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HTC One M8 - Concept

I love the HTC One, I just really hate the physical buttons. This is how I'd imagine the next HTC One.


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I find the camera really good on the phone, pictures are really clear :) 
+Nikolai Prettner yes i know, i was just kidding. I could not decide between Htc One and Nexus 5, i will wait for the release of M8 and then i will decide :)
Nice design! Can I get that wallpaper? It's beautiful! Sorry, didn't see the link... 😄
The bezel kills me one the M7 loving this full screen design 
Having software keys will be HTC's worst mistake. Unless they can really make them useful. That's one of the only reason I went for the HTC one instead of a nexus 5
Yo tengo el plataaa..y estoy encantado con el.Pedazo d movil....
Derek B
+Gursimran Bedi I tend to agree. I couldn't get my wife to switch from an iPhone because she absolutely had to have a physical button on the front that could turn the screen on, so it was pretty much galaxy s4 or iPhone 5s. She really love the features on my One though, she keeps asking how to get something like blinkfeed on her iPhone.
+Derek Barr it's just a matter if getting used to it. We got my wife a moto x from an iPhone, and she doesn't reach for the home button any more. Though, the screen turns on when she picks it up so.... Yeah... But the physical buttons on the one stink to high heaven. Looking for on screen buttons too +Nikolai Prettner
Great concept design and I agree with you about not having physical keys for a purely design standpoint because I like the full glass front look like the nexus 5. I use pie controls so hard/softkey functionality doesn't matter to me that much.
Exactly. And the fact that you can go 'real' full screen. I mean the navbar isn't that big but it actually makes a huge difference for me +Luhern Goh
Eh, I know it is just preference but I am the opposite. I hate soft keys. I love having the physical capacitive buttons. They are always in the same place and they don't steal your screen real estate. Pointless having the space to make the screen slightly bigger but making that portion always only display buttons.
That b---- is gonna be bad a--
I'm going to use my upgrade on the m8 as long as there is no finger sensor bs
+Mark Simis you don't like a big black box in the middle of an otherwise awesome design? ;-)
The thing with software keys is that they can go away with 4.4, they make the phone look so much cleaner, and they're much more versatile. Also if oems start implementing features like Motorola's active display the need for a power button goes away 
+Emiddio Polcaro why do you need 8m pixel? Do you plan to print extra large picture for your wall? lots of pixel does not mean good picture. It about quality of detector and lens
+Thanet P I would agree with you about this at higher megapixel counts (13 and above) but less than 8MP you really start to notice the lack of detailed compared to a >8MP image, especially on a higher resolution screen and when zooming in/cropping/
Ryan R.
On-screen navigation keys and HTC? Only when hell freezes over.😜😁
Coming from the GS3 I can tell you that the HTC ones camera blows! Other than that, I really like the phone! 
+Ryan R. Well hell has froze over because HTC software keys leaked about a week ago
+Nikolai Prettner in fact, the one doesn't have physical keys (at the front), and if you want to argue that capacitive buttons are also physical, I have to say that they aren't even capacitive, it's just the touchscreen that is longer than the actual display. The proof is that you can use the HTC logo as a key as well, if you modded your device a bit. But of course I know what you mean, as I think of it the same way..
Derek B
+Jesse Gruber yeah my other phone is a moto x and she likes it but didn't like the choice of cases available, lol
