Laden betritt fühlt man sich als Nerd verstanden. Die Tatsache das man mit NukeCola Deckeln zahlen kann ist nur das Tüpfelchen auf dem i - Foto in einer Tardis? Kein Problem! Trinkgeld in der Item Box? MineCraft Fackeln! 1!!1!! Es gibt eigentlich nichts was es nicht gibt im Item Shop - und man fühlt sich dort definitiv verstanden und sicherer. Because it's dangerous in there -für deinen Geldbeutel
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Ich bin jetzt seit über drei Jahren Kunde von Shirtfriends und inzwischen weiß ich: Wenn ich in T-Shirts für meine Events brauche, dann bestelle ich die hier. Kleine Anekdote: es ist Mittwoch (5ter Juni), 14 Uhr und am nächsten Tag ist Feiertag. Ich schreibe Shirtfriends eine Email: Ich brauche 150 Shirts, das und das Logo, Lieferzeitpunkt 7ter Juli (Freitag, nächsten Monats) und eine Stunde später klingelt das Telefon. Shirtfriends Geschäftsführer Robert Reuter sagt mir: also in Siebdruck können wir's nicht mehr machen bis Freitag, aber in Digitaldruck ist das kein Problem. Er hat sich zwar im Datum geirrt, hätte den Job aber hinbekommen. Wow.
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Schlicht der beste Radladen der Welt. Man muss sich nur damit abfinden dass der Erfolg bisweilen dazu führt das es auch mal länger dauert. Also für die Inspektion mal etwas mehr Zeit nehmen, aber bei fiesen Pannen erwähnen das man das Rad dringend braucht, dann kümmert sich Mark auch entsprechend darum. Ansonsten: Top Qualität, Top Preis-Leistung, Top Alles
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Wirklich nette Besitzer (Mutter & Tochter) - sehr sympatisch und gutes Fachkenntnisse rund um Garten & Tiere speziell Aquaristik
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