We wrote a 5-part blog series about the story behind the 3D visualization for the Hello World Open competition held last summer.

The races were rendered live, in real-time, with   #javascript  and  #webgl  on #chrome .  For me it was one of the funnest projects I've been part of. Perhaps the most satisfying part of it all was the disbelief the attendees had about the visuals actually running on a browser.

Part 1: http://reaktor.fi/blog/hello-world-open-a-story-in-the-visuals-the-history/
Part 2: http://reaktor.fi/blog/hello-world-open-a-story-in-the-visuals-new-dimensions/
Part 3: http://reaktor.fi/blog/hello-world-open-story-visuals-art-and-assets/
Part 4: http://reaktor.fi/blog/hello-world-open-a-story-in-the-visuals-light-camera-action/
Part 5: http://reaktor.fi/blog/hello-world-open-a-story-in-the-visuals-in-retrospective/
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