Wah! M8 coming soon...
Aviso 9
Can't see myself giving up my m7.... M8 better be better or I'm waiting
I am wishing HTC drops the capacitive buttons. Software keys much better.
Phím trên màn hình như thế này tốt hơn nút trên one.
Thiếu cái logo htc phía trước màn hình. 
Someone should make a phone with both capacitive and software keys, and if you had software keys activated, the capacitive glow should completely turn off and disappear, like how they do on the Galaxy Note phones.
I love my HTC one(actually just got a replacement due to purple camera) but the button placement sucks and is limited thanks to unnecessary front branding. Why, htc?There's a huge HTC logo on the back, do I need one on the front too? Am I going to forget whose phone I'm using?
wat r d features? 
i'd luv 2 hav 1
Just a thought. Would the new HTC be more desirable if they dropped the physical buttons and also sense UI. If they went the way of Motorola and used near stock android? And what would that mean for Motorola? I mean if Samsung did this would the effectively kill Motorola? 
Still loving my one. When will we see a 10 inch tablet. I would buy it at once. 
yeah....  i really like the htc one, except the physical buttons... anw... i'm gonna buy it if it's real....
That would be a perfect design still keeps the aluminum body and the design. The HTC one was the best phone of 2013 and I like that on this concept the buttons are on the screen because I didn't really like the tactile buttons on the one ... And dual flash if HTC plays there cards right this might be another amazing phone keeping my fingers crossed for them. 
Rolf B
I really think onscreen buttons are ugly, and in the way. I like the capacitive buttons, only negative I see is that the symmetry of design is kinda suffering. :)
oooh yea, those buttons look good... just like on my DROID DNA! :-)
+Nikolai Prettner And they look awesome, people that say the One isn't a very good phone just don't know anything about it! Is super fluid, even with sense! Just one time I felt a hiccup, was so minimal that almost didn't even notice it 😁
That design is awesome man!! I hope it will come out like this...without the crappy fingerprint scanner and without a logo in the front of the device! 
I too love my htc one. It's way too better than Sony's and Samsung's. People actually don't know about it's capabilities. Camera is too good. Don't kno why people complain of it but I find it better than z1, s4, note3, iphone5. Camera is beautiful. All my friends gets amazed after watching pictures. And video highlights is just an awesome feature your memories become live and it feels awesome. And the sound is unmatched. All my friends say this and lastly it's design is just amazingly beautiful. Its the best Phone I have seen yet. What else do you need in a smartphone. It's the best of all
At first I liked having software keys on my galaxy nexus until I realised the buttons 'burnt' into the screen and would be visible when watching a full screen video. So I'm now against them! I love my HTC one and it impresses all my friends and family :-) 
Only problem I had with the camera was how horrible it was once you zoom in
Better be 8 ultra pixel and snapdragon 805 at least lte - a also
or I will just keep my htc one 
Exactly my thoughts on the physical buttons. They're the only reason why I didn't get the One, and went with the Nexus instead...
Snapdragon 805 soc comes with Adreno 420 GPU, not 330. ;-). It's a bump up for you!! I like the specs of your dream phone...specially the battery and stock android! Nexus for life!
Damn that looks awesome. +HTC ditch the damn capacitive yet awkward configuration and adopt this on screen buttons...
Don't waste precious screen real estate with onscreen buttons. You gotta be dumb AF if you want the home screen key wasting pixels. 

