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PHP VM written in JavaScript. I'll hopefully write about some of the more interesting differences I found between these languages soon. For now, check out some of the examples or try your own PHP code :). Be aware, lots of bugs still.
php.js. Console · View On GitHub · Tweet. php.js - PHP VM with JavaScript. This library reads PHP code and transforms it into JavaScript code which can be run in the PHP VM in this library, resulting ...
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That's awesome. What do you mean by "potential security issues" (node.js) ?
+Sebastian Lasse There might be ways to escape the php vm to run any JavaScript code, meaning if you have it running on a public server you could potential give users the possibility to run any javascript code on it. I certainly wouldn't recommend running it on nodejs in its current state for any other purpose than testing.
I saw exit() function (language construct) in your codes, but it does not work. And it's alias die() neither. It's may be useful terminate scripts. Btw. interesting project.
Wow, interesting project and what a task you've put yourself up to :P
PHP's got to be the worst language to do this kind of stuff with. It has so many weird quirks..
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