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Nexus 8


Flat Surface Shader -
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That seems around 7 - 8 inches. Isn't that a bit big ? 
For the text to be that small and crisp. I reckon a 2K display would do just fine. Don't you think ? 
终于有Nexus 新产品的消息了,希望早日发布
Put 4K display, Qualcomm's 8XX (this years) chip, 3-4 GB RAM and a good price tag!! 
I'd prefer larger bezels on a tablet because you can't hold it the way you'd hold a phone.
Pretty great concept. I love it!
Can you please share this amazing wallpaper? Thanks! :)
I don't have that particular wallpaper anymore, but you can easily recreate it with the link provided in the updated description. +jeremy pougnet 
Is that a fingerprint scanner on the bottom?
+Nikolai Prettner Oh man. Ein 8 Zoll Nexus wäre auch zu geil. Hoffe das Google dass so dieses Jahr umsetzt. Dann wird mein Nexus 7 2012 beerbt.
Hi I'm from KL too. I love your design of HTC M8. I have some new ideas of mobile devices, and I believe you will be interested in them. I would like to build a startup to make those devices, but I need someone to create some cool designs to attract more VC.
Would you like to talk?
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