+Isaac Robles 2560x1600 its 2014. 
+Kyle Rowbotham well with kitkat immersive feature you don't seem to be waisting any real estate. The problems with +HTC capacitive buttons are its awkward placements and its stupid of an on-screen menu. 
+Gursimran Bedi How HTC implemented the hardware keys (two keys, and useless logo space) was the reason why I had to go with the S4. 
Samsung phones frustrate me with the Knox crap
nice, the only thing that phone needs is a nice camera, and a menu button so a virtual menu button doesn't take up space on some apps.
Want I really want is a phone that can last you days not better screens but longer battery life and faster processor.
If the M8 looks like that, and arrives on VZW unscathed (albeit with Bloat, boo!) HTC will have one more customer. 
Why do people believe you lose screen real estate with software buttons they go away when you are using apps that are full screen and you are less likely to press them by accident unlike capacitive buttons that I hit on accident all the time and on HTC phones with boomsound it would make the phones more compact because they don't have to put the speakers under the buttons all in all it would be a way better decision for HTC than two damn buttons.

Nice concept. 
you do if you flash a custom rom on a phone with physical ones and it only allows on screen ones
+Bryan Walker See the concept photo above? There are buttons on the screen. That's how you lose screen space.....not to mention I'm sure a high resolution display is more expensive than capacitive buttons. Without on screen buttons you can cut off a few mm and save on costs. When your in an app and you want to go home you have to slide up the home button. with capacitive buttons you can just go home.Simply making the buttons transparent still places them over the background. I have a DNA and i've never accidentally pressed a button. 

To be honest though. Im getting this phone regardless of the button placement. 
+Ross Melonides but i suppose they're better than a phone the size of one max, with boom sound speakers and capacitive buttons. they can't place hardware buttons on a phone like this because it wouldn't look that good and thats the whole point of htc 
Who is in favor of soft buttons? I've had 2 nexi now, because I love off-contract phones, but I hate soft buttons. You can't press them from in your pocket, or any time the screen is off, and as a left-hander, it cripples landscape mode because no matter which way you turn the device the nav buttons flow to the right! 
I'm pretty sure that this "Next HTC One" will be a winner!! Have they release a release date yet?
Having the button on front to turnon thephone is so much better than pushing the button on the side or on the top
If they find a way to make those on screen buttons to work and not be a bother for the user then this design could work. Bigger screen but not a bigger phone.
I reckon the next gen HTC One will be called the 'One +'. Just a thought
If  only this beauty was officially supported by the Cyanogenmod...
+Ross Melonides It really depends on the Dev who build the ROM. I don't lose any screen space with CM11 on my S4. But I can still get the soft keys if I want to. 
Again you are not losing screen space when it matters also think of it like this you would buy a 5" phone with capacitive buttons so if they make a 5.2" phone with on screen buttons and you still get 5" screen at all times and that extra .2 when in full screen or immersive apps would you still complain?

You gain more screen here and there and it is as Google intends android to be with all the advantages of on screen buttons. 
This is the first concept of ANY phone that actually loomed realistic and like a phone I would actually want to use. Nice job!
Yea I love onscreen buttons too bro. That's one of the reasons why I love nexus 5 so much
Last rumors: Snapdragon 805, 5 inch QHD display 2560*1440 and twin Ultrapixel camera
+Kyle Rowbotham that's not true. How would an extended screen cost more than implementing circuitry for buttons? 
Personally I would like a dedicated camera button, as well as a camera superior to say the Z1 or GN3.

Also hate capacitive front buttons, they don't have any "accidental" press detection like on screen buttons do and are a waste of space, disappearing on screen buttons are the best :).

Suspect none of these wishes will come true.
Using m7 n loving it. When does it comes out in market?
That's beautiful. But where's the fingerprint sensor?
+Nikolai Prettner I like physical/capative keys more. I had a gs2 before and I tried software keys they were good for a day but that was it. Always went back to the hardware keys
+Nicholas Costa except for the fact that more and more OEMs are going away from removable batteries (which is pretty stupid and pointless IMO), so there will always be a need for a power button. I always have all of my screen on my Note 3 and I always know where my buttons are and what they rarely ever changes (unless I want them to). I don't hate soft keys, but I definitely prefer compacitive/hardware keys.
Love the buttons on my G2.
+Tierre Jevon who said anything about removable batteries? What does a removable battery have anything to do with a power button? I don't even know what you're talking about 
If it has that Beats Obama Ghetto Phone bullshit...ITS DOA...
+Nicholas Costa if u don't have a removable battery and power button, how in the hell are you going to power on/off your phone w/o going thru extra steps. When your phone decides it wants to be a dick and u need to power the phone off or remove the battery. It was a pain in the ass to have to correctly force my Nexus 4 to power down when I could've just easily removed the battery.
If they Dont up the camera it will be another disappointment 
I loved my HTC one X, but it got dropped really fast, I mean support and updates
that's why I was a little suspicious after the HTC One came out, but since it got a Google Play Edition I hope for the best :D
but the hardware buttons were indeed not very pretty 
Me and the one will be renewing our vows 
Great concept design unlike a lot of the insane unreasonable looking ones. If I could throw money at my screen and have this in my hand right now....Well I'd throw A LOT of money at my screen 
What's with the touchwiz setting icon?
Actually I like the s4 physical bottom, it's easy to unlock it when is on the table.
Software buttons FTW. A must have for my next phone. So if HTC does that, it'll make me think.... 
As long as they go the fuck away id be fine with on screen but they dont. I see screen shots on the web, videos on YouTube & any game or movie has the damn on screen buttons still sitting there. Then they say full screen mode on 4.4 will take care of that, well the devs are not implementing it yet cuz even 4.4 i still see the damn buttons. I watch a lot of videos, Netflix, Hbo go, Starz play, Showtime now, Vevo & game. If the damn buttons are just going to sit there might as well be permanent. I dont want to wait for a dev to take advantage of 4.4 full screen mode that they may or may not do. 
+Thanet P I compared shots taken from the same spot between the HTC One and an HTC Rezound. With sufficient lighting the Rezound bested the one... and so does this HTC Droid DNA.

