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The Nikon AF-S Nikkor 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED DX VR lens leaked on several Nikon websites in Europe (UK, Spain, Germany, Poland) today. This lens has been on my list of upcoming announcements for few m...
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i don't like it... seems useless to me...
wish a 16-85mm f/4 VR
Dunno about this one. I'm curious to see how sharp it is. I can't see it replacing anything, but it might be a decent "carry-around" lens.
Maybe a replacement for my 18-105mm? Hopefully...we'll see
I have and love my 35mm lens.
But I would love this for vacations.
Sure I have a camera bag and beside my 35. I have a 18-55 and 55-200mm lens.
But sometimes it's just easier to have one lens. Might be big, but still just one lens. For that all-round purpose. Just quick go from 18 to 300mm and not spent time on changes lens.
... And some times you cant change lens.
When on a boat with small drops of water hitting you. and some sand/dirt blowing up in your face.
NOT the best time to change lens there.
Hope it is a nice and light lens!
+Alexander S. Kunz where is the context from market acceptance and existence to the question ?
i mean no one cares how much people on the world buy any lens ?

just becouse there are many who get thyer camera as a kit or buy a superzoom becouse of another reason we don't have to change our mind..

and actually i like the question becouse it shows how different the desired equippment is and it was once a verry usefull argument for me (i learn why it is sensible to avoid superzooms)

the problem i have with this lens is it doesnt have a situation in wich it is really good.. its just a cheap lens wich can be used in every situation... for that i don't need a dslr... i could use a bridge a point and shoot or a phone...
+Alexander S. Kunz okay i see its useless...
keep make fun of people who talk about what they want...
makes total sence^^

thanks for your opinion about my opinion by the way...
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