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Hey guys sorry for the one week absence and lack of updates. I've been incredible busy with sort-of-finals and work. I'm working on a big big update for Exo UI Dark, building it from the ground up again so I can eliminate a lot of bugs while also optimizing it a bit. I will also take out a couple of apps that have most colors hardcoded or linked (Don't worry, it will only be 1-3 apps tops).

The reason I'm doing this is because those themed apps look almost nothing like how Exo UI should initially look. Also because Quality ≠ Quantity. I know, I know the more apps the better, but it just doesn't look great at all. A lot of you have also been asking when I'll implement Google+, I've been working on that for the longest time. Google+ is a massive app, so much linked colors, right now the version that's on my phone looks like Holi (lol), its just, nah. But I'm trying my best to include it as soon as possible.

Exo UI Dark will also get a fourth color option for Arcus when it's released. I can't say when I'll update, but hopefully by the end of this week as I really want to get this update out to you guys.

I have also not forgotten about Exo UI L, it will get the usual bug fixes, some more themed apps, including (probably the first ever) white Spotify! :)

Stay tuned!
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+Nikolai Prettner​: Keep the spirit up! 🤗 And just remember one thing: we've (your most loyal users) got your back at all times 👍 No pressure
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Nikolai Prettner

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The 1.4 update's bringing Arcus support with the same two styles Exo UI Dark has gotten a while ago. I'll be adding more and more styles as time goes by. Join the theme community if you're experiencing bugs here -

(Please allow a few hours for the update)
Get it here -

Arcus Community:
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+Nikolai Prettner​ How are you doing? Are you fine?
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Nikolai Prettner

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Style Debug

I'm one of those people who dig really deep into android styles and modify them and that usually results in bugs that I don't exactly know how to fix or what's affected exactly. So I made myself an app that pretty much tells me in detail what I have themed and what the name of that is. Since it's been extremely useful for me, I've decided to share it on play and throw in some additional components. You have two themes to debug from - Theme.Material and Theme.Material.Light

Essentially what this does is it's similar to the Theme Debugger on the play store, however I found that it's useful in showing me what's themed but not telling me where I can find whatever I've themed or the exactly name of the style. With this, I can be even preciser in changing my styles, well that's just me.

(This is not a theme)
Get it here -
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Hahaha, it is not. Thanks for pointing it out! :) +Nicholas Chum​
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Nikolai Prettner

Exo UI Dark - Bugs  - 
Exo UI Dark - V3.0

• YouTube themed (Header & Accents only)
• Google Chrome Dev themed
• Google Chrome Beta themed
• AOSP / CM Messaging themed
• DU Updater themed
• Calculator themed
• WhatsApp incoming background made white so group members can be seen clearly (since group member colors randomly generated via code
• Resurrection Remix Power menu icons themed
• Resurrection Remix icons Settings themed
• AOSiP Owl icon themed in settings
• Google Play rating dialog banner reverted
• Google Play Drawer sidebar alignment fixed
• More dialog text colors fixed
• Slack notification text color fixed (Needs testing)
• Google Messenger Contact Picker background fixed
• Google Messenger contextual toolbar fixed
• WhatsApp FCs fixed (due to memory leak) - I haven't gotten any the past day
• Arcus Styles bugs fixed & updated

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Inbox? Never mentioned that this was themed +Kiran Ganness Hmm, Calculator and CM Messenger are themed on both my 12.1 and 13 phone.
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Nikolai Prettner

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Someone made my Google Chrome Material Concept into an actual web browser :O. That's so cool!
chrome-material - A material web browser built with JavaScript
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+Younes Layachi​ don't believe everything you hear ;-)
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Nikolai Prettner

Discussion  - 
I'm going to stop updating every day or every second day, so because of that the next update for Exo UI Dark & Light will be on Sunday which will both be big updates. I want to accumulate a lot of bugs and make big updates vs small ones. The following apps have been requested and will be included (if possible):

- Spotify (accent colors only)
- Google Chrome dev & beta
- Apple Music (if possible)
- Facebook Slim (Facebook client) (if possible)
- AOSP / CM Messenger
- YouTube (Header & Accents only)
- Stock Calculator
- Twitter (if possible)

(if possible) meaning, I haven't checked it out further enough to know whether most things are hardcoded / linked. If they're not, I'll theme the whole thing. If they are it'll probably be accents only (they almost never hardcode accents. Accents meaning e.g the blue in twitter or the red in apple music)

& of course most bug reports reported here.