Trust me, I was rooting for the One. I wasn't cropping the pictures. The One had a lower resolution picture with significantly less detail.

I agree with +Luhern Goh that below 8MP isn't a good idea. 
i really like onscreen button
Htc one didn't have physical buttons, i think u meant capacitive touch bottons ....
I like the menu button but I hope they aren't on screen buttons. 
This would be amazing if it really happened.
Amazing design hopefully the new HTC One will be something close and add a bit meow feature for those gimmicky hunters 
I'll throw my m7 if the m8 is exactly like yours.
Below the camera. I don't like the way they have it now. A big black box on the Max. It bothers me. 
HTC isn't smart enough to put a home key in the middle it would have to be on the side 
Can't stand on-screen buttons. I'll take my One's capacitive any day.
Not a pproblem with
.the buttons as long as it wor d
it's the best phone. on the planet
It's a phone camera is point and shoot there any that many settings anyone could use it is only 4mp so of course when zoomed in it sucks
+Joel Davis dude in most of those apps you listed the buttons go away. Research before posting 
Derek B
I think on-screen buttons are the way to go, along with a simple gesture to get rid of them if needed. If they did that, they could keep boomsound and put a ~5.2 inch screen in the same size chassis as the m7.
Derek B
+Nicholas Costa +Joel DavisTrue, I have a moto x running Kit Kat and the buttons only come on the screen when you touch it, which is probably why you see them in screenshots.
You have really good editing skills :)
I would like one loud speaker instead of two medium speakers. Two speakers isn't necessary its not a stereo system
Your wrong! When you have one speaker you can't have stereo but when two speakers you can have stereo system
+vito libido I like stereo sound. Also, the pair of front facing speakers balances it to where it isn't yelling at you from one side.
I would definitely buy this (but the google edition one)
Derek B
Having a One now, it almost doesn't matter to me what the next One can do unless they raise the resolution on the camera. I love the shots that the phone takes, but I'd really love 8 ultrapixels. I would almost definitely have to get the 64gb version though, I take a lot of zoes, since I have two young children.
+Derek Barr Same here. The image sharpening software is remarkable, but you still can't zoom much or it gets grainy. The CPU and GPU have plenty of grunt, but that might change in 2 years and the next One needs to have the best, just like this one did. Sense doesn't seem to be super-heavy like TouchWiz or LG's UI, so that's a plus on the RAM/clock side.

What WOULD be nice, though, is a bigger battery. The One's battery life is fair but could be better.
Yeah im expecting 3000 - 4000 man :)
Derek B
I would realistically expect ~2600 mAh.
Its a phone not a surround theatre entertainment center. However it would make sense to have two front facing speakers on ipads and tablets
Yeah I agree :) stereo sounds for phones is just AWESOME.
You know what is awesome a really loud and clear speaker phone during a phone call. It seems like the speaker phone isn't as loud
Sieht wohl so aus, als würde das neue HTC wirklich ohne Hardware Buttons kommen
I love it... (but i've not enough money) ;)
I would love to see the home screen of the concept phone! P.S Do more concepts like this they are awesome!
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