✱Depression: It's not what you think it is!✱

A Stanford University professor gave the best lecture on Depression that I've seen in my day that he compares with Juvenile Diabetes and Cancer. If the human condition fascinates you, you'll want to take 52 minutes of your day to see this. I would never post a non-music video if I thought it wasn't relevant. I'd hate to waste anyone's time. But this is really a must-see. 

If I can just ask you all one favor as kindly as I can.... Due to the sensitive nature of this lecture, I'd like to ask that before commenting that you watch the entire lecture, first.


Is Depression biological? Chemical? Stress induced? Hormonal? Genetic? A Predispositional phenomenon? Or a combination of all? Or some?

Is it a disease?

Is it something made up so people have an excuse to be a victim, lazy, get sympathy and attention?

Is it about mind over matter?

What's the difference between those who can come out of it versus those who cannot?

Do depressed people feel pleasure? Can they enjoy a sunset, for example? 

What is the undiagnosed disease that people have that account for 20% of those who are depressed?

Why are the first 10 years of your life so important?

Why do women have high instances of depression?

Why do carbohydrates eliminate the secretion of stress hormones?

Why is Cushings Disease relevant?

Is depression the worst disease you can ever get?

Is depression really rage/aggression turned inward?

Is it the easiest or hardest disease to admit to?

Why must we understand glucocorticoids (the stress hormone Cortisol) to understand depression?


All of these questions will be answered in the lecture.
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