So if you have any more bugs, please post them before Sunday. So I can include them as well as the next release will be the following Sunday (unless there are critical reports such as everything going crazy).
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Pleaseeee the whatsapp crash bug, can't use the theme right now :/
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Nikolai Prettner

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Exo UI Dark 2.6 - Arcus Support

With the new update, you’ll get full Arcus support, with two additional color styles; Heat & Frost. Don’t forget to reboot your device after applying, have fun! :D. If you haven't, please rate my theme - helps me immensely!

Exo UI Dark -
Exo UI Light -
Bugs? Post them here -
Arcus Community -

Ps: Exo UI Light will get that same treatment.
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+Nikolai Prettner​Could you make it work with Layers?
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Nikolai Prettner

Exo UI Dark - Bugs  - 
Exo UI D Update V3.1

• Spotify fully themed (With ripple :D)
• Arcus themed
• Google Translate themed
• Google Authenticator themed
• AirDroid themed
• Clock themed
• Power menu icons properly themed
• Status bar network & wifi icons made into vector drawables
• Flexcontrol in settings themed
• Dialer incall statusbar fixed
• DND status icons themed
• Instagram colors fixed
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Nikolai Prettner

Exo UI Light - Bugs  - 
Exo UI L - V1.4

• Arcus Support (+Heat & Frost Styles)
• Chrome / Dev / Beta themed
• Clock themed
• Completely redone theme fixing a ton of bugs and color mismatches
• Dialog & text color fixes
• Wifi & Network status icons are now vector drawables so that they can be picked up by status bar mods
• Power menu icons color properly themed
• Gallery all issues fixed
• Downloads / Documents all issues fixed
• Instagram Upload / Editor / Statusbar colors fixed
• Dialer in-call status bar fixed
• Various small color fixes
• Google Play Drawer text padding fixed
• Flexcontrol settings icon themed
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Cool! 😄
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Nikolai Prettner

Discussion  - 
You can now find the light & dark WhatsApp wallpaper in the Exo Resources folder in the pinned post or here
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It could do with Nova tho.. But 3rd party launcher is not my thing.. I just theming my stock trebuchet with built in theme engine.. 😁

Thanks for the answer btw. 😊
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Nikolai Prettner

Exo UI Light - Bugs  - 
Exo UI Light - V1.3

• Gmail themed
• YouTube themed
• Google Chrome Dev themed
• Google Chrome Beta themed
• Resurrection Remix Settings icons themed
• Resurrection Remix Power menu icons themed
• AOSiP Owl icon themed in settings
• Screw’d ROM Screw’d settings icon themed - As for the privacy guard icon it looks like it's referencing the tint color from layouts
• Edit Text Tooltip background
• WhatsApp sound recording outline fixed on incoming and outgoing messages
• WhatsApp incoming background made white so group members can be seen clearly
• AICP Extras (Needs testing / Confirmation)
• Fixed a lot of text colors / dialog text colors
• Stock & Google Contacts FAB background fixed
• Hangouts conversation status bar background fixed
• Stock & Google Contacts white status bar fixed
• Google Messenger overall improvisations
• WhatsApp FCs fixed (due to memory leak) - haven't gotten any over the past day
• Statusbar battery icon color fixed

Arcus support will come in the next few days.
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Thank you :) +Andersson Morales
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Nikolai Prettner

Designer Help  - 
I have this weird bug where the battery color is isn't white. Anybody know why this might be happening? All my battery related colors in systemui are white.
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Status bar icon tint, your color for the status bar triggered the tint on the battery. It's built in M. There are values in colors.xml to change them. I haven't changed it but I see the colors. Systemui dark_mode_icon_color... light_mode_icon_color... 
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