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That no focus motor really ruins it for me, man nikon, make the camera I want.
Use manual focus unless they delete meter for legacy lens and AF conformation.
Also change focus screen can be an option.
I'm fully aware of the way around this. How about instead of getting rid of a focus motor, as most prime lenses that are for full frame from the 90's require one, get rid of a stupid feature like HD video, exposure bracketing, in camera editing, or another superflous feature that a still camera should not have.

+Matthew Durr Probably gonna get the d700 either new or used, as it has the features I need. I just got excited for about a day at the idea of the d600
I agree HD video and in camera editing isn't a pro feature, but exposure bracketing, especially if the bracketing range is high, is extremely useful.

Though the d700 was and still is a great camera.
Luckily they are still making the d700, or at least you can still get them brand new. Naturally, nikon cant really make a camera specific for me, but maybe the an mid level d90/d7000 camera in full frame would be nice.

d300s-d800, ya know what I mean?
Personally I could have sworn they were going to release the d400 (d300s successor) with the Sony 24MP sensor, rather than put it in a needless d3200 update. I really like APS-C, though this d600 sounds interesting. 
This doesn't seem a successor for the D700...
This camera sounds interesting. The lack of a focus motor should keep the weight and size down.
If it comes in at that price, I'm worried about it not having a metal chassis and "proper" weather sealing.
I'd really like to see what kind of detailed spec this camera has. It s very interesting for me,if they can make fx cameras at this prices, i don t see a future for cameras like the d7000
+Riccardo Coppola, there'll always be a market for APS-C cameras. Though if the rumors of the d600 are true, getting into the FF bonanza will be an attainable venture.
Now NR needs to find out if this alleged D600 will have proper mic out(s), a factory vertical grip and built in flash commander. Exposure bracketing, via shutter not f-stop, would be nice.
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